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  1. Darnell

    Add Zipties to stores

    If you can break out of them in a relatively short amount of time, +1
  2. Darnell

    Option for the Chatbox not to Disappear

    EDIT: I stand corrected.
  3. Darnell

    RP Involving Police

    big -1 on the NCZ allowing crime. It will not create any quality roleplay. Imagine a gang member being arrested at the bank, when it's peak time, about 30 civilians at bank, 10 cops, and a shootout starts in the middle of that. It would be utter chaos. +1 on something being scripted, that would allow police to confiscate legal items, but that the person would be able to pick them up later from prison / police precinct. in any case, people should not be allowed in prison with them.
  4. Darnell

    [Buying] House // Budget: 350k

  5. Darnell

    Vespucci Beachfront (3 car garage)

    You should see an answer to your text if you check your phone.
  6. Darnell

    Vespucci Beachfront (3 car garage)

    Still for sale.
  7. Darnell

    Eclipse RP - Rage Client

    check this whole thread on the official rage forums https://rage.mp/forums/topic/1816-client-troubleshooting-tips-fixes/
  8. Darnell

    Change back to stranger ID

    I like the new system because you can no longer metagame mask IDs. -1
  9. Darnell

    Vespucci Beachfront (3 car garage)

    Depends on the exact terms of offer but, I am open to a payment plan. Text me.
  10. Darnell

    Los Santos County Department of Coroner

    I feel that with DOC, LSPD and LSEMS there is an abundance of government factions for people to join, not to mention the future actual government faction. Dedicating an entire faction to this would just sap members from the others, while not being quite as vital.
  11. Darnell

    Almighty Vice Lord Nation ★ AVLN ★