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  1. Unban Appeal

    Account name: Prestige Character name:Paulo Costa Reason of Punishment:Non-RP/VDM and logs off Administrator:MrFluffy02 Why should this appeal be accepted? Hi again, I was bugged I could not see anyone, that's why I log off, to correct the bug. Here you have the report
  2. Unban Appeal

    Account name: Prestige Character name:Paulo Costa/Stephnie Gregorio Reason of Punishment:https://prnt.sc/i1eq58 Administrator:MrFluffy02/masony Why should this appeal be accepted? I would like to get those warnings removed from my record as the warnings in Stephnie were voided and 2 of Paulo's warnings were due bugs. I am not sure Why's the first warning but I am a better roleplayer than I was back in that time. If you can explain to me what I've done wrong so I can tell you what can I do to not repeat that again Best Regards, Paulo
  3. Account name: Prestige Character name: Stephnie Gregorio Reason of ban: KOS Administrator:MrFluffy02 Why should this appeal be accepted? MrFluffy02 mixed the dates.
  4. Tow Trucks and Gun shops.

    +1 for the tow truck
  5. Merryweather Security (New Application UPDATE)

    (In Character) First Name: Paulo Last Name: Costa Date of Birth (IC or OOC): 05/01/1990 Gender: Male. Do you have a driver's license?: Yes, I have license of a car, truck and bike. How long have you been a resident of Los Santos or Sandy Shores? I live in Los Santos since the two years. What do you do to help the business make money? I will work hard, dignify the company as best I can, I will always give my best in all jobs. What car do you drive? Akuma, and off-roud. Are you fine with fighting other gangs if it comes to that? Yes, I have no problem dealing with other gangs if they intrude on my job, dignifying the company is my goal and I do not look at the means to reach the end. Character info (Bio) minimum of 150 Words: I was born in San Fierro and at two years old I moved to Los Santos, when my grandmother was ill-treated by my father and I ran away at age 10 with my mother to get rid of the beast that my father it was. I had to work at the age of 10 because my mother received very little in her work to support us both. As I had a good physical size at school that I attended to receive a few more changes I was paid to hit the bullys of my school. When I was 18 at night I was a nightclub security guard and during the day I helped my cousin at his mechanic's workshop. And now I have the opportunity to do the work that I like, that is to be safe and receive better than I received for it. OOC Application Details Explain some of the basic rules (Some of the important once): NLR- In New Life Rule you lose any in-character reason to take hostile action against your assailants, you cannot come back to the area of your death for the next 15 minutes after you respawn. An exception may be applied if the party responsible for your death has cleared the area before the NLR timer has expired. After the NLR rule is triggered, you cannot provoke or take any hostile actions against the party responsible for your death for 30 minutes! RK- Revenge Killing is the act of killing someone because they have killed you before. Define (IC - OOC) meaning: "IC" means "In-character" and we use "IC" when we want to speak As the character. And "OOC" means Out Of Character, and we use " OOC" when we want to speak as the guys in the computer, not the character.