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  1. Are you okay @Eriksen
  2. It's not really the car that was paid for was it, it was the flex.
  3. Someone has the only one in the server and it went for 1m+ last server auction. I want it too but i dont think it will happen.
  4. 3 months too early you mean
  5. You don't get money from the mine, you get money from the foundry.
  6. Suggestion Overview Make the Mining interior a no crime zone. That's everywhere inside mine from the entrance right through the shaft to the back. Why? The mine itself is incredibly dark and narrow. It's a hazardous work space with little to no room to manoeuvre, both for victim and attacker. You fire a gun in there, you would realistically just be as likely to hit someone else not involved or hit the rocks which presents other issues including ricocheting bullets which could then injure you also. It's a legal job and the mass-robbery impacts the usefulness of that job. Actually seeing the contents of a person's inventory would be quite difficult inside a mine shaft because it's almost pitch black so how would you know what to take. I was content with the robbing of fishermen because the pier was a reasonably open space. You were still likely to get robbed, but you at least had a chance to do something. Robbing people while inside the mine for me eliminates that chance and crosses the boundaries into non-realism. If we hope to have any kind of good role-play standard on this server, we can't really be having things like this occur. The bread and butter of robbing miners as far as I can see it is robbing people AFTER they've sold their ore. The Foundry has two exits, it has a more open space and is much better lit than the mine and you can see what's around you. If something doesn't smell right at the Foundry, you don't have to risk dropping your ore there at that time. My suggestion also doesn't stop people from being robbed OUTSIDE the mine so it's not that I'm against Miners being robbed, it's just the circumstances of them being robbed INSIDE the mine that bothers me.
  7. I think they can bring something extra to clubs and such if used correctly. The way they are currently set-up though isn't good. At the very least have a command to toggle them for yourself personally so if you don't want to hear it, you aren't forced to. For a server so dependent on voice roleplay, why would you add stuff like this that is inconvenient to ignore. 😂
  8. We could get rid of /release if we implemented this perhaps as well. 311 would be a good idea. It's similiar to 911 but not so close to it, people might call it by mistake.
  9. This is just my opinion but I really don't like medical role-play and while your suggestion is more realistic and in itself, a good suggestion, I don't want it to be implemented. Medical Roleplay is far too text-based, you're constantly having to answer /do's, you aren't really in a position to do much either than lie there. MD don't have any props beyond their uniforms and their Ambulances. You then have to be dragged to the ambulance and taken all the way to either Sandy Shores MD or the new Central MD, only then to be healed. What it comes down to for me is that watching or being involved in medical roleplay is just simply, boring. As such, I don't want to see more of it. I'll participate in it if I have to but it's not something i'm going to vote for more of.
  10. If you killing someone for a lockout tool, you should be banned from the server lmao
  11. Oh no, a cop suggestion! 'fraid so. I want to suggest that a lockout tool for police be added to our equipment so that we can more successfully enter vehicles when we need to. Currently, we have to use bobby pins like everyone else but our goal when unlocking a vehicle isn't to steal it like non-cops, it's to check the contents and/or if it was complicit in a crime. It's a little bit awkward standing there going through a bunch of bobby pins like a common thief especially if there is a crowd. I think there should be some distinction between bobby pins and a lock-out tool so people can see for themselves we're doing our duty, not doing some shadiness. Don't mistake this as I want it to be 100% unlocking perfection or "another OP cop tool". If the bobby pin rate of opening is say 30 seconds, the lock-out tool can be 60-90 seconds. If the bobby pin rate of success is say 25%, the lockout tool should be 75% as it is a better piece of equipment. Once the lockout tool successfully unlocks a vehicle, it would become unusable so you'd have to get a new one from the PD, this would prevent abuse. It would also be an inventory item so if cops would have to be responsible for it. Not leave it laying around or take it out unnecessarily.
  12. GOAT

    The Wanted

    I'm not really too fond of one or two of The Wanted's members OOC but I have to say, I see them every day with their vehicles and their outfits. They've got a presence in the server and I don't really have any complaints about how they act in game.
  13. Welp thats that, the OG has spoken
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