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  1. A few Christmas suggestions

    Snow would be really cool if possible :D +1
  2. Your player name: Harvey Six Player you are reporting: Stranger 1138_472 (51) Rule broken: Vehicle Deathmatch at a No Crime Zone. Explanation of events/why you are reporting: The player just drove into us at the Hospital for no reason at all. Time and date: 17:20 - 13.09.2017 Evidence:
  3. Wheat locked to player

  4. Your player name: Harvey Six Player you are reporting: Stranger 4134_846 (16) Rule broken: DM + VDM + Committing crimes at a No Crime Zone Explanation of events/why you are reporting: I was just stationary at Hospital when this man ran up to me. I got out of the ambulance and he started punching me. At first I thought he miss-clicked but he did not stop and clearly tried to kill me. I then explained him the rules he was breaking and he left. A minute later he returned, stole my ambulance, and continuously ran into me and @3Bot Time and date: 30/08/2017 at 14:25: UTC+2 Evidence:
  5. Vehicle Deathmatch

    Your player name: Harvey Six Player you are reporting: Stranger 6213_9555 (9) ( Passenger : Stranger 8749_2450 (25) ) Rule broken: Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Me and Clara (the other medic) were just standing at the hospital while a random white car with two people inside smashed into us for no reason at all and left the scene right after. Time and date: 8:20 PM (GMT+2) 13.8.17 Evidence:
  6. Vehicle Deathmatch

    Your player name: Harvey Six Player you are reporting: Stranger 3449_9004 (61) & Stranger 4489_6825 (50) Rule broken: Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) Explanation of events/why you are reporting: I responded to a panic button call, a bit later while on scene the player in the white car clearly hit me while I was typing for no reason. I've had no interaction with the driver at all. Second video: A guy with a rental car who wasn't involved in this scene just rammed into some medics and officers for again no proper reason. Time and date: About 12 am GMT+2 13.8.2017 Evidence:
  7. Appeal - Harvey Six

    There's a simple reason why you didn't notice the other car. You told me you were the Taxi driver and saw everything happen ( http://prntscr.com/fvobv1 ) . There's just one issue with saying "I saw everything happen" If you were the taxi driver , the only thing you could've possibly seen is me driving away from a truck that just crashed. (you could only have seen this as the taxi driver / you as you weren't at the truckers yard before that happened and therefore you might not have seen the other vehicle I had to dodge which resulted in the other guy being cut off and crashing. I also didn't entirely just leave the scene. I kept driving a bit till I was in a safer location and stopped my truck. Then I saw the Taxi driver (you) stop near the truck to help him out. I thought that it was good that someone stopped to help and I thought the guy would be alright. By the time I left the Depod , the Truck driver already had a fresh truck and was driving , so I guess he didn't need medical attention at all really? A punishment I would've agreed on would've been Non-RP behaviour. I'd accept that as I didn't stop immediately after the crash to help the driver. But VDM just doesn't really make sense as the crash couldn't really have been avoided (so no intentional hurt or killing) because I had to dodge the other driver you didn't see (which gives me an IC reason)
  8. Appeal - Harvey Six

    Account name: JasperSix Character name: Harvey Six Reason of ban: VDM / Vehicel Deathmatch Administrator: Edvinito Why should this appeal be accepted? The rule VDM clearly states that "Vehicle-Deathmatch (VDM) is the act of killing or hurting another player intentionally without having a valid in-character (roleplay) reason to do so using a vehicle." I'd like to start off saying I did not kill / hurt anyone INTENTIONALLY , I had a valid IC reason for my actions. Situation: I was leaving the Truckers Yard when another trucker cut me off. As of now we were driving next to each other (I was a little bit ahead of him) and I was driving on the wrong side of the road due to being cut off. Then another person was driving towards the Truckers Yard with his vehicle. Here I had 2 options , I could either keep driving straight and crash into the other player which would lead to two people being hurt and a personal vehicle to be highly damaged , or I could cut the other trucker off (who cut me off earlier) and have only one person crashing in a rented truck. Obviously I chose to cut the trucker off because there would be less wounded people. After I cut him off , he crashed into a wall and I drove straight for about 5 seconds. I then stopped to see if the person needed help when I saw a taxi driver stop to help him. As I thought all was good there, I went on to the Depod. A couple minutes later, while driving on the highway , I got banned for VDM.