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SeaWeed Smoke Weed

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SeaWeed entered los Santos with a goal to produce and distribute music as well as partake in the high adrenaline profession known as running drugs. Particularly, the group has its eyes set on marijuana. Upon arrival SeaWeed was met with hostility. Over the course of 45 days, plans were set to make the presence of SeaWeed known. Thus, began the conquest of SeaWeed and the bloody battles that took place to achieve this goal. After the dust had settled, peace had begun. Many enemies were made, but somehow SeaWeed had been able to maintain a few friendships, which in turn would shape the future unbeknownst to SeaWeed.




SeaWeed takes pride in music production, most commonly rap and hip hop. While not in the studio SeaWeed can be found around the city doing various things from controlling drug fueled neighborhoods to having meetings with other organizations. SeaWeed will be seen wearing black tops with green bottoms, same color code for vehicles. The black represents the dark abyss in which rival gang members will find themselves in. The green represents money and marijuana and overall power. SeaWeed originated with motorcycles as a fundamental asset each member had to own. However, after recent changes this was lifted to include sports cars, trucks, vans and any sort of utility vehicle. SeaWeed are gangsters at heart, living with a democratic ideology that means every voice in SeaWeed is heard. With 4 main leaders, SeaWeed is able to efficiently and effectively solve problems and situations, or strategize for future plans and potential violence. SeaWeed partakes in gas station robberies, the robbing of rival crews and individuals,  dealing drugs and running weapons for profits. SeaWeed is an honorable crew despite their scrutiny. Always working together with eachother, meaning everyone is an equal despite how they are ranked. Being recruited is not an easy task. With having a democratic system, it allows everyone’s opinion and possible recruitment may be brought to vote when one has proven or put in work. This prevents people with power to abuse within the ranks. After completion of prospect status, the prospect will be “blooded in” through an in-depth conversation and information session, followed by a ritual that to this day remains a secret. Once blooded in, the now Soldier is a full member of SeaWeed and is thus treated as such. Prospects may be removed at any point during the probationary period, and may only represent the colors of the gang, but not the gang interests. Betrayal or treason within will be met with volatile actions with lethal consequences.




SeaWeed is always looking to connect with weapons dealers as a stepping stone towards learning the trade of weapon shipments and such. SeaWeed wants to be heavily involved in production of music, as well as throwing large parties to further get the name known. Money is always on their minds. Inevitably, SeaWeed is working towards purchasing a warehouse to further assist with their future endeavors. Having a warehouse would enable SeaWeed to properly produce and record music with no interruptions. SeaWeed members must make goals of themselves and have ambitions with drive, however the gang will always be number 1 priority. Full of hardened thugs and felons, SeaWeed wants to steer itself away from police and criminal charges and instead is working towards becoming more organized and professional to stay clear of any radar. With plans in place, and members ready to act, SeaWeed will grow to accomplish its missions no matter what the cost may entail.




SeaWeed was founded by 4 OG members. Originating from North America, SeaWeed needed to flee as rival music corporations starting bleeding SeaWeed dry of funds and the constant shootings proved to be problematic. Thus the decision to get citizenship for Los Santos was main priority. Upon arrival to Los Santos, SeaWeed had a rather basic entry into the criminal life. Meeting many people and making relations with locals, SeaWeed was able to establish connections to weapons and learn the drug trade. Roughly 1 week after arrival, SeaWeed started having issues with the bigger gangs in town. This created immense tension between the groups and war was imminent. As this was unfolding, SeaWeed began the process of recruitment, and starting increasing numbers steadily.


While growing as a group, decisions were made to be an aggressor in the war. After a long bloody battle lasting about 45 days, SeaWeed was approached by their enemies and had a meeting. This meeting proved that SeaWeed had accomplished it’s first goal, to be a known gang in Los Santos. This friendship lead to many perks, but came at a cost. That cost was the friendship with another notorious gang known as the Irish. SeaWeed setup a meeting with the Irish, and with members from the gang Los Santos Zetas, the Irish were setup and essentially walked into a trap. Robbed, beaten and kidnapped, the Irish leader was then tortured by the Zetas and dumped his still alive body. To this day noone exactly knows what lead to the break up of the Irish, but that wasn’t a concern to SeaWeed. SeaWeed was able to get out of the war between all gangs, and instead were able to focus on production and money making methods. SeaWeed is an overly aggressive organization if it is threatened, and will always act in the defense of their own. This has lead to many encounters with police and overtime grew to have tension between mechanics. On the brink of war with a mechanic shop and their workers, talks were made and SeaWeed was able to extort money in turn for no more tensions. This agreement lead to more friendships being made and created an influx of new prospects entering SeaWeed. At this time however, SeaWeed is trying to stay clear of Police and any sort of criminal charges. SeaWeed has a main goal of becoming a professional, quiet, resilient organization and is currently working towards those goals.





To join SeaWeed is not an easy task, usually requesting at least 1 reference. Exceptions can be made, however just know that it is not an easy task. Find any SeaWeed member and ask for them to show their mark. Find SeaWeed near taco stand, or around the Bayview mechanic shop.




  • OGs – this consists of the leaders of SeaWeed, in charge of diplomacy and overall finalized decisions will be made here.


  • Kingpins: 2nd in command, in charge of maintaining connections with weapons and drug dealers.


  • Lieutenants: in charge of keeping order within ranks, only the most loyal and dedicated shall receive this rank or above


  • Enforcers: the muscle of the group, reputable members, may make decisions that will not harm the reputation of SeaWeed. Must enforce SeaWeed goals


  • Soldiers: blooded in soldier. Is a full time member of SeaWeed, able to vote in decisions and must maintain positive outlook and continuation of growth for goals


  • Prospects: may wear colors, but not represent gang decisions or influences. Until work is put in, and one has proven themselves, they will remain in this probationary process. May be removed at any time



  • SeaWeed is always number 1

  • Always help your fellow members, respond to calls and give assistance when needed

  • Listen to ranks

  • Failure to respect allies will result in void of membership and possibly death

  • When making money together as a group, everyone is cut in evenly minus prospects who receive only 20% of said cut




  • Must follow server rules and guidelines

  • Must maintain high quality RP with positive image for SeaWeed



SeaWeed Presents: Smoke Weed, Get paid

Track 01 - Nama Boys

ft. Fleetwood, Thommy, Dusty, Jacob


Track 02 - Dead Saints


Track 03 - My Block

ft Fleet, Dusty

Track 04 - Dead Rebels


Track 05 - Conquer

Fleetwood Collins



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Dusty turned himself in after a lengthy criminal spree. Upon release, he was greeted by fellow members of SeaWeed and given one of his favorites, LSD upon entry back to civilian life. 



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2 minutes ago, James_McNulty said:

Can't wait to see the RP post where you 2 Vs 9 Robbed my New Player Friends with nothing on them at processing. Hyped to see you parked all over Forum Drive yelling " Wear green get clapped " and " Grove Street are pussies ". Keep up the amazing roleplay!, such quality!. 😆

Seaweed as a whole thanks you for the kind words friend. Can't wait to actually see more Forum Drive Family members across Los Santos.

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SeaWeed encountered a new family to the streets at a drug infested neighborhood. With a group of heavily armed individuals, SeaWeed proceeded to engage in hostile contact with the 3 family members. After a brief gunfight, only 1 of them remained. After talking and breaking the ice, the final family member matching with green colors to SeaWeed, proceeded to start showing disrespect towards the men. After escalation, the man was stabbed to death in retaliation for the disrespect. SeaWeed now had its eyes set, on the fellow green.



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