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  1. I don't like the idea and I'll tell you why, "market saturation." You know why the majority of the nightclubs in the server remain closed and unused? Because there are far too many of them. The more of something you add, the less valuable the existing ones become.
  2. I agree, I don't think you should lose out on something because someone else has left the server. But saying that, this is probably the least problematic part of the body system.
  3. There has to be a certain element of risk involved, i'm sorry you lost your items but it's the nature of the beast. If you got a lot on you, you gotta take extra precautions. Can't just expect to have these handicaps to make the game safer for you, it's a roleplay server full of criminals. Someone has to be the victim.
  4. I appreciate the suggestion and the impound is something that needs work, not just for people getting their vehicles out but also us answering the impound. That being said though, the MDC contains highly sensitive and personal information about people, so I can't see that being a thing.
  5. Damn right we are. Thin blue line looking thicc.
  6. What is fun about cutting someone's hair though? I think the way that command is used, is just for trolling purposes. I very rarely see it used for the reason it's supposed to be.
  7. Alright if I can have the money you pay in fines when I arrest you, you can have my PD weapon.
  8. But we don't own our gear and weapons. You own yours.
  9. People don't really tend to use drugs that much, there is an infinite supply but a very small demand. In an ideal world, sure, would be great but not this one.
  10. You have been in many shootouts with the police? Perhaps you're the one that's doing something wrong then. As for our gear/guns, they are given to us by the server, they are basically a $0 rental. If you are able to pick up those weapons, we're essentially spawning free weapons into the server. Would you like to play that server? We do have an unlimited arsenal, but we also have guidelines to follow when engaging criminals, which criminals do not. There is no added RP at all, don't make it about that, it's just you being able to get some free shit.
  11. Currently we have the standard black duffel bag in-game and it's the same for everybody. The standard weight is 10 volume. There is however not only a skinny version of the black duffel bag, but also, a grey duffel bag with a skinny/full version too. My suggestions are two fold. Add the grey Hinterland bag into the server as well, for cosmetic purposes. If the volume of the bag on your black is below 10, it's the skinny version. If it's more, it's the full version. That way you will be able to see if people have quite a lot in their bag, like you would in real life. It's not necessarily a game changer, but we're a cosmetically conscience community and having more bag options is always a plus. I've made a video example of the differences here. https://streamable.com/0dlss
  12. GOAT

    Drug effects

    You can't turn the effects off.
  13. I'm going to say no, and I'll tell you why. There are already a lot of restrictions on what players can do and why, inevitably the more restrictions, the more people hide behind the rules instead of finding ways to avoid negative situations such as being robbed.
  14. If you are carrying a crate/bag/briefcase and the trunk is open, if you press e for example, it should check the inventory slots if there is free space/enough weight and put it in for you. Same goes with empty hands, if the trunk is open and you press e, you get the first storage item in your hand.
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