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  1. Marco Davis

    Stranger 4417_5064 6.6.1 Non RP

    Hello, thanks for the patience with this report. Player Vlad_Yellakovic will be punished for non rp. Report closed.
  2. Marco Davis

    Kevin Rose - Ban Appeal

    Hey! So I was told that you had logged off along with your friend. I check your logs to see that both of you logged instantly after you were shot. The fact that you both did it whilst in the same situation after being shot down did not seem like a coincidence. Furthermore, you were not back within 15 minutes which then warranted the punishment of combat logging and I did not see any sort of attempt to inform the cops in the situation of your "crash". Pending higher member of staff.
  3. Marco Davis

    Stranger 4417_5064 6.6.1 Non RP

    Hello, thank you for making this report. Player Vlad_Yellakovic has 24 hours to respond with their side of the story. @yellaju
  4. Marco Davis

    3skimas - Paulius Mehino (Ban Appeal)

    I understand a permanent ban is harsh and it is for any player under any punishment. However, this is your 3rd offence of DM which is a very serious offence and we do not take that lightly. When we come to decide the length of our punishments the amount of offences is taken into account and a 3rd offence of DM is likely to land you a permanent ban.
  5. Marco Davis

    Stormy69 - William Michael

    Hello, I can confirm that I did see this player do the same thing in the same location before I issued a ban on him for VDM after a forum report. I was spectating the player to make sure he was not in rp and after a few minutes it seemed as though he was just continuously walking in circles. I did not think much of it at the time as he was receiving a 7 day ban however now he has been caught doing this for a second time I do not see it as an 'accident' or mistake and I believe the player is doing it intentionally.
  6. Marco Davis

    Mask 4423_405 No respons to rp requests

    Hello again, Thank you all for your patience. After further review I have come to the following conclusion: I am focusing on the original reason this report was made and not any other accusations as they will need to be handled in a separate report. Player Philip_Malfitano will be warned about going AFK in rp and therefore not responding to rp. I advise you to not go afk in any rp at all even when you are downed as there are still rp scenarios that you need to respond to. I understand they can still loot you and be forceful with their commands as you are down but it is never a good idea to go afk during rp so please do not do that again and always respond to rp as soon as you can. Furthermore, I did notice the player Jax_Nightwood OOCly insult the reported party here and I would like to remind him that whatever happens in rp you are never allowed to insult a player on an OOC level even if yo believe they have broken a rule, there is never and excuse for it and if this happens again you will be receiving punishment. Report closed.
  7. Marco Davis

    Mask 4423_405 No respons to rp requests

    Locked pending review.
  8. Marco Davis

    Mask 4462_1405 (6.3.1)

    Hello, Thank you for making this report. It has been decided that "Ninja looting" is not against the rules as the injured player is in no state to be able to resist and therefore players are allowed to loot injured players like in this video even though he has not used any roleplay commands. Player will receive no punishment. Report Closed.
  9. Marco Davis

    Mask 4423_405 No respons to rp requests

    Hello, Thank you for making this report Player Philip_Malfitano has 24 hours to respond with their side of the story. @stfuNerd
  10. Marco Davis

    stranger 3253_8066

    Thank you very much for your patience throughout this report. After further reviewing evidence I have come to the following conclusion: From personal experience and looking at the video it could have easily been an issue with lag or objects not loading in which happens at locations such as the bank. Player Yasin_Walker will not receive a punishment for VDM however: I would like to remind @Yasin_Walker that you cannot intentionally hit players with your vehicle without a valid reason and you will not get away with a warning every time. In future there is every chance you could be punished if we do see valid evidence that you have used your vehicle intentionally without a valid reason. Also, please refrain from parking at NCZs before logging out as this creates lag issues with large amounts of vehicles in one area and can also be considered abuse of the NCZs. You have been warned and I hope you can learn from this that these things can lead to punishment, I am confident that Yasin_Walker can learn from this report although It may not be intentional. Thank you once again for your patience and I hope this report can allow you to learn about how this could have been a rule break just so it can be avoided in future. Report Closed.
  11. Marco Davis

    stranger 3253_8066

    Locked pending review.
  12. Marco Davis

    stranger 3253_8066

    Hello, thank you for making this report. Player Yasin_Walker has 24 hours to respond with their side of the story. @Yasin_Walker
  13. Marco Davis

    Stormy69- William Michael (VDM/Non-RP Appeal)

    Hey! Thanks for making this appeal. I had to make a decision based on the video that I was provided with and to me I saw absolutely no justification for what you did and it did look intentional too. As well as this the act was performed inside of a NCZ. As you have admitted you do not have a valid reason to have hit him which was clear in the video and therefore warranted the punishment for VDM.
  14. Marco Davis

    3skimas - Paulius Mehino (Ban Appeal)

    Hey! Thanks for making this appeal As your friend was also punished and he also made an appeal my response to you is the same as his: This is the appeal of the other individual punished in this situation:
  15. Marco Davis

    Mask 8088_9743 (5.5 non-roleplay)

    Hey! Thanks for making this report. I have looked at the footage and I have already spoken to the player and warned them about the incident which was done shortly afterwards. Hopefully the player has learnt and this won't happen again. Report closed.