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  1. Team Update Will215 has resigned from the Administration Team as a Moderator.
  2. I will go ahead and archive this. With the new turf system we saw a lot of new chop shops getting added, and they're all active - meaning that camping one single location isn't really an issue anymore. - Osborn.
  3. Hello, it has been some time since this suggestion were created. I believe that fast-forwarding over a year later, there's really no need to overthink things - staff have not had many issues with players ramming with expensive vehicles that we need to go into overthinking and list down each vehicles. Common sense has been applied in majority of the ramming situations, and in others, we've educated the players. Should we feel that we need to make a longer list we will do that. Thank you for your suggestion, - Osborn.
  4. Hello. This is nothing that we'd be interested in having in our server rules. We currently allow law enforcement to perform realistic pursuit intervention where PITs is one of them. This is regulated through their internal policies as well as the Non-RP rule in general. - Osborn.
  5. Team Update: Serthon has resigned from his Senior Administrator and Assistant Head of Administration position. Thank you for your contribution throughout the years.
  6. Hello, thank you for this discussion. The original creator complained about police having an extremely fast response with cars and helicopters when he deliberately took a car from a bait car operation. I emphasize on the word 'operation', it was a setup from the police and thus they had all these units ready to respond within, as he proclaims, 10 seconds. Expect this type of response when you steal a car from a bait car operation - which is not an impromptu operation but rather one that is planned beforehand. I do not see this discussion going anywhere, thanks to everyone who
  7. Team Update: Awazki has reinstated as an Administrator.
  8. I think this is a good suggestion. For randomly spawned vehicles that belong to random names to spawn could be a good idea, although, it would need to be a mix between lower and middle range cars and not semi-expensive cars+.
  9. Team Update: YuSoHelpful has reinstated as an Administrator.
  10. Hello, I will keep this short as there's more detailed and lengthy responses in older suggestions around this topic. We are not looking at capping prison times at this moment, instead we are looking to improve the prison itself. Please focus your suggestions on this thread around how to improve the prison with adjustments / new features, (non action related suggestions please). - Osborn.
  11. Hello, you weren't mistaken for someone else, I was just relaying mixed up information (with the apartment owner). You were reporting another individual's firearms missing, IB was invited to the apartment, you told IB that the person whom you were reporting firearms for had safes inside of this apartment. They then investigated that individual and found him to be trading / giving away a firearm at the bank parking lot, this prompted a search warrant which was approved and executed on the apartment in which IB was invited to and told about the safes. With that, I can assure you that t
  12. Hello. This ordeal all started with a firearm being reported missing and IB being invited to an apartment. Said apartment owner was then investigated and was caught giving away / trading a firearm to an individual at the bank parking lot (which is a felony), this prompted IB to submit a search warrant request that was approved and executed. I hope that clears up any confusion about this raid. While it's unfortunate on an OOC level to lose assets like this, it's still apart of the RP. The apartment wasn't randomly raided, IC and RP actions caused IB and SWAT to raid the apartment.
  13. Team Update: Seas has resigned from Moderator. Thank you for your contribution!
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