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The Chosen Ones

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The Chosen Ones



The Chosen Ones came from poverty and misguidance. All of the followers in the group have been either mistreated, misunderstood, or overlooked. 

In this family, the followers do not need to worry about any of these problems, with this religion, they truly have someone who cares about them, Asmodeus. Founded by Samantha Hays in 2021, the idea of The Chosen Religion and values came to Samantha one day at school, when a student named Kassidy Winter, who was bullying her punched her in the face so much she taste her own blood for the first time... She did not know how and why she felt the way she did, but as soon as that drop of blood entered her mouth, she had changed. 


On January, 6 2021, She murdered Kassidy with just her bare teeth, by biting so deeply into Kassidy's throat and tearing out what she had ahold of, killing Kassidy in minutes. But before Samantha went, she grabbed a knife and sliced open Kassidy and ate everything inside her, and then slurped the blood of her deceased ex classmate.


On February 6, 2021, exactly one month after her first killing, she founded The Chosen Ones, to promote her views on cannibalism and to promote her God that she founded, Asmodeus.


The Chosen Rule

-Cannibalism is honorable, must consume at least 3 chunks of human meat a day 

-Worship and pray for Asmodeus no matter what and spread his name

-Devour any non believers who refuse to join the cause



Asmodeus- The infinite supreme god, ruler of all.

Bishop- The Preacher of Asmodeus, the leader of the human vessels.


Elders- The officers who follow the Bishops word and controls everything below their rank.

Cardinals- Recruits followers, manages the money flow.




Preachers- Strictly in charge of spreading the word.

Followers- Fresh humans who just joined the religion. 



Long term Goals

  • Acquire a Church
  • Gain 30 followers
  • Make our religion a main stream worship


Short term goals

  • Gain 5 followers
  • Claim a territory to worship at






The Chosen ones outfit is quite simple, all black with the Chosen One Mask.

















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The Non Believers

 One human walked Samantha's path, argued with her and said something about her chosen religion, After a firm warning, the man proceeded to repeat his fatal mistake and Samantha looked the man in the eyes and stabbed the man in the throat, falling hard like a rock as Samantha watched him collapse.


His Friend who was there then took out his knife and charged the killer of his deceased friend... Samantha bested him, and only a couple seconds later, he had joined his friend with the same fate. 


Samantha turned to the first person she slain and got on her knees and grabbed her knife and sliced open her preys stomach and proceeded to grab the mans guts and organs and devour them. Once finished she continued onto his friend until a bystander walked and saw the site before him...and Samantha knew there could not be any witnesses. Samantha lunged at the bystander who was now on the phone with the cops and bit his neck and tore out his wind pipe, the bystander who was now flopping on the floor, gasping for his last breath, was no more after a couple minutes, as Samantha begins to eat the man like the previous two corpses.


The cops showed up to the scene and were petrified as they observe what they saw before them. They carefully apprehended Sam and took her to Department of Corrections, were she was sentenced to seven years. The DOC guards feared Sam and as a result, she is always in a cell, alone. Guards always approach to watch her, like a animal in a zoo. Samantha took the time she had in the prison to think and plot on how she will proceed to recruit followers and how she will get even more victims, the city of Los Santos will not be prepared for what Sam has in store for the citizens, as Samantha waits for her release, she keeps praying to her great Asmodeus and awaits her liberation.


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1 hour ago, QuirkyMayhem said:

I love the idea of this as i also RP a cannibal. The only thing worrying to me is "Devour any non believers who do not join us"
Because someone wont join your group doesn't give you DM rights so how would you go about this?

I defo wish you the best and hope to see this group in game.

Dont worry, we have everything figured out.

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5 hours ago, Paul_Chyz said:

Hello there, I would suggest you to go through the faction threads that have been mention as an example for their presentation and other things. May be contact some seniors and get some guidelines about this. All the best to you and the boys ❤️

Umm, i feel like our faction thread is goood, and its not done yet, pictures are going to be added soon, but thanks for the advice

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As ex prophet of the epsilon program cult, and as a assistant wizard prophet of the Bathsheba family church and also as a owner of Cobb's Community church I can't wait to see this in action!

If you would like any advice or discussion around this concept hit me up in forum PM's 🙂 Hope to see you IC

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The Stop Moving Incident 

Samantha Hays was grabbing something to drink at burgershot, while a strange man in a clown mask walked up to her and pestered her...Samantha ask the man to stop bothering her at once but the man refused to do so....


After looking and seeing that there would be no witnesses, Samantha pulls out a hatchet and attempts to rob the man.. The man foolishly made his finally, gravely mistake  and tried to run away... Samantha gave chase... and tried to rob the man once more before the clown signed his death warrant by pulling out a weapon and swung it towards Samantha... Samantha being the mastermind and the proud follower of Asmodues quickly saw this and dodged it and then proceeded to kill the man with her hatchet. 


After the killing, Samantha picked up the body and took it out of the street and skinned the man and cut the corpse up to get the meat and to put it in her Mule. She then dropped the body into the water next to burger shot and went on with her day. Asmodues is proud, she says with a smile as she walks away from the crime scene!


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The Recruitment of an Elder

Samantha Hays came across a dark figure within the night around burger shot at 11:32 PM and approached the dark humanoid figure looking for a quick meal; Only to be completely shocked of what she had just witnessed.

The man was on his knees, knife in hand, eating a bald old man in the alley way and was devouring every meat in the poor old bastards body. Samantha smiles and threw a pair of eyes at the man, the man shot up and looked quickly behind him, ready to strike but saw the eyes roll to his feet, as he picked them up and plopped it into his mouth, the liquids squirting out as he crunches into the eye, he smiles and says, "I have been looking for you, for a long time, I would love to follow the great Asmodues and give my life to the cause of The Chosen Ones."  


Samantha nodded once and grabbed her knife and took his arm and sliced a slither of meat off and ate it, and Samantha nodded to the knife in his hands, and he did the same. 


Ritchter's Story

Richter came from the mountains in Idaho, it was him and his siblings, and a father that taught him how to survive with little. The poor souls that would wander into their territory were never heard from again. Many tools and survival things were collected this way. But also his father would teach Richter and his kin to gut and cook the unfortunate hiker. Richter had an ear infection around the age of 12, it was never treated and became worst, eventually causing 95% deafness. In the collection of books his father had accumulated was a book of American sign language. Richter studied it very hard and also taught his siblings so he could better communicate. His father just expected him to read his lips and talk, which helped Richter become efficient in lip reading. Many rumors flew around on why people kept going missing in the mountains, bears, wolves, even cannibals, which turned out to be true. This brought enough attention that the authorities conducted an investigation. They were extremely surprised to find a faimly living there. They watched and seen the bodies that had been cooked. Appalled they decided to end them. There was a raid on their farm while Richter was out collecting water from a stream 2 miles away. When he returned he saw flashing lights, and a helicopter flying around the area. He was forced to flee out into a world he didnt understand, while his family was slaughtered. He wandered for a long time until he happened upon a private airfield. He “convinced” the pilot to take him to the deadliest city. The pilot chose Los Santos, hoping his passenger would die quickly or be arrested for a long time. Morally Speaking, Richter has a twisted sense of what is acceptable and what is frowned on. He misses social cues and is generally a sociopath. He gets overly upset when he sees people litter. But also cherishes the pain of others and himself.


Richter doesn't know how old he truly is but says he was born on January 1st, 1990. His features suggest he is probably older. Richters end goal is to find a purpose within an environment he doesnt understand. His ultimate goal is to be feared among the population.

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