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Make trucks Great!

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Storage Situation, as of 11/7/2018 -

Motorcycle storage : 0 Bags / Fine the way it is.

Sports car storage : 0 Bags / should be 1 at LEAST. 

Sedan car storage : 2 bags / Fine the way it is.

SUV storage : 3 bags / Fine the way it is.


The main problem is the Trucks, They are completely useless unless you're using them to block of certain areas.

Truck Storage : 3 Bags / It Should be 6 bags , Reason why is because these trucks give up the speed, turning capability and the storage is completely unrealistic

Allowing certain trucks like the Mule or Pounder to hold more bags these vehicles will increase in price. These trucks become a more frequent vehicle to pull over on the highway due to suspicion of delivering cargo.

Here are my suggestions :

Pounder -

The Pounder should be able to hold 6 Bags purchased from the general store



Mule -

The Mule should be able to hold 4 Bags purchased from the general store



This Suggestion should give curiosity to the owners of dealer ships making the trucks they sell worth more then they currently are. This is definitely an eye opener for gang leaders as well.

Any reason to oppose my suggestion leave a comment below.


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I was shocked last weekend when I found out that I couldn't put a bag in my Buffalo S and that it's space was pretty tiny. I could swear it was more, but I think that was months ago.


Would actually like to see quite a bit of vehicle stats re-balanced more based off the regular game vehicle stats (with speed regulations of course). This way someone can look up the stats and determine that ECRP stats are the same only with a different formula that makes it more fitting for the server.

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Thank you for your suggestion. As some time has passed, this has already been implemented, or this suggestion is no longer relevant/viable, it has been moved to our archive. We appreciate you taking the time to post a suggestion thread and encourage more posts in the future.


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