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  1. "Yukki Huth"? Another "Huth"? Blasphemy. 😅

  2. +1 Low priority doesnt mean bad like he said. More jobs will have more meaning to the game. Really like this ide
  3. Understand about raining. But again, when its raining, you have the choice to either wearing winter jacket or just normal jacket. Since the temperature isnt that cold compared to snowy winter weather!
  4. Hi devs, im always in love with snow. So hereby, i would like to suggest a temperature system. I believe this will be an experience changers especially to those who RP. Since we have snow, make temperature affects our character's life. What will afffect in the temperature system? Characters will be either cold or down with hypothermia if they are TOO COLD or freezing. Encourage players to have a group session at home or invite their friends to their home and sit the day or night out until the weather or temperature rise to a normal level ( Have a meaning for houses) Encourage players to buy winter outfit. A NEED to wear jacket or winter clothes to survive the coldness Encourage players to open clothes shop/business Farming will be affected in terms of Quality. Enables farmer to not only be careful when farming, but to think twice before farming. Thats all i have in mind. Sorry if you guys don't agree, but i'm just suggesting 😄
  5. SyafiqAdnan


    Hi, i'm interested to buy this house. Do contact me at 2012892
  6. IN Game sleep time is optional though. Because the ingame time is pretty much slow. so that will be option. However, sleep animation could also be an option for players to roleplay sleeping. Maybe by doing sleeping rp for at least 15 seconds could restore back their tiredness. But then again, this sleeping could be an option !
  7. W I get it. Taxes i agree should not be too high. In real life too, taxes should not be too high. But what i suggested here is not fully focus on taxes. But in terms of player's life or meaning of life i guess hahaha
  8. This is my first time contributing my suggestion. I have a lot but let me start of with few stuffs. Suggestion on VEHICLES & PLAYER CHARACTER. Vehicle Health System This require a Health bar system for cars. Each time a player drives his/her car and hit them hard. It will reduce the health/condition of the car. The lesser the condition, the slower the speed of the car will be. if the condition is probably 5% - 15%, the chance of getting the car on fire will be high. This will let the player stop driving and call for car mechanic to fix the car. If the player is OFFLINE, the car condition will also reduce but not rapid. Slowly reduce. When this happens, it enables the player to send their car for servicing or maintainence. Once again, allowing the car mechanics to be more active. What happens if the car is stalled? They have to turn on their engine for 2 to 3 times depending on the condition of their car. The lower the condition, the more number of turns they have to do and deal with. You can also result in a fail to turn on. Once again, allowing the mechanic to work. It will be great if the mechanics are able to open the hood and boot to increase the roleplay realism. Looking at the engine condition. If the engine condition is damaged and can't be repaired, the car needs to be towed into the garage and requires in game time hours to be repaired. This will let the players leave the mechanics to do their job and allow the players to focus on other things. such as driving their other vehicles. Player Character System Implement a stamina, hunger and thirst bar. Implement a tired/sleepy bar. Stamina, hunger and thirst bar plays a big role in a player's perspective. It also increase the realism in roleplay and play experience in the server. So how does this work? Simple. Stamina & thirst - will decrease when the player runs for a long time. when stamina is zero, the player needs to walk till the stamina is restored. This will also affected player's thirst. When running, their thirst will also decrease. What if he/she is not running? If they are idle, not running or driving, the percentage of decrease will be lower and slow. Hunger - decrease overtime. Players hunger bar will decrease as time goes by. The more job or the more active they are, the rate of decrease will be more. What if the player is idle? rate of decrease will be low and slow. Tired and sleepy bar will allow the players to make full use of their house which im going to share my suggestion after this. What does this bar do? When they are active for 8 game time hours example, 00:00 to 08:00, they will be fully tired and sleepy. This allows them to return back to their houses and sleep/rest. Of course, let me break it down more. When the players are on job, doing their work, driving, trucking, basically active, the rate of decrease will be more making it 6 hours game time before heading back to their home. When they are not doing anything, they the rate of decrease will be low allowing them to not rest for 9 to 10 hours of game time. This require a sleeping animation in the house. Sleeping can be set to 2 hours game time. Depends actually. HOUSE SYSTEM V1 Players buy house for a reason. To seek shelter, feel safe and to restore their tiredness and sleepyness. So the house system that im going to suggest here has a lot but i will name few. House bills - Players will have to pay for electricity bills for their houses. Increase roleplay, allow players to work even much more. Have the thought of life in los santos is not easy. House health system/house renovation - Each houses has their own health system. As time goes by, the health/condition of the house will decrease and become bad. When the condition turns worse, players need to perform renovation. Players have the option to renovate their house depending on their liking and condition of their house. The lower the condition of the house, the more amount of renovation fee/price they require to fork out to maintain their house. How will the renovation work? Players needs to go to a contruction or renovation company and send place their renovation slot. With here, i am also suggesting a new job called House Renovation Contract/company. Once the renovation sot is booked and they worker accepts it, players has to make a downpayment. The renovation worker can now renovate. Of course, the player needs to give their key access to the work. House will not be able to be used due to renovation for probably 6 to 10 hours of game time. Personally, to me, i believe players work for a reason. Their purpose to work is not only to buy house or buy their favourite car. While they are working on their jobs, they still have yet to think of their bills that they have to pay. I am pretty sure, players will eventually get bored after they buy a house and a car. What do they do next? By suggesting what i have suggested, i believe this will allow players to have more reason and feel on what life should be like. Cheers!
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