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  1. I mean in character you are. Don't see the money in the business as the money in the register. Like its the money they haven't counted up yet.
  2. Perhaps Mr. Gamble, you might be right, I might be ignorant. However, I think you like being on top far too much to ever risk wanting to changing things. There isn't a context, it's a big moment in the server's story where multiple factions are meeting and you've got that numerical advantage. What else could Seaweed do but either spread their asscheeks for you and let you do whatever or they can stand up to you and still get rolled over with ease. The Wanted and The Rooks technically exist, but they aren't in the conversation for a reason. They aren't in the same league as Zetas and Triads and it's this little birthday party alliance that keeps the other factions out of things. Fuck, if I was making a faction, i wouldn't even wanna bother in this climate. The last faction to truly do things right and have real clout was AVLN and they stopped in March. Since then the gang roleplay in this server has been nothing more than a daisy chain. As long as you get your ring kissed every now and then, the status quo stays the same. People moan about the gang wars when it's unequal sides. You two are probably as equal as it's going to get and you choose to hold hands with one another instead of competing, it's so lazy. It wouldn't surprise me if your two factions have a photoshopped map carved up like a cake, "Here Mr. Gamble, I saved you the biggest piece of Vinewood." "Why Mr. Wong! this cake is simply delicious, how do you make it so light and moist?" "Why Jay.. you don't mind if I call you Jay do you? The key ingredients are love, understanding and admiration for your faction and all they do." "That is music to my ears Brucey boy, I love the way that we stand outside our grocery store and you ride around all day on your moto-bicycles. Make it make that noise on it that i love so much." "Beep." "Ah delightful, let's go and find some farmers to steal from!" Bruh, the Commission was more or less the same people. Italians, Sicilians, Italian Americans, Sicilian Americans. I'm not sure Lucky Luciano would think much to a Latino Street Gang holding hands with a Chinese Mafia. They were a shared people, a shared culture. At least that made some actual sense. It's a better love story than twilight. Did you choose Edward or Jacob in the end, Bella Gamble? All the gangs being diplomatic sounds absolutely delightful, is this a GTA roleplay server or Habbo Hotel? These diplomatic gangs are mindlessly shooting people, but exclusively, no shots are being fired against those that are in a position to fight back. Maybe it's because I'm not a criminal that I see things more clearly. It makes no difference to me what side wins, what bothers me is that criminal role-play is always going to be hamstrung when things like this are a thing. There is no point of a Wanted or a Seaweed or Rooks or whoever even trying to make a move because ultimately you're dealing with a faction thats twice-thrice-quadruple your size in some cases. I'm in the biggest gang in the server, the LSPD so I'm not getting bullied no matter what but the little guy, little Freddy Farmer or Michael Miner, he gets force-fed shit sandwiches multiple times a day because you're all too busy chasing cheap wins against people that can't fight back. It's called bullshit. It's just an in-character extension of not wanting to lose. You see the same attitude on a lot of these threads when people try and alter things for the better. Honestly in terms of the PD, we don't care who we arrest. If you commit a crime, it don't matter if you are a zeta or a beta. What does tend to annoy us though is when the big fish pick on the little guy. Criminal organisations work within their own, they might entertain business relationships with other organisations but the end result is the want for betterment of their own organisation. Ultimately this leads to competition to be the best. Zetas and Triads should be vying for top spot, not sharing it, that's retarded. Fortunately I can see the sarcasm in this lmao but it's true. It's like a Gang Human Centipede. I didn't make this thread to try and change anything, I'm not that naive. I just wanted to highlight how dumb and counter-productive to having an exciting server for everyone that plays this little hug-a-thug movement is. It worked, I got more nibbles than fishing at the pier.
  3. This is a genuine question that has puzzled me for months, not just about the Illegal Factions now but the Illegal Factions before this and I ask Why do the only two official illegal factions on the server with like 95 members between them not fight one another and instead, pick on the smaller factions? I mean look at those screenshots. It's like 8 Seaweed against like 14 Triads and 19 Zetas. That says more about Seaweed than it does about either of the illegal factions. Imagine if it was those 19 Zetas standing across from those 14 Triads, now that would be a screenshot worth looking at. Real easy to talk tough, when you've got a 20+ man advantage. I don't like Seaweed as a faction and I don't dislike either the Zetas or the Triads so this thread isn't made through bias, but if you are running a gang then surely the goal is get to top spot and fight to stay there? Triads v. Zetas would be a lot more interesting as a bystander than big groups robbing small groups all the time. That way, gangs like Seaweed have the chance to grow a little and then these 95 people are too busy worrying about the other big gang coming to pop them that they aren't robbing civilians for hotdogs or playing chase me daddy with Police.
  4. Interested to know what you mean about loving the trucker life, what do you enjoy about it?
  5. I know, it's great isn't it PO1 gets $4,250 an hour so not quite.
  6. Yes, I can't wait for the shootouts mid-air between choppers and people's games crashing and helicopters falling from the sky. No thank you.
  7. See I like this because there is practical logic to it and it adds something to the server.
  8. Agree, you should be able to trade properties for sure as there would be a lot of legal work involved. Trading guns in an alley or drugs though, every man or woman for themselves.
  9. Kind of being handled.
  10. I'd support this if we could end this meme of a faction called Seaweed. The only role-play that is going to get ruined if this was implemented would be the cops. People don't want role-play to come from this, they want to kill cops and get free shit.
  11. I think at this point trying to change the economy is like closing the barn door after the horse has bolted. There isn't really a way to fix it without upsetting people, especially Eclipse where people hate change
  12. In my opinion, kicking someone out the car at 70 mph is very non-rp and it's not something the player has control of. For me, either send a notification to the driver or add the amount of fare they cannot pay for in red onto the meter. Then it's at the discretion of the driver what they want to do and also, DCC can incorporate their own policy for those that can't afford their fares.
  13. Lyrics: West side, west side west side (x4) I'm a west side player, I should be the mayor. I'm heavy with the metal like I'm listening to Slayer. I'm at one with the force like Princess Leia. Heya! Penny, Go to Yellow Jack Inn and drink the Henny. I'm making enemies but far too many. Serthon talking pussy but he ain't getting any. Talking shit on forums, somebody's boasting. Love from the east but Dezzy's west coasting. Jessica Sanchez, baby girl know the motion. make her Wet and Stormy just like the ocean Hit it so good like i'm fucking her locomotion. Drink it all up, dizzy bala got the potion. They say on Alta Street, Dizzy Bala you the real one. Through play games, Dizzy with the real gun. Take the limiter off and let me ride. Dizzy Bala, High End Balling from the west side. West side, west side west side (x4) All characters used with permission.
  14. I could give you a 3 hour video of them getting it right every time.
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