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  1. +1 Walter White character incoming!
  2. Seaweed quote changed from "SeaWeed Smoke Weed! " To " Seaweed Smoke Gunpowder" They will show who is capable of holding their position in this situation.
  3. Disappointment. We're used to the BF-400 Gang not the Flex 9F ... Still nice upgrade Regards, Your Chinese friend, Nori Wang
  4. Good to see a LawlessRP member here! Be aware, the rules are different here. It aint like LawlessRP, DM server.
  5. Speaking about desync. Have you ever been picked up by a medic in a helicopter? No, you should see.. That's considered desync. You wont even see it flying, it just teleports all over the place. So i think it's gonna be a big no no.
  6. Marine vehicles aren't considered Realistic, since you wont see a Marine vehicle that is completely armored in real life in gang situations(Maybe in Mexico at Gang wars but not in America.) And it's not SA:MP where servers have Restricted vehicles.
  7. You sure about that?? I didn't notice anything
  8. Thought NGG and Horizon gaming merged? 🙄
  9. Seaweed smoke weed, circle of life
  10. Looking good! Cant wait to see you guys "In da hood"
  11. Touchsky


    God damn, this shit makes me hyped! Best of luck and big love. - Nori Shinto
  12. Hi there. The reason i did this i thought its allowed to radio over, seen cops do this many times so i figured that is allowed. If not, i'm sorry for this. I wont do it in the future. Nothing much to say on this
  13. My boys! Once seaweed always seaweed
  14. Account name: Touchsky Character name(s): Nori Shinto Admin who issued punishment: ChuckM Date of punishment: 04-07-2019 Punishment received: Deathmatching #1 | Failure to initiate RP/invalid reason Reason given for punishment: Shooting a Gang who we at war with, and they been chasing us for the past 10 minutes. Your explanation of what happened: We been in a chase for around 10 to 15 minutes. Been driving through hole Los Santos Downtown. In the active chase he tried to ram me with his contender(If i did not brake he would of ram me) When the chase stopped and his boy(Monkeys) started to shoot at our gang members(Triads). You can clearly see him giving the command to his gang member to assist their friend. What makes him active in the roleplay situation of the shootout. He been wearing the same color of clothes and same masks.(Same Car color). I dont see why i'm not allowed to open fire on gang members who been in the situation since the start? They would of opened fire on us if i did not act first. Why should your appeal be accepted?: the reporting party was using trimmed down evidence to make it look one sided. He has been known to to this in the past. As far as I know shadowplay does not record at 1:23 per clip which means he has cut something to hide. It was a 10+ minute pursuit and take 1 minute of evidence shouldn't constitute a DM punishment. Post any evidence or further details: Proof that he been using trimmed down evidence. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/20703-id-103/?do=findComment&comment=103427
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