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  1. Team Update: Aldari has reinstated as a Senior Moderator
  2. Sup OG, I added you on discord (Didiero). Hoping we can catch up

  3. Team Update MarcoD has been promoted to Senior Administrator and assigned Assistant Head of Support Staff
  4. Hello. We've unlocked this again, you can carry on this discussion. Please remain respectful towards all opinions, and remain on topic to the original post. If it gets derailed again we'll have to unfortunately lock it again. - Osborn.
  5. Clarification; Staff member took a report and helped a COMMUNITY MEMBER and then returned to their initial RP scene. There was no abuse here. Thank you. - Osborn.
  6. Team Update: Jellay has been promoted to Moderator. Kazji has been promoted to Moderator. Vuki has been promoted to Moderator.
  7. Added 6. Ruleplaying Changed under Non-Roleplay: Non-off road vehicles may not drive up mountains or steep hills. LSEMS & Mechanics and PD are exempt. PD now has access to off-road police scouts.
  8. In addition to this, read: Now I'll let you address what NBDY inquired as you make it seem like Teamspeak is some uncontrolled metagaming ring.
  9. Team Update MrWonanother has been promoted to Senior Administrator Timmaayy has been promoted to Senior Administrator.
  10. Hello, thank you for reporting. I have spoken to Kat and we've both agreed to change the outcome of this report. The reporter (Bo Vespucci) had ample time to surrender in a situation that turned into an active and hostile action scenario. Instead, the reporter resorts to driving around the parking lot trying to find another way to escape after ramming the cruisers at the beginning wasn't successful. This also means that Bo Vespucci inserted himself further into the action roleplay scenario. When he approaches the officer (Dante Watson) towards the end, he does in fact step out after
  11. Hello, we are at this moment not interested in a prison cap. The average criminal that evades sits nowhere close to 5+ hours in prison. The criminal that commits several murders do. (Example: Two days ago a gang (or two gangs(?) staged an ambush that killed 5+ officers. Three or something involved in the ambush were caught alive, and they were given around 700 minutes [- VIP jail/prison time reduction].) This is reasonable given the action. If they want to stage ambushes frequently, they risk getting these sentences more frequently as well. The quote by Alexalex is still relevant.
  12. Hello, thank you for appealing. After speaking to Redhot about your ban, we've decided to accept your appeal. It was over a year since you got banned. Remember to read over our server rules, much have changed since then. I also recommend reading through our rules changelog to update yourselves on the current state of things, as well as reading a RP guide or two available on the forums. Never try to circumvent any of our scripted systems again. Welcome back, - Osborn.
  13. Hello, I will go ahead and archive this. I previously posted on this thread a while back explaining why this will not be implemented. We do not find it realistic to make officers a target for robberies, which will happen - and while a rule can be created to try and tackle this, it will create unnecessary time drain for staff members who have to investigate the validity of such an event when they would (should) be extremely rare. But we know how much everyone loves their guns on the server, and a cop with access to heavy weapons = free and easy access to heavy weapons. It's not common, in
  14. 05/DEC/2020 The State of Eclipse Roleplay Changes to how we view and react to a player's general roleplay quality and contribution to the general community environment We've reached a point where the general environment on the server is often unhealthy. Certain groups of players focus on low quality 'shooter' gameplay - where their "roleplay" primarily consists of engaging in shootouts with other players or other miscellaneous action roleplay. We've also noticed an increase in "win" mentality - using the fastest cars/bikes, using cars that are affected by broken game mechanics (
  15. Team Update: Redhot has been re-assigned from Head of Player Reports to Assistant Head of Administration.
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