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  1. I think OP that you are expecting for things to be different, or perhaps more realistic. I've not long been involved with criminal role-play myself but I had the same kind of expectations, that factions would act a certain way and it took some getting used to. We have a criminal system in this server where almost every criminal faction does things that would finish them in real life. I'm going to choose my words carefully here because I don't want to insult someone by accident but they hang in the same places, have their criminal discussions out in the open, they don't actively try to avoid law enforcement and they are openly displaying assets that would lead to quick prosecutions in real life. I don't think that it is much of a surprise that a faction wants to meet you at arguably besides a police department, the worst place to commit a crime on the entire server. I think it's just something that has developed naturally over time and has become the way things are done, all in all. You just have to kind of figure out the IC rules yourself. - - - As for the Bank itself, I feel like Bank No-Crime Zone should be restricted to the interior of the bank building. From a realism standpoint, banks don't give a shit what you do outside their premises. I also think that having one of the biggest areas where people meet in the server have restrictions on what role-play can be there is limiting. No crime zones get abused. People park their vehicles in them, knowing they can't be robbed. People go there to hide from other factions/people because they can't be killed. People also openly discuss and transact criminal deals in those locations as well. The simple fact is that, the no-crime zone at the Bank doesn't work. If people are dancing on cars, or doing any of the other non roleplay shit that you see there, they should get admin jailed with the quickness and I guarantee people would stop. But unless you report it or an admin sits there, it just continues. Bank is a total nightmare. As a cop, I try to avoid it because at times, it's like a zoo. Just an excuse for people to scream and shout and non roleplay to shit.
  2. 12.11 "Taxation and Representation" - - - "Dear Don Vincenzo, The more I learn, the less I feel that I know. I have been in the city for a couple of weeks already and I realise that becoming established here means compromise. It's important that we stick to our value of course but it has become clear that we must play by their rules, at least for now, in order to survive and to do business. We are few and they are many. This week, The Rooks made their move and we agreed a percentage deal in principle but as we've learned through many lessons, even the best laid plans can go astray, especially when dealing with the unknown. Triads remain in the wind, hard to contact but perhaps that is as it should be. Zetas are the opposite, they are confident, abrasive.. cocky even but that comes from their grip on the city. It seems that everyone accepts they run the show here in Los Santos. The Wanted continue to show nothing but respect and kindness when dealing with us, I have a lot of time for them as a group. We still haven't encountered the Russians yet, I was told to check the Bank but no sign. Tensions with WCA are present, I made an attempt to reach out to their boss but he was not around, will keep trying. I hope you are enjoying semi-retirement, make sure you save me some of the tomatoes when they come back into season. I'll write when I can and keep you posted. Ciao, Luca."
  3. More cosmetic customisation can only be a good thing.
  4. I think if you alter Post FX in game, it should take the blinding bloom out of the snow.
  5. Nerfed Revolvers for Law Enforcement and Thompson Machine Guns for criminals, yeah boi.
  6. GOAT


    If I join, I'll take a leaf from Red Dead and yell Franklinnnnnnnnnnn
  7. 08.11 "Old Habits Die Hard." Luca went about his normal routine, when he bumped into an old associate at the Bank. Ricardo Mancini, a one-time member of Three C was in town, visiting his sick grandma. She foolishly lend him her vehicle and he managed to rack up an unhealthy amount of speed violations in a short period of time. He questioned Luca about how he could approach resolving this, but Luca was unable to help his old friend from continuing old habits. Ricardo offered to help Luca with the disposal of a clapped out old Journey. Together, they set off in Ricardo's Grandmother's vehicle and the Journey to find the chop-shop. Along the way, Ricardo's erratic driving got the better of him and his Blista collided with two black vehicles on the highway. Luca could do nothing for Ricardo in this case and carried on. He headed to all the usual haunts for where the black market mechanics were operating and happened upon the log cabins up on Chilliad. There, Luca encountered the Rooks for the first time, as they had full control of the area. Luca and "The Black Bird" Brandon Fitz discussed the former's arrival in the city, some light business talk and exchanged pleasantries and names and the like. Luca made his excuses and left the area, not wanting to be caught in the crossfire of the perpetual violence between warring factions in the county. Luca checked some other spots around Blaine County and happened upon the right one. Alone at first, Luca was joined by The Wanted at the chop shop. Business wasn't really on the menu for discussion at this time, the vehicles that had been brought there were scrapped with no issue. Luca hung around and made some idle conversation with some of the members, even asking for a lift back to town. Awkwardly then, out of nowhere, a Wanted member drove Ricardo's Blista to the chop area with no Ricardo insight. Luca pondered the fate of his old friend for a moment, but in times like these, he remembered that it's all about the present and the future. 09.11 "The Old Ball and Chain." Saturday night means one thing in Los Santos, Mirror Park Tavern holding some kind of party. Luca decided he'd attend, to try and build on last week's calamities. He'd had a good week so he treated himself to a new suit, partly to make an impression and partly to try and avoid comparisons with the Soviet Connection, that seemed to continue to irritate him. However, he had neglected to read any of the promotional material. The Tavern was holding a Wild West themed evening and Luca stood out like a well-dressed thumb. Luca paid the admission fee, in full this week and entered, looking to continue to announce The Syndicate's presence in the city. The event however was a little bit of a washout. The Tavern was modestly populated, the music often took a little poetic license with the theme and most heartbreaking of all, the stripper from last week that had caught Luca's eye was not working that night. Luca took his two customary bottles of whiskey and left the Tavern, a little disappointed. Not before greeting Mr. and Mrs. Zeta themselves, Jay and Kelly Gamble (not pictured). At this point, Luca recieved a phone call from both Johnny Thick and "Sanjay". They were back in town and looking to pick up where they'd left off. They all made their way to the parking lot and hoped into John's Baller. The plan was simple, head around to some stores and relieve them of the contents of their registers. The first couple stores went off without a hitch, with even a couple civilians remarking that The Syndicate had gotten there first. There was an opportunity to perhaps help them with their baggage but robbing a convenience store seems to be somewhat time sensitive. They made their way up to Grapeseed, a quiet little farming community and burst into the store. Luca made the decision to have both of his guys assist him in the robbery but it proved to be a mistake. A nosy neighbour had seen the Baller that had visited that area a few times, heard the commotion and informed the Sheriffs Department. Deputy Deys and a trainee arrived on scene and we fled back to the vehicle, but it was too late. Never one for stopping to think, Johnny pulled his weapon on the officer but was promptly dispatched. John and Luca surrendered themselves. The policy for The Syndicate isn't to engage Law Enforcement in combat unless absolutely necessary. The stakes weren't that great, the losses weren't irrecoverable so surrender seemed like the smartest play. The Sheriffs once again for the most part, proved to be rude and disrespectful. It was understandable that tensions may of been a little high as shots were fired but the eager beaver Trainee used foul language and yelling to try and maintain control of the situation. A senior member of the department also offered some choice insults, which were met with a rebuttal by Luca, never one to be outdone. The arresting officer however approached the situation with calmness, class and respect. His partner, an uptight blonde, would not indulge Luca in idle conversation as they made their way to Paleto Bay. Both Durry and Luca found themselves in Paleto, Luca with still his full inventory, perhaps due to the green and overzealous nature of the rookie deputy. Luca got his old cell back and took out a small bottle of whiskey from the Tavern out of his pocket. While John tried to find his spiritual centre, Luca drank the bottle defiantly in the face of the officer that had injured their associate. Johnny Thick would go down for weapons charges, attempted murder of a Government Employee and finally, Armed Robbery. Luca and John got Accessory to Armed Robbery. Following their release, Luca and Sanjay were straight back out onto the street. With holes in their pockets from their brush with the law, money was on their minds. They attempted to score a weapon from the Los Zetas but balked at both the asking price and the hardware on offer. On their way back to the city, to speak with their contact, they encountered a recently injured man, who by his own admission had been relieved of his personal effects. They asked him if he had called a medic, which he had. They asked if the medic was on the way, which it was. They wished him well, but spotting the opportunity, took the man's vehicle, a black Panto and fled the area. All in all, they managed through good fortune to find three unlocked vehicles around Blaine County and took care of them, splitting the profits. Luca and John headed back to the city, wishing to call it a day. Time for one last brush with the law. John was stopped by the same senior Sheriff as earlier and his underling, for speeding. A ticket was issued and the men were sent on their way. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FACTION DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS KEY: THE HIGHER THE NUMBER, THE BETTER THE RELATIONS. RED IS BAD, GREEN IS GOOD. This is respective of our IC encounters so far. THE WANTED [7] - Almost all positive interactions. SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT [3]- Rude and disrespectful. THE ROOKS [5] - Mixed interactions, good and bad. LOS ZETAS [5] - Some very good interactions, some very bad. WEST COAST ASSASSINS [4]- A lack of trust there, but some civility. THE RUSSIANS [4]- No interactions with them so far, but the mistaken identities is getting very annoying. THE TRIADS [6]- Almost all positive interactions, respectful but elusive. LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT [5] - Not really any interactions with them, aside from some light questioning. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  8. I wasn't aware, but it doesn't really matter anyway. If it closed ages ago, people are only gunna remember this anyways.
  9. Through looking at the way the other factions operate and refer to themselves in character and out, we're going to be operating under a much simpler name, to avoid it becoming a sticking point for people that are used to the simpler faction names (i.e. Rooks, Zetas, WCA, Wanted, Triads etc..) The faction's official name is Sempre Neopolitan but the nickname/common name used will be Il Syndicato or The Syndicate.
  10. Because it's not restricted to memey posts, is it? It's on people's reports, it's on their suggestions, it's on their regular discussions etc.. If you're stopping people from contributing to discussions or even posting altogether because they worry they aren't gunna be taken seriously, that's shitty. The forum is for those posts, no?
  11. I'm sure there have been quite a few suggestion threads about removing speed cameras and all this business. Full disclosure, I don't like them and haven't ever liked them. I can see why they were implemented, in areas like the Bank but for the most part, it's an OOC solution to an IC problem in my eyes. Anyway, to the suggestion, pretty simple but remove the Reckless Operation charge from the Speed Cameras and just leave the 1st/2nd/3rd degree speeding fines on there. The reasoning for this The original jail time for this was 45 minutes, which was very excessive. It was reduced like 20(?) some time after and more recently, reduced to 10. 10 minutes just makes the charge itself meaningless. That's a toilet and get something to drink break. We get people surrendering for 1-2 of these every day at Mission Row and in my view, on a practical level, it's the worst type of arrest. People don't want to roleplay it out, but you still have to do the procedure. You put them in the cell, go back upstairs and a couple minutes later, poof they are back and learned nothing. The speed camera adding charges takes away the ability for PD to make independent decisions regarding traffic violations. At least in this instance anyway, we can't remove it if you aren't a Lieutenant+and you don't want to bother PD/SD command with the charge because it's not significant enough. Yes, if you go over x amount of speed, you get the charge and you definitely were driving but no person is actually seeing you do it. The lack of awareness that you can actually go to jail for excessive speeding. Every single day, you will get people that are getting reckless operation for the first time and they can't understand why when they have paid their tickets, they have to go to jail as well. I'm not sure it actually solves the speeding issue because people still get these charges and don't give a fuck anyway. This is just my opinion of course, I can't speak for any other cop but I like to feel like i've earned an arrest when I charge someone. These Reckless Operation charges just make you feel a bit like a Librarian that is fining someone for bringing back their books late. To me, it's not police work.
  12. GOAT

    Hood RP.

    The problem is, most of the 'hood' areas are quite far away from the populated areas and with the Blaine County expansion, people are further and further away from those areas. Zetas have it right, they post up behind the bank and that two blocks is where it's at as far as server activity is.
  13. This. Done it myself as well, but it's probably not conducive to a more community friendly feel. Like/Dislike, Funny, Sad, Angry. All you need really.
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