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  1. Edvve

    1831_1209 (DM, NLR)

    There's no cuts no edits. Check the phone timer, chat, same guys in jail.
  2. Edvve

    1831_1209 (DM, NLR)

    No, only this, but it's always the same you teleported to hospital lagg really hard for 2-10secs and get teleported back. Sadly only have this video. Sorry @Jackd248 for hitting you I didn't to it on purpose. A few other guys have experienced the same thing.
  3. Edvve

    1831_1209 (DM, NLR)

    https://streamable.com/2ocz8 I would have said that, but everything spawned and I'm getting tped to jail again. Hospital glitch happens a lot I heard.
  4. Edvve

    1831_1209 (DM, NLR)

    Well I was in jail and somebody killed me there. I respawned at hospital there nothing was spawned and I was just spam-clicking punch which was a mistake. Still kinda petty to report for 1 punch, and you can see me getting teleported back to jail in the end of video 1. Video 2 is just bs, it wasn't even me don't know what you trying to achieve there.
  5. Edvve

    Mask 8516_6684(DeathMatch)

    Okay still I shot you after you had your gun out. Ask other guy wassup. Also tell us about VDM and metagaming. Edit: Possibly we weren't friends at the time with the guy in van. This is an old report message I saw him wearing Vikings gear and I assumed that he is one of us. I don't even know why I even waste time here. I didn't brake rules possible the other guy did, but I will not speak for him. What I know for sure that you broke at least 2 rules and you added a video proving it yourself.
  6. Edvve

    Mask 8516_6684(DeathMatch)

    Ok that's fear. But then again I didn't shoot you before you took your gun out and I only fired 1 bullet at you when you had pistol equipped. You can blame other guy in this case Jeremy for opening fire on you. However I want to point out that in this video you show yourself braking the rules. VDM you can not ram bigger cars. What was the reason to stop the guy in truck he was our friend you instantly tried to ram him and then complain about getting shot?? Second of all you don't have radios on you, you speak through discord/ts or w/e which considered to be metagaming.
  7. Edvve

    Mask 8516_6684(DeathMatch)

    We were chasing him before this incident and told him to stop or we will shoot him. He came back to us that's just stupid from his point. I only shot the last bullet to him, Jeremy was shooting him before that alone and when I saw him pick up his gun i just pushed and 1deaged him with my pistol.
  8. Edvve

    Stranger 1831_1209 / Mask 8107_7450 (NLR, VDM and DM)

    I came back after about 30min when I got knocked. The way I was killed was the same you just rammed me to the death ignoring damages you can take yourself. After I came back I saw you at the deposit and said stop or you will get in trouble and repeated it multiple times, after you didn't listen to that I even asked for 1bag in chat and you can go free, but you decided to ram me all over again in fact 3 of you guys. You should show the whole clip not only cut parts. And you got shot because you didn't follow my commands and whenever I was open you tried to ram me I had no option but to shoot you.