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  1. Kulans robbing me 24/7 please ban.
  2. You do not have any kind of friendly relationship with any of us. You just seen a lot of armed guys coming in and you knew what was going to happen. I do not know how you are feeling that safe around this many guys, but my guys seen you as thread to them since you got of the bike and started sprinting towards them with the pistol in your arm. (Yes, I would say it's not really nice of them, but they are newer players to the server and thought they had a valid reason to eliminate you, which arguable is a reason to get you kill since you kind of Fear-RP'ing). As of you recognizing us as Kulans when we came in we didn't said a word nor you seen our faces and we changed clothes as well, but it seems you can recognize us from a mile away, kind of strange if you ask me.
  3. You're standing next to downed player with your gun out which is endangering his life, that means if you get seen we get KOS on you. (It was your party of people who downed him as well).
  4. It's not a random guy been running things with him for a while now, so stop with your false accusations.
  5. Thanks for the report, You finished my guy 5 seconds before your given video started. You can see William saying in the chat to finish off the guy and I saw you finishing your dirty job. Since you shot and brutality killed my close friend, you got a bullet for it in your head. I have nothing more to add to this. Happy New Years as you said!
  6. Player(s) being reported: Mask 962_3302 Date of rule breach: 2018-12-28 Time of rule breach: 13:30 cet Your characters name: Jeff Kulan Other players involved: Specific rule broken: 2.3 Server bugs 2.3.1 Server bugs should be reported on ECLIPSE Roleplay forums. 2.3.2 Exploiters will be blocked and their character assets will be removed. How did the player break the rule?: So I went to the shop and saw this guy outside sitting on his bike and possibly robbing the store? The /ame over his head changes 3 times in short amount of time and after he gets off the bike his character seems to be stuck in a way for brief second. I'm not sure if he was robbing for sure, but I thought it would make sense to add it here. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/knp4d
  7. Edvve

    The Clowns

    Good fellas, enjoying spending time with these guys! 😛 Good progress on the thread.
  8. Yes, this video is from long time ago, but it doesn't change the fact that you DM'ed us. Also braking other rules as well. To the guy who rammed officer no way it was of high ping or something I mean you went straight into him and your car spun (car wouldn't spin if you are not hitting anyone on your screen). After you got shot you continue to speak through radio which is unlikely after being shot also guns pointed at you (Fair RP brake). One guy unlocked/locked his car while being down (non-rp if you ask me). Further the radio frequency you gave us was not the right one I think, but whatever I let this one go.
  9. Ok. It was my report and I'm pretty sure it was desync. You can clearly see him after crash getting back to his lane immediately. And why would he crash into me if he's with me doesn't make sense for me musket.
  10. The police was there to give us cover not to stop us, what do you mean.
  11. @ChuckM It was not us at weazel news you can check it by ID's. I don't get your point here Quiet you are just holding hate on us and it's not good enough reason to attack us non-stop. This is getting old.
  12. I was there when this happened. I'm pretty sure he couldn't hear you why did he crouched you say? Maybe because you shot him from behind and he wasn't sure if it's you or somebody else so he used a car as a cover. Whenever he got to cover nobody was aiming at him so he had an opportunity to do it. Talking about ''Hujetos'' it's not Lithuanian word so I don't even know what are talking about. For example ''Los Zetas'' is not English word so your argument is stupid. Stop being salty about it. And stop OOC hate if you can't handle it you shouldn't even RP. Edit: He told you ooc'ly he can't hear and you told him in the chat while aiming at him only for only few seconds so it's your own bad not aiming at him till he gets on a ground. I mean as your friend stated you outnumbered us hard so what's the point for you to fight and leave the guy without attention. Also I don't care if you outnumber us 5 to 1 in a fight you still can't eat in the middle of it. (I mean it's pretty obvious that you would use the advantage of extra hp and go back to fight).
  13. v I mean we let you get into the car and you decided to run away with warnings given so we shot you and you stalled.
  14. 6.2.3 If a player’s game crashes while in an active roleplay scenario, both parties should attempt to make contact and try to resume the scenario. A player crash must never be used to put them in a disadvantage. We didn't have any active roleplay screnario with you when you crashed. We simply were driving from tequila towards bank and saw you standing on a street and decided to rob you. Also you showed no fear for your life not putting your hands up with 20 warnings so...
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