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Amend the Downtown Cab Co. Salary Check Requirements.

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I believe this has been suggested before but I am unable to locate it, but currently and for a very long time now employees salary progression will only proceed if and when they are sat in the drivers seat of a faction vehicle. I am unsure as to why this is specified only to the Downtown Cab Co. faction and no other.

I am reviving this suggestion to change it because I am now moving into a rank where this is going to affect myself severely. The higher ranks within the faction spend the majority of their online time carrying out interviews and training for applicants and current drivers. Meaning they are either stood in the DDC office, parking lot or during the driving exam, in the passenger seat of the vehicle.

Today alone I know that one members of staff played his role for 3 hours without any payments because of this system that's in place.

The simplest way to fix this is to allow for salary progression to take place if the user is near a faction vehicle. This will cover all aspects of being outside of the vehicle or being in a seat that isn't the drivers seat. This is the function that is in place for the other factions so please match our system to theirs to allow us to have some sort of benefit and flexibility.

This picture is of me in the drivers seat of a faction vehicle.


This is a picture of me in the passenger seat of a faction vehicle.


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Yes agree 100%. Nothing is worse than Training/Interviewing and not getting payed for it. Especially when you can be doing that for hours on some days. 

It currently sucks that our butts have to be glued to the driver seats of our cars while the other factions get payed being near theirs (To my knowledge).

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