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  1. Hello, thank you for appealing. After speaking to NBDY about this ban he has decided to accept your apology and will welcome you back to Eclipse. Please be more considerate of your words and actions in the future. - Osborn.
  2. Hello, thank you for appealing. After discussing this with Senior Staff in our most recent meeting, we've decided that we would like you to try and appeal in 3 months time. Not knowing that something isn't against the rules is a very weak argument to being unbanned. - Osborn.
  3. Hello, thank you for appealing. After being able to clear this up with NBDY, he has asked me to authorize your unban. I apologize for the delay in the response, due to staff leave of absence it has been slowing things down. Welcome back to Eclipse Roleplay, - Osborn.
  4. Hello, thank you for appealing. Given that you've been banned for almost a month, I will go ahead and authorize your unban. 75,000 was removed from Viktor Shaw in result of violating our transfer rules. In the future, you need to file a transfer request here on the forums! - Osborn.
  5. Hello, thank you for appealing. I will go ahead and grant you benefit of the doubt and remove the punishment from your record. In the future, if you can, I recommend you to document situations such as these when unfortunate coincidences happen. I understand why Mickeyyy finds it suspicious, but I also feel that the evidence is not strong enough to support a case. If you have not finished your 20 minute sentence at this point, send me a message on discord and I will unjail you. If you already did your 20-minute sentence, I apologize for any inconvenience caused. - Osborn.
  6. Hello, thank you for appealing. The bans we issue are more or less indefinite until appealed, as the goal when we issue a punishment to someone is to make sure that we can educate them on the rules and how to be better. Yes, some bans are truly permanent but those are for reasons such as you have mentioned, hacking. But, it's also possible to be permanently banned from our community if rules are repeatedly violated, e.g. multiple DM offenses in a short period. I believe that Mickeyyy has explained it well enough, whether or not any players were directly harmed, it's still against our rules to do what you did at the bank. And it's also important that you understand that regardless of who uses your account (if that was the case), it's still falls back on you when rules are violated as the account owner. The punishment was legitimate and will remain on your record, however, I will go ahead and expire your ban as it has been approximately 2 weeks (give or take) since your ban. Moving forward, it's important to understand that we do not take it lightly when players violate our rules, we want to create a fair and healthy role-play environment for all players on the server. Welcome back, - Osborn.
  7. Team Update: RedHot has been promoted to Administrator. Tnewty has been promoted to Senior Moderator Brawnkoh has been promoted to Senior Moderator YuSoHelpful has been promoted to Senior Moderator Mickeyyy has been promoted to Senior Moderator Randul has been removed from the Moderator team.
  8. Hello, thank you for your report. The video provided by Mickeyyy displays clear poor role-play from your side, and a violation of our Fear RP rule. There are three armed gang affiliated individuals with you, in the middle of nowhere, and they're in the process of robbing you. Knowing that they are armed, and the environment you are in, you proceed to insult them and acting obnoxious. I don't see you fearing for your characters life or the consequences for what you're doing, their response to your behavior seems perfectly fine to me. You not only insulted them, but you also THREATENED them in the middle of everything. This has nothing to do with anyone being biased towards anyone, there's clear issues from your side in this situation that was corrected by Mickeyyy. He followed our punishment guidelines as we instruct our staff to do at all times. If you want to appeal a punishment e.g. ban, you should do so through a punishment appeal. In the future, I can only recommend that you adapt to situations and act accordingly, your acting during this life-threatening situation was sub-par. - Osborn.
  9. Closed due to user inactivity. Should you appeal again, please explain why you are linked with the account Parasomnia.
  10. Hello, thank you for your appeal. As stated by Archeah on your previous appeal, our developers have confirmed these links to be 100% accurate and thus we cannot consider you for an unban at this time. If you want to appeal this, you need to reach out to NBDY or Osvaldon directly on discord. You should then explain why you're linked with Lucas_Bryson (acc: Hyperis). - Osborn.
  11. Hello, thank you for appealing. We have discussed this ban within the Senior Staff and we will not consider you for an unban at this time. You were entrusted with the ability to monitor player applications and ensure that quality players made it through the process. Instead, you misused our trust in you and the power that was granted to you, and you accepted hundreds of applicants through the system. We will not tolerate this sort of abuse of power from a staff member, it was stated black and white that any abuse of the system would result in a permanent ban. Good luck in your future endeavors, - Osborn.
  12. Hello, thank you for appealing. You are linked with the account "NimaGame" whom is also banned for ban evading at this time. And "NimaGame" is linked with the account "Marco11", currently banned for AFK Macroing to circumvent the AFK timer. Marco11 needs to appeal their ban until you can appeal yours for ban evading. - Osborn.
  13. Hello, thank you for appealing. We do take these violations very seriously, in fact, we monitor transactions daily and anything odd will be investigated further. This is obviously not condoned, and by now, I hope that you understand that. Any assets, whether it's raw money or weapons cannot be transferred to another character without proper IC reasoning behind it, and if you intend on transferring assets between your OWN characters then you need to submit a transfer request on the forums. With that being said, I will go ahead and expire your ban. Welcome back, - Osborn.
  14. Hello, thank you for appealing. For the foreseeable future, we will not consider ban appeals for players that have been banned using crosshairs. It's pretty black and white that it wasn't allowed, not only was there a community announcement about it but it's also considered cheating in our rules. We cannot set a precedent that this is allowed, and there is nothing that tells us that you would stop using it - you could simply learn how to become better at avoiding getting caught, because at the end of the day, it was you that unknowingly gave us the evidence of you having a crosshair enabled. - Osborn.
  15. Player is permanently banned for being linked with a banned account.
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