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  1. Hello, Thank you for appealing. The punishment will remain on record and change into a deathmatching offense #. Due to the lack of footage from your end, it's not possible to tell your intentions with this or whether what you say is true or not. To me, watching the video, I see your car coming at high speed and ramming into the crowd of people, and getting stopped by the crowd after you ram into them. You could've exited your vehicle after hitting them if it was truly an accident, to explain, but instead, you drove off. Yes, you claim you drove off to avoid something else happening but had you stepped out of your car, there wouldn't have been an issue. Due to this ban being issued 7 days ago, I will go ahead and unban your account once our server is stable. Please make sure that you read over our server rules and RP guide(s) available here on the forums, we do not take violations of our PVP rules lightly. - Osborn.
  2. Hello. I have spoken to our founder, Nobody, and I am sorry to inform you that we cannot consider your ban appeal for the foreseeable future. When people are legitimately banned for cheating, there is no way telling what their intention was, whether it was malicious or a true accident, thus we treat all cases the same. Nobody looked into the logs and found that you had 1,000,000 health prior to being banned by the anti-cheat. We take these rule violations VERY seriously, and I am not sure whether it's possible to come back from it. I wish you best of luck with whatever you decide to do next, - Osborn.
  3. Hello. Your friend is going to need to appeal their ban and try to get unbanned. We cannot unlink accounts. I hope you can get it sorted out, - Osborn
  4. /f Server is kinda dead /pm 24 Kinda bored waiting for **** to become public plus my BFF is back in ecrp /pm 24 Server is kinda dead /pm 25 Joining ****? /pm 107 Hi, are you joining ****? /o Good thing I am leaving the server /pm 207 I mean if my application for PD in **** is rejected then I am done with gta /o **** is most likely gonna be better than ECRP, it's already got half the members and it's not /o **** has better economy and planes The above is in no particular order. I will leave this Pending @Lewis.
  5. Hello, thank you for appealing. The staff team conducted an investigation and we ask that you do not attempt to re-appeal before 6 months. I am not going to sit here and spoon feed you. You are not welcomed in this community at this moment. You know exactly what you did and what you were planning to do. This decision is final.
  6. Hello. Jax will be given his last chance on our forums and discord. Any attempts at trolling the staff team, harassing/attacking community members, fueling or instigating drama will result on his PERMANENT removal. There are absolutely zero reasons why we should accept his past behavior on our platform. Welcome back. - Osborn.
  7. FatherOsborn


    I am sorry, you cannot attempt and re-apply for this community for at least a month due to your recent conduct. You've been very abusive towards staff, lying to try and get your way into the server and becoming extremely toxic and hostile when you were told to wait. You are also using google translator or some other form of a translator, that explains the words that do not fit in the sentences of this ban appeal as well as the white background behind your text. Any further attempts at trying to harass our staff members will result in further action being taken against you. You can appeal on the 18th of May. - Osborn.
  8. FatherOsborn


    I'm not sure about this one boss. The only reason why I and Lewis helped you out is to be able to stop you from joining the community without appealing. What makes you think it was acceptable to abuse our staff members like you have been doing? Calling them retards and other offensive terms because they wouldn't help you with the quiz. Why should we allow you to attempt and become apart of the community?
  9. Both you and Claude Speed were planning to Mass DM at the bank yesterday, and then today. I am not going to provide you with any proof, this is your chance to come clean. Both of your chat logs have been reviewed and the investigation was conducted by multiple administrators. Both you and Claude Speed made attempts to purchase heavy weapons with a lot of ammo. We have already confirmed that Claude planned this yesterday. This is just part of the chatlogs of you and Claude trying to buy heavy weapons with a lot of bullets AFTER that Claude had said he was going to Mass DM. Lewis, MarcoD and I all witnessed you and Claude at the bank yesterday, you had an AK, you went inside the bank and unequipped it before someone made a call to 911 and you ran off with Claude. This is on top of what we found today from Dave Reynolds and other users, hence why the bans were issued today. Why did you want to Mass DM at the bank? Do not act as if we're stupid, I will just close this ban appeal then.
  10. Who is your friend that got unbanned? Link to his ban appeal.
  11. Hello, thank you for appealing. Our staff is permitted to go on admin duty if they are witnessing rules being violated, regardless if they are involved or not. We have policies set in place which staff members follow in situations, and sometimes they will get another staff member involved if they feel that it is necessary. Given your statement in your appeal, I don't see how it was wrong for this staff member to go on admin duty, you clearly violated our No Crime Zone rule by using it to your advantage and hiding inside of it, and this was witnessed by a staff member. Do not let frustration or anger take control of your actions, it's your responsibility to make sure that you follow our server rules. Based on the recommendation from Brock Olly, I will unban your account so that you can play again. - Osborn.
  12. Hello, thank you for appealing. I appreciate your honesty. We do not take violations of our PVP rules lightly. Based on the recommendation from Zemaitc, I will reduce your ban to 5 days (120 hours) and it will expire automatically. Moving forward, you need to make sure that you read over our server rules and RP guide(s), it's your responsibility to make sure that you follow them. Any more violations of our PVP rules will result in a much longer sentence. I'll see you in 5 days, - Osborn.
  13. Thank you for appealing. We do not void legitimate punishments. Based on your appeal, it seems as if you accept that it was a mistake from your side, and the log will stay as a reminder. - Osborn.
  14. Hello, thank you for appealing. You will be permitted one final chance in this community. Any major rule violation will result in a permanent ban, one which you cannot come back from. You have 24 admin logs on your account, don't make it 25. It's your responsibility to read and follow our rules and RP guide, and if you cannot comprehend our server rules or RP guide and follow them, then this community isn't for you. I wish you best of luck, - Osborn.
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