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    Johnny Rodriguez FailrRP / FearRP

    Hello, this is me johnny_rodriquez i can't change my account name. But i know i screwed up, I't won't happen again i was kinda shocked like 4 people came after me for just swimming in the water so i panicked. I didn't want to lose my bike again, cuz i know for sure you guys would dump it in the water. And when the guns where pointed at me i just thought, fuck it ill shoot them. I needed to do good RP and i didn't do that, Thats totally my fault. I can not turn this back so i'll accept the punisment. -Johnny_Rodriquez
  2. Account name:John_Fly Character name(s):Johnny_Rodriguez Admin who issued punishment:Lewis Date of punishment:20/May/2018 Punishment received:Mass VDM Reason given for punishment:I drove a bus into people. Your explanation of what happened: I was with my friends and i was challenged to drive a bus in to people and i did. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I didn't know what i was doing back then, I just joined the server and i did stupid things. I regret that i did this and it should never happen again because i now know all the rules. I would never do this sort of things again, i've been playing on this server for the last 5 months, and i didn't do anything stupid like this since the ban. I learned from my mistakes. Post any evidence or further details:Proof of the ban: https://gyazo.com/9d3664ef922d2e859204f1e41720058e