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  1. Refer to this section for refund requests.
  2. It wasn't a dark alleyway, robbery was done in daylight on a sidewalk, close to PD and PG. The area where the robbery took place was in no way to be secluded. I don't have to throw my hands above my head to display fear for my character's life because I personally think that it would've been stupid play from my side if I did what their characters asked me to do, and honestly, fuck the demands > /up or /down play scheme. If it was an in real life situation, I would have thought that they were just messing around with toy knives because its not even humanly realistic, not something that I would expect in real life, to be robbed and stabbed by a duo for food and water, and I believe that they went far beyond human nature. They didn't even do any /me(low) to accommodate the frisk command they submitted. I would have happily roleplayed back with them. As for my character's pov, I don't see any reason why she wouldn't assume that it was a social experiment. Who would expect an ACTUAL robbery to happen there? Why would I not consider it a social experiment with fake knives? I'm playing by realistic reasons and I'm staying away from the toxic anti-roleplay mentality, which is WEAPON > /UP > GIVE ME ALL WHAT YOU HAVE. NO?! > SAVE POV! or /UP > GIVE ME ALL WHAT YOU HAVE. > Rob me daddy. Unless my life is in an actual threat, environment based as well. No one could ever expect such robbery to happen there, realistically. On the contrary, if I was in a place where a robbery is expected and it was conducted there, it would have been a different case and I would have complied willingly. I took it as a joke because no one would do such thing there and had different thoughts in my mind. Perhaps it was a social experiment with a fake knife? But no, what they did was unreal. I've dealt with it the way it should've been dealt with, they did not take it into consideration because they're not aware that we don't play PvP but PvE&P realistic conditions because people and cars would be actively moving around where the robbery was. I don't think that punching someone embed fear into them because if I'm attacked in real life, I wouldn't fight back. It just differs from a person to another. No reason for me to /up if I'm punched so I don't know what's wrong with not reacting. The game's physics does it automatically, don't know why they're saying that I wasn't reacting. I stood still. Reported party also stated that they did the robbery because they were starving... That was their motive. I think that there could've been better ways like roleplaying as homeless people who are short on money by looking into trashcans for the food they need, so they can display their starvation and lack of money.
  3. Player(s) being reported: 89, 101 Date of interaction reported: 20/05/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: Your character name: Clara Other player(s) involved: - Specific rule(s) broken: Not here to rp. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) Not here to rp. Side-note, was on Weazel Duty. I didn't really want to look at the game and see them attack me with their fists or whatever that they attacked me with. My mouse can be seen moving around. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/7zm5yu - will be locked after conclusion.
  4. It's a common bug with trunks. Leaving the trunk (/LeaveTrunk, if it's open) should teleport you back on the ground or send you flying underground then you'll be teleported somewhere around the area where your car is at.
  5. hi how r u thanks for giving me attention and saying hi back your story is nice)))
  6. Issue Being Reported: I'd like to have my Government Website name changed from Penelope Burnwood to Clara Strohmeyer. Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): I don't remember the date or time of the change. Your characters name: Clara Strohmeyer Other player(s) involved: X Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: Previous character name was Penelope Burnwood and it didn't update automatically on the Government Website.
  7. -1. Only should really be given to pd/sd (not even md) to deal with suspects with disabilities. no other real need for it.
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