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  1. Bucolic_6

    Non-RP / Cop Baiting

    Player(s) being reported: ID 42 Date of rule breach: 6/01/2019 Time of rule breach: 10 AM GMT+1 Your characters name: Mike Adams Other players involved: Ryan Torres Specific rule broken: 6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule?: An on-duty police officer was stationary at MD when this man decides to stop in front of us and pull wheelies multiple times. Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5c31c9f64bf8cd0f4c/ncz
  2. Bucolic_6

    Unknown (yet) DM

    Hey hey, Just to quickly come back on you saying that, me not knowing what you're doing means I cannot shoot you, I disagree with. Me not knowing your intentions are exactly the reason for the threat. You claim you wouldn't have shot, cause you're outnumbered, and I wish I could go by that, but as you may or may not know, not many criminals do RP the fear of being outnumbered. Also on an active shootout, I can't be busy keeping count of who had the AK and where it is, my mission is to save my fellow officers. In general, it is quite silly to roll up on an ACTIVE (when you rolled up, automatic gunfire was present) crime scene like this and start looting people. That's just a little insane in my opinion. I still go with all I said above and I do not believe I did break any rules. DM goes by killing someone for no RP reason -> my RP reason is that you're picking up items from injured suspects on an active shootout scene where multiple officers got hurt and killed. (Due to there being a difference in the "looting" animation and /anim kneel animation, players are able to tell if you are in fact picking up items or at least are intending to do so.) I would like to see you repeating what you did here in a real-life situation and see how that ends up. You'd most likely be taken out as well. I'm sorry you still do not agree with me and still feel as if this was DM.
  3. Bucolic_6

    Unknown (yet) DM

    Hi there, Mike Adams here! I feel as the context is quite important here due to the short video. This has been some time ago but I remember this being a very big shootout situation where cops got injured and a lot of criminals. We also had multiple drive-by's as I can remember, meaning no one passing the scene was trusted for 100%. Now that we've got that out of the way, let us talk about why I opened fire on you and shot you down. In this shootout, I (believe but do not recall fully cause as I said, this has been a few weeks ago) there was heavy weaponry involved along with many other illegal items. When we shoot someone down, and they have their (possible) heavy weapon laying next to them, and the next thing I see is someone standing near that weapon and kneeling down to (from what an officer can tell) pick up the weapon and potentially open fire on cops again. When I saw that someone was possibly picking up firearms to fight us, I made the choice to shoot. Many, many warnings were given to everyone to stop returning to the scene, yet people kept doing so. Picking up items on an active shootout scene will never end well since cops have no clue what your intentions may be. Besides that we do know there are gangs out there with clothing exactly as yours, meaning we will feel threatened on an active scene like this. I wish I still had footage, but due to this being a few weeks old, I do not. If there's any further explanation needed, I can provide and will when asked! I hope you can understand my reasoning now.
  4. Bucolic_6

    Panic Alarm suggestion

    Maybe give it the /hq BEEP to track attention as well? +1
  5. Hi there! Answering as Mike Adams. First of all, thanks for reporting! I'd like to point out as well that, pulling a new kevlar vest on does not restore health at all, it only restores the half armor bar! Now that we've got that out of the way, let's talk about the choices I made. While fire was opened, me and others cops decided to fight back and take cover. We called in a CODE 1, meaning all officers on shift were responding. We had at least two active shooters on the highway above us, which we communicated with our backup. Soon after, we had cruisers on top of those highways, fighting the criminals. Once communicated that the suspects were disabled, and no shots were fired anymore, we all got out of cover. Due to the number of officers we had in the area, being able to directly communicate when a new threat arrives, I found myself in the position to quickly run to my cruiser, open my trunk and grab my reserve kevlar. During all this time, not a single bullet has been shot, meaning I didn't do this mid-fight, to give myself an advantage. Besides, on your own video, you can see there's 0 danger at the time of me restocking on new armor. Plus you can hear officers close to you communicating with officers on top of the bridge, verifying that it's cleared and thus there was no threat. Perhaps a /me wouldn't have hurt in the situation, which I do understand. But being in my cruiser inventory already, it didn't allow me to type in chat anymore, which my first instinct lead to equipping my new vest. (Other than that I'd question how your friends knew your position of where we started arresting you and lined up all so well while not a single word was communicated by you, stating where you were. At least, not IC'ly. But I don't feel like fighting this.) - Pending Admin response
  6. Bucolic_6

    Multiple PD nerf suggestions

    By our rules they are not allowed to do that. The sniper is an active deployment weapon only. The MP5 is not a weapon allowed to be used by a Police Officer 1 either. About your new suggestion, police officer 1 is not a rank eligible to apply for divisions. SWAT requires you to be a PO II at least. Obviously our SWAT members are supposed to keep up high rp standards and respond to fear rp properly if rp’d well. If you however, see any officer breaking any server rules or you think an officer is abusing their power or taking out weapons they’re not supposed to, you always have the chance to report said officer. We try to keep High RP standards here in PD. I hope I was able to clarify a few things for you!
  7. Bucolic_6

    Multiple PD nerf suggestions

    Hey there! Regarding your first idea, me being in PD myself actually find the current armor state more than enough. If we do happen to get in shootouts, it's never really a 1v1 where the criminal has a disadvantage. Besides, the 50% armor is shot away in 2 shots, so it's really not all that strong. Idea two is already a thing. You'll never see a cadet running out the station with a shotgun, mp5, sniper, AR,... Currently, it's that, when you get promoted to certain ranks, you get the ability to send in an application in order to be allowed to use a weapon. Those applications are very strict and weapons are not to be abused. If so, the officer should be reported and their weapon will be removed. Idea three I'm not all too sure about. I think it would make it difficult to have a said stock of weapons with the number of officers we have. Besides, it wouldn't make sense to have officers ending up on patrol not being able to bring a weapon cause we're out of stock. That's just something that doesn't happen IRL. Idea 4: Having both radios in-game, hearing both all the time, would be EXTREMELY annoying. Units not involved in a pursuit or SWAT or whatever tactical situation shouldn't be hearing what other officers are saying. We do have the rule that officers are to talk in-game and on TS at the same time, to make it fair. Idea 5 I do not agree with. Snipers are only used for very tactical situations by SWAT and usage is strict. We don't allow people to take out the sniper and begin shooting at you. Again, we're very strict on that knowing how strong they can be. Idea 6: I only agree with good RP being rewarded by admins handing you the weapons you take. Officers are currently victims of "gangs hating cops and thus willing to shoot them for no good reason" and you having the ability to take our weapon wouldn't really better that. I have many concerns with this suggestion. It'd only be abused.
  8. Bucolic_6

    Stranger 9945_8039 + 8725_324 Powergaming / Not trying to RP

    Hey there! As the Detective reported I will now share my side of the story along with reasoning for Death RP denial. First of all, cops have all right to deny Death RP if they want to and it is not considered powergaming, however, in some situations, I understand there's little to no reason for us to deny it. (example when hitting a headshot with a shotgun from close range.). The reason I had denied your Death RP request is the following: 1. We were with you just a minute after you dialed 911, while, obviously you were still conscious enough to make the phone call and say what happened to the dispatcher. 2. Upon arrival, the first thing you did before RP had even started was requesting Death RP as cops arrived. Knowing you were wanted, I thought you were attempting to avoid your prison time doing so and it would have been poor to just let you die. 3. After you told me in OOC that you literally RP'd everything in detail to get your Death RP (before PD arrived on the scene) I requested an admin to check if you did any RP at all, leading to death so I could reconsider. When I got the response that you just logged back in, then soon after died, made the call and did no additional RP, I have stuck with my decision to deny your death RP. I feel sorry if your RP experience has been hurt in any way with this situation and I do hope you understand that if you do no RP at all prior to request Death RP, you're most likely never get permission to do so. - Pending for admin to review.
  9. Are you Jasper Sixen ?!


  10. I feel as if we had a 60% chance of PD being notified upon store robbery it'd be more realistic and fun as well. This way PD doesn't get more spammed with calls and robbers are not ensured PD will even show up/be notified. It adds that extra piece of action.
  11. +1 would be really great and realistic to have some of the modifications on PD weapons
  12. Bucolic_6

    911 call number QoL improvement

    +1 It would be more efficient to have two digit numbers.
  13. Bucolic_6

    A few Christmas suggestions

    Snow would be really cool if possible :D +1