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Airport jobs (ground jobs)

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Hello everyone! For the people who know me a bit. Know I work for Airport Security. I had some ideas for jobs (non faction jobs) that I see and work with on a daily basis. (Please bare with me as I am typing this on my phone, At the airport) 

Before I get into the jobs. And before you reply. I suggest going to the airfield ingame. You will see some static airplanes and other cargo areas. After you have been there. Please continue to read.

Now. Onto vehicles. GTA 5 has a few airport vehicles but not many. So improvise a vehicle. And lets get too it.

Cargo: Everyday. Millions of boxes of cargo are shipped by airplane. But not many people know (unless you worked at a airfield) how that process goes. Its not the easiest job. Getting a shit ton of boxes off a airplane and in IRL it needs multiple people. But then again GTA 5 does not have the correct vehicles for those. So my suggestion for this is. One of the airplane hangers (they do this IRL too) and a few building around the LS airport can be used. It shall work the same as the trucker job. But then instead of going to a gas station. Or a gun store. You go to one of the airplanes. Or from cargo spot to cargo spot. (Import and export). 

Passanger bus. For small aircrafts. Who cannot dock at a terminal. Those passangers are transported by bus from a pickup point. Onto "airside" (term used for inside the secured area of a airport. Think of inside the fenced areas) afcourse those passangers have already passed costums. And are brought by 1 or 2 busses to there aircraft. Now we don't have small static aircraft. But we can still use the big once. So the job is the bus starts behind costums. And drives to one of the airplanes then drops the passangers and gets back to base. (Same as bus job but then at the airport) 

Passanger cargo. (The golf cart looking vehicles) who bring suitcases and other personal items to the aircraft or from the aircrafts too the terminals. So how this work. You start by picking up the items. Go to the first plane. Drop of the items. Head to the second plane. Pick up items. Bring those to the terminal and you get a pay check.

Now this one might be a bit hard to code in. But if it works. It could be hell of a fun time of a good minigame.

Security X-Ray Viewer. Every security IRL at the airport (me included) knows how to operate a Xray. so this minigame would be a type of minigame where a X-Ray image(s) (I can give this to the devs As I got millions IRL) would pop by every 10 seconds. And you got 2 choices to click with your mouse. SAFE or DANGER. When pressing danger you got to select the item that is dangerous and it shall reward you with a bonus cash. Completing 10 images without failing would result in a salary pay check. 

Now I can think of many more. But this will be it for now. And now a friendly picture of my night shift at work.


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45 minutes ago, Flucifial said:

-1; This is a very low-priority thing and something the developers should not waste their time on, in my opinion, as not a lot of people would use these. 

Low priority does not mean bad.


+1, More civ job content is something we should be striving for when the list of things to do frees up.

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I was in the Air Force working on aircraft weapon systems, I'd love to work on the flight line again. Moving cargo, load, unload, repairing aircraft. For everything given to the criminal and legal population, things should be given to the citizens as well.

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There are a lot of buildings that haven't been finished yet either in Los Santos. Construction jobs would be great as well. Would be great to see more walking around in smaller area jobs then driving around the entire city or getting robbed all the time on the farms.

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