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  1. Marco Davis

    Dimitri_Kriskov ( DeathMatch normal )

    Hello, You were banned when you and your friend Tony_Balkana drove up to me whilst I was in a vehicle and began shouting demands through voip and shot me almost instantly. Demands from one moving vehicle to another do not have to be met by the victim and do not give you a reason to shoot if they continue driving. Not only that but after my vehicle had stalled and I exited complying with your demands you continued to shoot me. Video can be provided to whoever handles the appeal as it contains staff information.
  2. Marco Davis

    id 22 (Fail Fear RP, Then DM)

    After review, I have decided that Dylan_Orton could have had a gun put prior to being aimed at and therefore not breaking Fear RP, I have experienced this bug myself before and there is no way of confirming whether he had the gun out or not at the time. No action will be taken. Report Closed.
  3. Marco Davis

    ID 155 Blue car VDM

    Player Jamal_Bebr has clearly broken the VDM rule and will be punished for his second offence. Report Closed.
  4. Marco Davis

    ID 155 Blue car VDM

    Hello, and thank you for making this report. Player Jamal_Bebr has 24 hours to respond with their side of the story.
  5. Marco Davis

    id 22 (Fail Fear RP, Then DM)

    Locked for review.
  6. Marco Davis

    Lucass Sanchez

    Pending Senior Admin+.
  7. Marco Davis

    Lucass Sanchez

    Lucass_Sanchez, you have managed to get 5 DM punishments in just over a month. This is why I requested to have you permanently banned. With the amounts of reports that were resolved in you being punished for DM I didn't see a way that this was acceptable behaviour. Furthermore, You would have been banned today if you were not already perma'd because another forum report was concluded with you guilty of DM. I think this amount of rule breaches in a short time is unacceptable.
  8. Marco Davis

    ProCeeD3210- Rick Debose (Ban appeal)

    The demands given and the nature in which they were given were simply not enough to shoot someone, the driver was also shot which you had even less of a reason. To me it looked like you shot him because he was running away from the building and the "hands up" was said as as an excuse to shoot him.
  9. Marco Davis

    6.6 Non-roleplay MarcoD admin abusing

    I can get videos of people doing something IRL that would be a rule break on this server such as a stunt jump for example. This does not make it ok. Stealing a helicopter in the manner that was done is Non rp, I tried explaining but got nothing but anger in return. I decided not to issue any punishments and void the RP. The youtube videos provided show people who were forced to fly these helicopters because they knew how to, the criminals themselves did not. This would have been more appropriate to force the medic to fly you instead, I would still argue that is non rp anyway because calling a medic to get the heli is unrealistic in the first place and can be considered cop baiting too as Musket stated. Being able to get into a helicopter that you do not know the model of on a mountain and be able to fly it like you’ve done it 100 times before is not realistic, the model of the heli will be different to ones used in the marines and therefore it’s nowhere near simple to simply be able to fly one. You have not been trained IC in any helicopter and your backstory is not enough as your character will have not been in the marines for a while now and therefore will struggle with flying a helicopter regardless. In a busy city in America, simply being able to get a helicopter to you come to you with one simple 911 call and taking it is not realistic and therefore I deem it to be Non rp. I tried to explain things to you and try to make you understand my point of view which some people did at that scene however you were desperate to break someone out of prison and you did not think of the realism point of view of what you did, you were too focused on the ‘play to win’ mentality. There is absolutely no way what you did is acceptable on this RP server and more of something I’d expect to see in GTA online. You have reported me for Non rp “(6.6 Non-roleplay) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay.” I have not broken non rp as I was on admin duty so there is no possible way I could have done anything In Character that would unrealistic. Simply voiding an RP situations because it is non rp is not abuse, if you don’t agree with a staff members decision it does not mean that it is abuse. If you disagree and a punishment is placed you make an appeal, I did not even punish you so the correct way to go about it would be to seek clarification on the rule from other staff members. A plyer report will not solve this issue and once again highlights your mentality of ‘play to win’ and your eagerness to prove me wrong in a player report and to seek me punished where the appropriate thing to do would be discuss with me or other staff members via forums or discord etc and get clarification on the rule for future because the rules cannot cover everything and a lot of it is subjective, simply disagreeing with a moderator doesn’t mean anyone is in the right or wrong, it is an opinion an not abuse. I did not benefit from the situation nor was I involved at all ICly so it made no difference to me from that point of view. This is certainly not true and once again shows your attitude and rudeness towards a member of staff. You are in no position to comment on whether I should or should not be a part of the staff team. This is taken from the player report requirements and I believe you are in violation of this by suggesting I should not be part of the admin team.
  10. Marco Davis

    Punishment appeal

    Giving demands from a moving vehicle to another moving vehicle is not enough to shoot someone. With moving vehicles players do not have to follow Fear RP and you cannot ensure that they can ICly hear you and are not complying and therefore not enough reason to shoot. It's poor RP and everyone in that car should realise that there was not enough reason to open fire in the first place.
  11. Marco Davis

    id 22 (Fail Fear RP, Then DM)

    Hello, thank you for making this report. Player Dylan_Orton has 24 hours to respond with their side of the story.
  12. Marco Davis

    Stranger 6040_5482 (DM + KOS)

    The evidence is not quite enough to warrant a punishment at this time, I cannot be certain that the taxi driver did or did not witness his friends being shot and therefore granting KOS. In future please remember that the only way you can KOS if your friends are in danger is if you witness it whether you did or did not in this situation. No action will be taken. Report Closed.
  13. Marco Davis

    MarcoD [VDM]

    I have nothing against you, just enforcing the rules. Ramming someone because you are shouting demands from one moving vehicle to another is not a good enough reason to use a personal vehicle as a weapon and ram them .
  14. Marco Davis

    MarcoD,Grape [VDM]

    Your assumption that he is not complying after giving demands from a moving vehicle to another moving vehicle is not enough to shoot someone. With moving vehicles players do not have to follow Fear RP and you cannot ensure that they can ICly hear you and are not complying and therefore not enough reason to shoot.
  15. Marco Davis

    Made 2 rip sorry