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  1. Thank you for your appeal. This will be pending review by one of our founders @Osvaldon @NBDY as you are IP linked with someone for some reason. - Osborn.
  2. Hey did you ever get a chance to handle that for me? 

    1. Deeno678


      Still banned


  3. If that's your response, I appreciate it. Will be locked for now.
  4. I have taken a snippet of the picture and hoping you could explain it better now
  5. Hello, we are sorry for the delay. Could you explain what you were trying to do with our panel?
  6. Hello, thank you for your report. Dawpi is not 50% wrong, I do not understand how you can hold him at any level accountable because you did not get help fast enough, especially after his explanation provided on this report. He's done nothing wrong in this instance. You don't get pushed forward in the queue because you spam reports, in fact, spamming reports in itself can result in you being removed from the server. We cannot help everyone at once, staff follows a priority system when handling reports - a bugged death or bugged character is something that can quickly be solved after more pressing matters have been dealt with. As Dawpi stated, during the time of your situation, we had players mass deathmatching - and being a lone Moderator dealing with the issues during night time, he's absolutely right to focus on that first. This report has no grounds, if your character is still bugged and you cannot access it, you need to try to contact Osvaldon or NBDY on discord. If you can access your character, and your bug still persists, then you need to throw in a /report In-Game and wait patiently. Alternatively, you could use #i_have_a_question on discord and try to solve your issue while you wait for a staff member In-Game. Thank you, - Osborn.
  7. Hello, I am reading your reply and I am a bit confused. On the 22nd of February, Dennis Tucker sold you a house for $1. On the 27th of February, you sold Tyrone Kompot a house for $1 which in your own words, is Dennis Tucker (so his alt character). But then you also say that Dennis sold you this house because he's not playing anymore. There's just a 5 days difference, are you saying he quit the server for 5 days? And was this the only assets that you helped transfer?
  8. Hello, please make a proper appeal following the requirements that was linked in this appeal. - Osborn.
  9. Hello, every appeal is handled case by case, some cases are more difficult than others and require more deliberation and thinking before a decision can be made. The ones that are handled quicker are cases that are more black and white, we don't see a reason to keep those waiting an unnecessary amount of time. I hope that clears your concern(s) up. - Osborn.
  10. Team Update: Seas has reinstated as a Moderator.
  11. Hello, thank you for your suggestion. The incidents that took place in a time span of 2-3 hours with certain staff members attacking players as animals should never have happened. We have internal guidelines and regulations that we expect staff to follow, an event like this would need to be pre-approved by a member of Senior Staff but it never was. As a result of that, you had for example one of the most skittish animals in the animal kingdom going on a attack spree in the city, traveling together with a cougar who would normally prey on its travel companion. We do not deem this as acceptable RP according to our standards and the standards that we want the community to follow, thus we did not want to allow the event to be pushed through Weazel News on an In Character level. It's a voided situation. While it's unfortunate that there was a lot of time spent on editing the footage, we have standards that we want to uphold. - Osborn.
  12. Hello, There is going to be a system implemented to discourage players from wanting to return to active scenes after being released from MD. It's still just something on paper and something that hasn't been developed yet, however, what we know right now is that it'll work like a regeneration system, you won't be spawning with 100% health, and you will also be walking slowly. NBDY tried to develop something in the past with wheel chairs (on his stream) but wasn't able to do it efficiently, thus it was never continued. Right now, players that return to active shootouts after being released from MD will be spoken to and potentially punished for promoting poor role-play, this was also a topic of our recent staff meeting and something which we've agreed that we won't condone for a while. Though, active scene =/= active shootout. - Osborn.
  13. (( https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/viewtopic.php?f=957&p=210773#p210773 ))
  14. Team Update: Krrooks365 has reinstated as a Moderator.
  15. Thanks for your bug report. Developers are aware of this now and will hopefully find a fix for it, we are talking about our options. - Osborn.
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