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Test Drive Before Buy

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Hello, you'll have to be gentle with me as I'm new to the community so I apologise if this has been suggested before but..

My suggestion in a nutshell is to have some way of test driving a vehicle before purchasing it.

Ultimately, I feel that the look of a vehicle will important is only superficial. The most important parts about buying a vehicle is knowing how it handles, what the top speed is, what the acceleration is like etc.. because ultimately, you are usually buying a vehicle to use it and especially early on, every $ you make is very precious. 

You can list these things in a spreadsheet or on the forum, but they really have to be experienced so you know how the vehicle will suit your driving capabilities and needs. 

I'm not familiar with the scripting on Rage MP so I don't know exactly what is possible and what is not but the way I see it, there are two main ways you could achieve this.

  1. You could implement an option at the dealerships to test drive that vehicle and the vehicle (or it's equivilent) would be spawned inside the testing area and you'd have say 180 seconds (3 minutes) with the vehicle to drive around and try it out. You'd be able to cancel it at any time and it would respawn you back at the dealership. At the end of the three minutes it teleports you back to the dealership.
  2. You could simply just go to the testing area and it would give you a list of vehicles that you could try out for yourself. Possibly you could spawn a vehicle to test by providing its name as an alternative. But the same thing applies as #1.

Hell if you wanted to make it in-character, you could even make the test driving a business and put an additional cost there if you wanted to.

Try before you buy is pretty critical when you are spending $$$ on a vehicle. 
I'll be honest, it's been that long since I played GTA V normally, that I don't know hardly anything about any of these vehicles and I imagine there are quite a number of people like me that want to buy a vehicle but simply don't know enough about them to bite the bullet.


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Just now, KeistuoliZ said:

-1, maybe idea is good, but useless, there is bunch of ideas that would rather be implemented, also you can test car out in story mode.

Cars in story mode are different than on the server, but i would agree that there are things that should be far prioritized over this. I am not completely against the idea though, it sounds good. With my other vehicles i had to find people and ask them to test drive it before i bought one from HE or a dealership. I enjoyed that interaction but a scripted test drive could be interesting. 
+1 for the future, but i think there are more important things that can be currently improved

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