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Found 2 results

  1. Mckayla "Micky" Mula, allergic to bees, addicted to soda, and loves playing board games. You might expect more from a half Asian, ex-Mormon, Utah-native transplant. That's exactly what Micky thought when she decided to escape the faith...which meant leaving her home, her friends, her undergarments, and her Mormon family behind...forever. Micky has different plans for her "rite-of-passage" mission, so that's why she's come to Los Santos. She's been excommunicated, but has never had an ex to communicate with. It's time to ditch the Beehive state, lose the soda weight, work a real job, make some money, or maybe make some love, and even wake up to smell the coffee....which she was never allowed to do as a Mormon. A master of fine arts with a complete lack of street smarts...the possibilities for Micky are endless. She's "Breaking Bad" and "Breaking Mormon" let's see where her path to self-discovery might lead.
  2. Introduction to Server { Theodore Marshall } Hi, Im Teddy
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