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  1. At the end of the day, I think there are some underlying problems across the board that are hindering the server and since this is a discussion topic, I'll try and offer my insight into things. I've been very anti-criminal in the past, but once I made a criminal character and saw the other side of the community, it become apparent that there are some real flaws on both sides. > SD being a thing, probably shouldn't been a thing. We didn't need it, we don't need 146 police on a 250 population server. During the day, being in PD for activity is actually quite boring. If criminals are curious why SD bothers the labs and the chopshops so much, it's the same reason PD bothered the zeta store on Clinton Avenue so much, because we've spread things too thin trying to justify an expansion we didn't need. There are some good cops in SD, bring them over to PD and let them do highway patrol, then we can thin the herd of those cops in PD and SD that aren't up to scratch. It might be a roleplay server, but you have to supplement the meagre level roleplay you get from criminals here with gunfights and police chases. > The lack of development is a problem period, not just for criminals but in general. I'm grateful for the bug fixes but they aren't anything anyone is getting excited over. The suggestions forum has some really good suggestions but it's a meme at this point. There is never any feedback from those in charge about them, it's actually a pointless exercise. > Prison is the worst place on the server for roleplay. We can never and will never have a stable faction for the prison while it is the way it is. It reminds me of Sona from Prison Break, the guards stay outside while the inmates run the asylum. There is very little roleplay going on in there and sending someone there for hours.. you might as well take the admin jail. It is literally like the rules don't apply in there. People don't give a shit either because there is no reward system for good behaviour once inside and no punishment system for bad behaviour. > Uncapping Prison times was a colossal mistake as well and they should be recapped. > In terms of the Zetas and the Triads. I really ain't surprised that you are bored and I have respect for your factions but that's kind of as much your fault as it is PD hassling you or you not getting the criminal update. You guys turned on The Wanted and forced an active faction out of the server for role-play reasons and for what? There is literally no-one left that is going to be stupid enough to oppose you and that is very, very bad for the scene. Because you don't fight Zetas and you don't fight Triads, you fight them both. Something that at times even PD with all our goodies struggle to do. I know that there is role-play to support it and you can't just start fighting each other but i've said this before but no gang in the city should be allying up, it should be about you and your gangs alone. I think the simple fact is that PD/SD and The Council probably see each other as their only adversaries now. If PD wants to shut down any of the other factions, we can quite easy. When it's Zetas and/or Triads, then it's a challenge. Same thing goes for Zetas or Triads, when you guys were hunting The Wanted or even the Russians, it wasn't anywhere near the opposition that you get from PD. You need us and we need you the way things are. > The WCA/NLA war that is going on right now. In terms of activity, it's probably been the best thing to happen to both factions. In terms of the membership quality, the roleplay and the OOC standing in the server, it's probably been the worst thing. NLA have been jettisoned by the faction management team and WCA seem to catch their fair share of reports too. The thing about reports in this server is that it's not actually whether you are guilty or not that matters, it's the perception. > In terms of quality roleplay, this server isn't setup for it right now. Factions are about colours and/or numbers. People openly discuss criminal acts, they commit criminal acts in broad daylight, they are masked up constantly and riding around armed to the teeth. We actually had an official faction on this server CHAIN ROBBING police officers a few nights ago. The ones that can roleplay look at it and say "Fuck it, if that's what we have to do to make it, we'll do that instead." -- People wonder why they get raided. In my opinion, I don't know a lot about what the Investigations Bureau does but if they are any good, you guys make it way too fucking easy for them. > The use of /do. Constantly asking someone if they resist and getting them to answer you every time is legitimately retarded. It doesn't lead to good roleplaying scenarios at all. If you want good role-play, start using /me more. Describe your actions in detail, describe your environment. > Stop playing the rules and play your damn character. I'd rather roleplay with Darius Bivins scratching his nutsack or Karen trying to peel the flesh off my face with her knife than be on my criminal character with RoboCop #1 and RoboCop #2 or be on my PD character roleplaying with Joseph Jerkoff who thinks the sum of criminal roleplay is to call me a bald nonce and say the n word profusely. Ultimately, we need someone in the community to grab these situations by the bollocks and give things a good hard squeeze. Threads like these are a dime a dozen but things don't ever change and we never actually get any feedback.
  2. I've been playing on my alt recently and one of the things that I've noticed, is that when you have a brush with the law, which is unless you are lucky, inevitable, it ends up not just being costly in terms of the money you lost through the crime not working out, you also lose a portion of your savings through your imprisonment. Not to mention the actual time you'll spend off the streets in the prison. Prison times isn't the subject of this suggestion and i'd appreciate it if people didn't talk about them here, the suggestion is about the fine that comes with the sentence. Currently, we have a tax based salary system to help regulate the economy and while it's not perfect, I can understand the thinking behind it -- More money you have, the more tax. Prison however has no such system and I think when you read about the information below, you'll hopefully agree that there is a need for improvements in this area, particularly for low-life/newer criminals who are just starting out and trying to make some money, which in the server can be a big ask. I'm not suggesting for more experienced to have to pay more than they currently do. I'm suggesting that we apply similar logic to the prison fines system, like we do with the salary tax. If you have less assets, you'd pay less in fines on prison. Using that as an example The reduction there isn't necessarily so significant that it lessens the value of getting caught and that only applies to one charge. If you have multiple charges, then it's obviously going to save you from more but that reduction right there is the difference between being able to buy a radio or food and drink or to gas up your starter vehicle.
  3. The problem with sync makes a good love tap in some cases impossible, so how as an admin would you be able to judge that? We have too many rules that either make interacting weird or they're open to interpretation. Least if you know you can't use your vehicles against people on foot, there is a black and white line there.
  4. Date and time (provide timezone): 23/01 - 16:00 Character name: Dezzy Bala Issue/bug you are reporting: When you are filling at a gas station, if you cancel the animation by trying to get in a locked car, you can walk around and it keeps filling the car up. Expected behavior: If you cancel the animation, it should stop the filling. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Go to a gas station. Turn off engine and lock your car. Start refilling the gas in your vehicle. Press F to try the handle of the vehicle. Walk around etc. Vehicle license plate number*: No relevant
  5. Honestly, I'd prefer /rps to /dice. Who here carries a dice around with them all day? While almost everyone has hands.
  6. They could copy-pasta the fuel gauge, move it up slightly and use the information from entity.getHeightAboveGround(); which can return the height in meters as the display.
  7. Pretty simple quality of life suggestion really. On /jtime, it just displays seconds. My suggestion is to add Hours and Minutes instead. Seconds is probably less important.
  8. I'm looking for 550, you offered 500, split the different at 525?
  9. They tax your earnings to try and take money out of the economy, interest would just inflate it further.
  10. "Bought it for $650,000, door listing at $575,000. Reasonable counter offers will be entertained though." I wouldn't consider $125,000 off to be a reasonable counter offer.
  11. On the one hand, it's a risky business using a lab. Part of the risk is that the police show up. On the other hand, it's kind of meme-y that a criminal operation is in random but specific locations around the map. I get it, the system isn't overly complicated and it's pretty simple to use once you have the information but inevitably it leads to issues like this. I don't think adding rules on this is any kind of answer and I don't think 'taking it IC' necessarily solves it either, because I imagine it verges on the borderline stupid. Imagine someone goes around to every drug lab to get them shut down, in real life the cops would detain him and be asking him how he knows all this stuff. Mobile Drug labs is the way forward, it even makes the snitching more of an art form.
  12. I've not quite got a 3g, but it's a 2g with an added garage.
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