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Tow Trucks and Gun shops.

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Ok so ive come up with a solution to cut a bug out with towing. Due to using a hook on our tow trucks it can be very glitch and cause all sorts of problems. that's a easy fix for you guys, By using a different tow truck that uses a command.


/Tow /Untow This works by reversing upto the car you want to tow and getting out facing the car and using the command. This will improve gameplay and take out the glitching on tow trucks at the moment.


Here is a picture of the new Tow truck that would fix it:



After all a glitch a time makes the server better.


Ok so secondly I own a gun shop. can only sell pistols we are being out marketed by criminal gangs due to the weapons. Some thing else needs to get people into gun stores. Like attachments Silencers and others, Maybe a machine pistol Something to get people to come as its dry as hell at moment.


Also Police should be able to get out face a vehicle and /deleteveh that they are facing on work vehicles likes courier trucks, Fuel trucks etc. if nobody is towing them then they are just taking up space. if police can delete them meaning we don't have millions of vans and trucks around the server where people couldn't be bothered to type /quijob. the police can do it as they drive around. Not peoples personal vehicles Because that wouldn't be fair and they wouldn't get parking fines etc. Just abandoned work vehicles.


Thanks for looking, The main point is the Tow truck.

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Need to check around.

Can say that D and J's Firearms and Range doesn't even charge 2k for the heavy pistol.

Wish we could sell pump shotguns, they are easier to acquire legally than pistols are by a long shot in real life.

And maybe some sort of bolt action hunting rifle would be nice.

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