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  1. lenx

    Car robing rp need to be fix fast

    Learn how to play like a pro... Hmmm... Ever considered staying in the driver seat while you lay low? Ever considered having a crew when you steal cars...? Hmmm... Sounds like you're the one who needs to learn how to play like a pro. Stealing cars is child's play.
  2. lenx

    Car robing rp need to be fix fast

    -1 If you are robbing cars to take it on a joyride or use it as a personal vehicle, you deserve to be caught.
  3. You can't stop someone from wearing certain clothes. Impersonation is a part of high level crime.
  4. lenx

    New Police System Ideas

    It's clear that the rules only exist to cover their ass and they disregard protocol whenever it benefits them. Swat doesn't show up to every single party, hell, half the time cops don't even show up. Its ridiculous that we can't have a civilian gathering without feeling like you're being criminalized in the eyes of the police. They are doing nothing but ruining organic civilian/criminal RP with their constant meddling in shit that doesn't require them. There were like 10 security guards, yet the police still felt it was necessary to stay and patrol during the entirety of the party. It actually ruins the events. The police need to stay in their lane. Between normal cops being "passive swat," the one hit kill revolver, teamspeak, and the insane amount of armor they have, they are already incredibly OP. there is no reason they should stick their nose in every civilian event, too. How can you expect the criminals to do better RP if we can't use these parties to network and move product? And they wonder why criminals go out of their way to fuck with cops and DM them...
  5. lenx

    New Police System Ideas

    Removed my ass. You can see this Captain is wielding it from just 20 minutes ago. This weapon should not be allowed. Cops do not carry around hand cannons. Restricting a 1 hit kill weapon to only PD is blatant powergaming in it's most raw form.
  6. lenx

    Add Hotels

    +1, they could be player owned business. They'd have to charge daily and be somewhat expensive, otherwise buying a house wont make sense.
  7. lenx

    Underground Racing Promo

    Super dope! I hope you and I can race more often in game so we can get more footage. I appreciate your help with getting a few shots for my own video, even if i never ended up using them. See you on the streets!
  8. This is exactly the reason why I try to avoid shootouts with the police. Between the desync and their armor, they are virtually invulnerable on my end. Something needs to be done cause it really effects RP when there is so much desync. Heavy weapons are used more as a deterrent than anything else cause in a gun fight it's random as fuck if your shots are going to hit or not. IMO, you could have won that encounter if there was a stable connection.
  9. lenx

    Robert Queen (500 credits)

    Character to be refunded: Robert Queen Date and time of incident: 17/10/2018 Requested refund (what and how much): 500 credits Description of incident resulting in loss: I misread the menu and purchased a character slot. It was a dumb mistake and I should have realized what I was buying. I'd really like the spend those credits elsewhere. Evidence of loss: --
  10. lenx

    In Search of Used Bike

    honestly it is cheaper to purchase a warrener.
  11. lenx

    Home Suggestions

    LMAO apparently I do, i don't remember making that first +1
  12. lenx

    Home Suggestions

  13. lenx

    Something Needs to Be Done About Robbing RP

    If you are getting pitted by supercars (and have footage of it), you have grounds to make a Non-RP report thread.
  14. lenx

    Multiple PD nerf suggestions

    I have additional thoughts to add. After reading these replies, it's clear this thread is getting a little derailed. I'd like to try and bring it back on track and point out real issues. The police get a free pass for powergaming in general. That's a bold claim, I know, but let me explain... This is either a straight up lie or you are oblivious to what your fellow officers are doing. If I'm to understand correctly with the new changes to PD, normal officers aren't meant to be walking around with shotguns and SMGs. They are meant to be stored in the cruiser until they need them. However, they aren't doing that. Just earlier today at the car meet, normal police officers showed up with shotguns and SMGs. They did not RP taking them from their vehicles (They didn't RP anything at all). I asked them in character what the deal was, "Since when do beat cops carry around SMGs?" and his response was "I'm on passive SWAT" or something like that, to which I replied "That's horse shit you're just a police officer. How can you be SWAT and a normal cop at the same time? how does that make sense?" to which he pretty much just started ignoring me. That's when I called him out in OOC about the weapon in the back, and then his story changed. Apparently it was "RPly in his vehicle?" How does that work? He has it equipped on his back, I can literally see it. Why would it ever be "RPly" in the vehicle when he can physically put it in there. I guarantee if i were to pull out my SMG that I actually had RPly in my bag, he would not have ran to his car and RP'd taking it before slaughtering me. THIS IS CLEAR POWERGAMING. Normal police officers should never be allowed to go on passive swat duty (whatever the fuck that is). If there are no SWAT online, then deal with it. Stop giving the LSPD all of these tools to powergame in order to force advantageous scenarios. Passive SWAT and the 1 shot kill revolvers need to be REMOVED. Evidence (No RP of unlocking their weapon and retrieving it from the cruisers were performed) Bonus (id 48 with shotgun)