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Legal System

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Having a faction dedicated to upholding the law through proper judgement of evidence, case merit and sentencing by a judge and the ability to provide high notoriety cases with due process. This is especially true for cases with long backstory’s that require a hearing.


Reasons for non-pursual of a court case:

· Some instances of felony can be considered as minor and deemed undeserving of a trial

· Instances where the evidence is clear cut and undeniable can be found undeserving of a trial


How would this work in terms of who can be a judge or a lawyer?

Judge: I believe this should be official government employee’s, without the option to be corrupt as this would defeat the purpose of being a neutral ground for the accused and the accuse, or persons specifically appointed at the discretion of the government.

Lawyer: This could be considered as a Job in a sense, but it would work slightly differently. A lawyer would not always be required so in that sense, I would suggest this role being a non-hourly pay but instead based off of wins and losses within the legal system. In this sense, it would mean that although realistically a lawyer would be very well paid, this system will be based completely on merit, with the amount of payout per case to be decided by the judges based on length of the trial process.


Potential Issues

· With a system like this, it will take some time to create the new systems required within the server for this to run effectively and smoothly

· PD could potentially not comply, unless forced too.

· We could end up with a backlog of cases on our hands if we end up executing this system badly or taking on too many cases to a court hearing and trial.

Potential Benefits

· An additional layer of reality and a “event” if you will that could potentially increase interest for those willing to attend a court hearing or trial.

· Stops PD from being Judge, Jury and Executioner. This is way too meta and OP, especially with the corruption clause available to specific PD members.

· Gives the people a way to formally contest the PDs charges if they truly feel as though they are either being unlawfully charged or even possibly framed (such as planted evidence in a car/home)


Why should this be a government business instead of a private business?

A private business would hold no weight with PD, for a private law firm, the client would have to contact the lawyer and tell him he is going to jail/prison or being convicted, but it’s likely PD wouldn’t care even RPly about a lawyer showing up seeing as they have not yet had to deal with it.

With a publicly appointed lawyer, which is a government job, the PD would be required to contact a lawyer for any case which meets specific criteria or fits into a very certain category of crime. This is the only way that a job like this can possibly be taken seriously by other departmental agencies.


How would entrance to the law firm be gated?

Like most government jobs, applications to join a law firm would be gated based on recruitment being open within the website, but additionally, candidates would be required to pass a “bar exam” of sorts, to ensure they have the necessary knowledge to serve their clients professionally in a court of law.

I believe bar exams should have a premium charge of 100k per entry, and a minimum cooldown of 1 month (1 week in game) should you fail the bar. This is to ensure that people spend their time thinking about if they truly want to do this job and uphold the level of RP knowledge of a lawyer that would be expected from them while on-duty.



Law Firm: I believe the perfect location for a Law Firm would be in a building by the automated money transfer job. It looks the part, is in close proximity to city hall, and has parking available within the area. A good option could be the unoccupied FIB building.


Court House: There are many reasons to state why I think the city hall should be the court, but I think the most important one is that if there was any place to do a hearing or trial, it surely feels like city hall would be the place. Easy parking access across the street, very central location within the city and as of now, it seems to only serve as a clone of the PD office.



Due to the requirements of such an in-depth project and development as well as the scope of works required, my best estimate that this would take 3-6 months of real life time in order to become established and have real legs to stand on within the city.

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It hasn't even been a month since the last law thread.

Sounds great on paper but I just don't see it working as much as I would like it to. Sometimes its hard enough to fill legal factions just to have appropriate staff during certain hours.

Also a lot of lawyers will just advise to take a plea anyways, you have to tell them the truth, as lying to your lawyer is counter productive. Which would probably in the end lead to more charges.

Trust me we all want a law/judge system in but if done poorly it could make for a uncool time. Though I wouldn't mind hearing some official word on it, if it's even something they intend to do so we can get hyped for it.

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I mean, it IS possible to have a DOJ function on a GTAV rp server. Just like with anything, if roleplay ability is lacking, or general inconsistency in availability or knowledge exists, it could flop. 
Either way, we need more career options that involve a whole host of new elements. A DOJ would do just that, giving people the option to be lawyers, judges, witnesses, clerks and "specialists" etc. 

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great effort in the thread and suggestion but as others have said, this is brought up all the time. 

ive been gaming here for around 5 months on and off. in that time ive been active on the forum and  have read several threads surrounding this topic. Depsite the active debate amonst the playervase i have not managed to get hold of any concrete feedback from the dev team regarding this system. 

i still have no idea if this is possible, under consideratin or what? 

like i say, great thread and suggestion, however due to the little feedback, roadmap or clear development plans by the dev team it is difficutlt to even harard a guess to if this will ever be a thing. One thing that is certain is that you are correct, this system is already in place elsewhere. 

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