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  1. The Shadow Cartel no longer exists in ECRP. The Shadow Cartel is now a gaming community, as we do not approve of how you run your server and the founders and higher ups of our organization have no intention of continuing to play on it. Trying to claim our discord is still an ECRP platform, when we kicked all of the admins out, is about as delusional and desperate as you can get to try and maintain control over one of the best gangs the server has seen in some time. Which, mind you, is exactly the reason we did not give ownership of the discord to you. You are power hungry, childish, and predictable. We left, get over it. The Shadow Cartel was never yours. You have no claim to the shadow cartel, and you never did. But, the fact you threw a tantrum about it and banned @TommyV because he didn't give you owner rights, just shows how childish you are. You had all admin permissions, every staff member did, but because you couldn't be owner, you lashed out. Now, you are continuing to punish people for things they say on a platform that is unrelated to your server... Honestly, dude.... Get a life. Ballin is behaving like a child, because he's upset one of the largest and most established gangs on the server decided to take their business elsewhere. Paired with my forum report on you (which you broke rules and archived yourself) and my discussion thread (where 70% of players agree that you are unfit for head admin). It's obvious you are too emotional and immature to be in your position. Go ahead and ban me ballin, I know you will. You will only be proving my point.
  2. People own houses they can stand in that are private. I for one have done it. I never use macros or scripts, but I can't say I've never stood in my house with my game windowed on my second monitor while I watch movies. People will find a way to beat the script regardless, unfortunately.
  3. Don't make false accusations. No such event happened. No one in my gang is stupid enough to shoot at the armored prison transport vehicles, especially not for me.
  4. Hello, I'd just like to point out that at 14:40 of the victims perspective, you can clearly see our commands being given. From an OOC standpoint he absolutely knew he was being robbed, even if he RPly couldn't hear us. He was clearly baiting this altercation. He was under 1000xp and he knew it, he could have just pulled over and allowed us to check instead of instigating the whole conflict. He also never once tried to use OOC chat to inform us. I do not understand this punishment. If it is DM to shoot at a vehicle after giving multiple warnings, there are about a thousand reports you need to overturn and re-do. As he said, this just sets the precedent for people to claim they are blaring music and can't hear you, leading to more bogus reports and staff time wasted.
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