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  1. Newbie Introduction :)

    Hey! Welcome to Eclipse RP.
  2. Hi Everyone

    Hey Josh. Welcome to the community. I hope you managed to get through the quiz!
  3. Eric McTavish is in the town!

    I recognize your name from SA-RP. Welcome to Eclipse RP!
  4. Mask 5850_6377 Fear Rp

    @Tucker Power are you not Tucker Power In-Game? Pazz has asked that you post your side of the story from the footage provided in the report. You are being reported for violating Fear RP. You had a gun aimed at you at close range, why did you not comply with the demands given and instead, proceeded to pull your own gun out?
  5. Sorry my english is low,but i can understand all words and write the main words which we use in role play situation on the server.I want to play with my friends again,they will help me in RP situation...pls unban me

    1. david fibonacci

      david fibonacci

      This is a FULL English rp server, if you can't speak it, then you can't play it.

    2. Grisa


      Well I think you are bigger problem on server than him as you got banned for constant rule breaks... He played with few of us never made any problems

    3. david fibonacci

      david fibonacci

      You joined 5 months ago so you should know this is a full ENGLISH rp server. And i'm just saying what anyone else would say instead of waiting for a response when fatherosborn isn't going to respond,

  6. Stranger 364_7068 (6.3.1 Combat & Roleplay Logging)

    Hey! Over 24 hours have passed and the player was notified through discord (Satanic_Chicken) but has failed to reply to this report. I've gone ahead and prisoned Drew Stallo for 90 minutes as a combination of IC and OOC time, taking some off for being a new player. Thank you for making this report!
  7. Stranger 4344_1216_Fear Rp/Fail Rp/ Ooc insults/ VDM

    Hey! Thank you for posting this report. The player "John McNigger/Arthur Mitchell" has been banned indefinitely from the server for acknowledging that he's not here to role-play and to only break rules, and in the process, asking server administration to go "fuck themselves" instead of educating himself on our rules. The player will have to post a ban appeal and prove that they've educated them on the rules. Thanks for trying to make the community a better place! - Osborn
  8. Poker game In prison

    There was meant to be a prison job scripted with the prison but I guess Harmdone never got around doing it before he had to go inactive for work & school. The money accumulated from the prison job was meant to be used in the prison shop to purchase various items. Adding the possibility for inmates to play poker could be another incentive to stay active and engage in social interaction RP in the prison. It doesn't necessarily have to be financially rewarding (as the prison job wouldn't be) but just another thing for inmates to do.
  9. Stormy nights

    It simply rains too much, I'm surprised we have a desert at this point and not a gigantic lake up north. I think we've got a hurricane 4 times/day or more.
  10. Weapons Are Way Too Weak

    Yes, I agree that the weapon damage needs a buff. It seems to have been nerfed since GT-MP. Weapon damage needs a buff and melee damage needs a nerf (currently -80 health for a single hit with a nitestick/knife/baseball bat and a kick, whereas a shotgun does significantly less close range).
  11. Mask 2261_4278 (6.3. Combat & Roleplay Logging)

    Alright, well. You can never leave the game because you disagree with a situation, that's wrong and it falls under Combat Logging. You need to report the player(s) involved and get an admin to assist you In-Game, however, I'd also recommend that you document the situation with screenshots or videos so that you can post a player report after the situation if you feel that any rules have been violated. Given the statement was given by the reporting party, and your statement, it seems like they have an RP reason to chase you down and shoot at you. Mask 2261_4278 will receive a jail sentence of 25 minutes for their first violation of Combat Logging. Thank you for utilizing the Player Report system, and I'd like to personally thank you for trying to make the community a better place by allowing us to educate players when they're violating rules. - Osborn.
  12. Mask 2261_4278 (6.3. Combat & Roleplay Logging)

    Did you leave the RP incident willingly because you did not agree with how it went down?
  13. Stranger 8441_9911 ( 5.4.1 No Crime Zone )

    Hey! Thanks for utilizing our player report system. Due to the obvious violation of our No Crime Zone rule, the report will be solved in your favor. The player has previously been warned for violation of our NCZ rule, thus the player will now receive an OOC jail sentence for this. Thank you! - Osborn.
  14. Stranger 364_7068 (6.3.1 Combat & Roleplay Logging)

    Hey! Thanks for utilizing our player report system. I wasn't able to locate a forum or discord account belonging to the player, but the player's name is Drew Stallo. If you could look once in a while when you're online to see if they're online, please notify them of this report! I'll leave this open for 24 hours before I resolve the report in your favor for combat logging. I'll also need you to tell me what the player would be charged with.
  15. Mask 2261_4278 (6.3. Combat & Roleplay Logging)

    Hey, thanks for utilizing our player report system! It's a bit unclear what's going on with the picture, other than the player either logging out or crashing (the message is the same) during a role-play situation. I'll leave this open for 24 hours so that @CornOnYackob123 can post their side of the story!