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  1. idk if this is possible but could you add an id number to the calls? so a friend or passerby could place the call to EMS put in the downed persons ID number and the call location would stay with that ID numbers body instead of the caller so the caller could leave? Then if the guys "dies" the call goes away cause the body moved when he responded at the hospital. Im fairly new so sorry if that's a dumb idea haha just thought id throw it out there
  2. yea lets get some blackjack going
  3. Ayyy Awesome work boss. great videos, keep it up!
  4. ECRP Highlight Videos [Latest Video] Ride-along with some of the Los Santos Drift crew as they do some practice laps. Shout out LSD and the homie Ezera for letting me tag along. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Previous Video] First couple weeks montage
  5. Introduction to Server { Theodore Marshall } Hi, Im Teddy
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