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[2.1.0] [2018-06-22] ECLIPSE Roleplay

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ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 2.1.0


Hello everyone, this is the first official development blog published after our migration to RAGE Multiplayer. Our initial idea was to wait for RAGE Multiplayer v0.4 to get released and name the update version ECLIPSE Roleplay 2.0, however, RAGE Multiplayer is taking longer than expected, therefore, we decided to publish the blog today. This development blog contains most of the changes since the migration. 


In the past months, we were posting patch notes on our Discord server, leaving the forums behind, however that is going to change with every moderately sized patch notes being posted on the forums periodically.


We have important changes planned for the upcoming updates. Our main focus will be directed at these objectives:

  1. Creation of a new faction structure for criminal organizations, revision of all criminal content.
  2. Revision of the server's economy (how do (non)-government salaries work, how do player owned business operate, etc.).
  3. Creation of a new faction structure for government organizations, establishment of a democratic government and an election system.


Here are the changes since the move:


  • Fixed most of the torsos (clothing bug)
  • Accessing inventory in vehicle doesn't require engine on anymore
  • Added /hidenametag for admins
  • Added /vehiclestats
  • Added Chino2
  • Added 20 more haircuts for both female and male
  • Added 500 symbol minimum requirement for character's biography and 200 symbol requirement for answers
  • Added ability to buy house slots (max 2 more) , and vehicle slots 
  • Added ame for locking/unlocking veh
  • Added automatic discord and ingame donator status setup
  • Added bags (buyable at the general store)
  • Added barber shop
  • Added beverages (vodka, whiskey, beer, tequila, water, soda, cider, wine, coffee) (buyable at general store)
  • Added blips for drug plantations
  • Added bobby pin inventory item
  • Added car limits (1 + maxParking + houseParkingSlots)
  • Added checkpoint markers and projections to aid in farming tasks
  • Added checks for outdated versions
  • Added chop shop location to /goto
  • Added chopshop
  • Added cloth item
  • Added different farming tasks (ploughing, raking, removing weeds)
  • Added drunkness and /breathanalyse for pd
  • Added fade out to chat
  • Added fish inventory item
  • Added food (burger, submarine, sandwich, chocolate, donut, taco, hotdog) (buyable at general store)
  • Added gun components back
  • Added house street address and number instead of player name
  • Added information about not being able to sell imported vehicles to the credit shop
  • Added inspectable wounds to LSPD and LSEMS , (/analysewounds) (when player is hit by melee or gunshot, it will get logged in players character)
  • Added jerry can inventory item
  • Added knifes/bats/wrenches to the general stores
  • Added map zones that represent turfs
  • Added max vehicles, max houses and max parked vehicles to /stats
  • Added new character selection/creation
  • Added new farming objects (ex.: old wheat object replaced with actual wheat)
  • Added new medic uniforms
  • Added new VOIP system
  • Added notification to vehicle owner after unsuccesfull pick lock
  • Added notification when vehicle gets chop shopped (finished)
  • Added notifications
  • Added parking lots (more slots for VIPs)
  • Added radio indicator
  • Added radio inventory item
  • Added rake trailers to the farming feature
  • Added referrals
  • Added screenshots with F8
  • Added slot machines at Tequil La La
  • Added small pauses between farming tasks to reduce job intensity
  • Added text questions to Roleplay quiz
  • Added toggleable chat above the head /togglechat (RECOMMEND TRYING THIS)
  • Added toggleable ui F7
  • Ame for the person writting will now appear in their chat, not above them
  • Brought back weapon wheel
  • Cars wont despawn after player disconnect. They will despawn after the owner is inactive for 12 hours.
  • Changed LSPD barrier model and increased blockade count to 8 
  • Chat above head is on by default
  • Chat messages are trimmed (no space before first words and after the last)
  • Chop shopped vehicles now show up as UNAVAILABLE in mors
  • CityBee will not disappear as fast.
  • Clarified outdated game message
  • Created a new UI style for the farming menu
  • Created an image projection script (an alternative to text labels)
  • Crouch makes nametag invisible (on duty admins can see them)
  • Decreased food, drinks and radio cost at general store
  • Disabled capturing turf flashing
  • Disabled nametags when UI is off (F7)
  • Disabled possibility to shoot while in limbo
  • Dominator3 is now available
  • Extended chop shop time by one minute
  • Farmer job transport vehicles can now hold up to 14 harvest bags
  • Farmers are now assigned an individual farming area to work with
  • Fix for invisibility when player is standing still
  • Fixed /aduty changing armor and health
  • Fixed /breathanalyse
  • Fixed /eid
  • Fixed /me messages appearing in chat twice
  • Fixed a bug that caused harvest bags to disappear once dropped by a player
  • Fixed a minor visual error in the authentication UI
  • Fixed above chat messages when player is on admin duty
  • Fixed authentication script error preventing users from registering emails of certain email services (ex.: hotmail.com) and made the error message more informative
  • Fixed being able to drive motorcycles from dealerships
  • Fixed being able to retrieve parked vehicles out of mors
  • Fixed calls kicking out of the vehicle
  • Fixed chat bug (when keys are not detected)
  • Fixed chat fadeout
  • Fixed chop shop bug where it can be taken out of insurance for free
  • Fixed despawn issue at courier/drugdealer/money transport
  • Fixed dimensions and dropping through floors in finance, houses, prisons
  • Fixed discord bot
  • Fixed DMV not working
  • Fixed finance shop text label not displaying all text when on sale
  • Fixed floyd's apartment props
  • Fixed gunstore stock disappearing
  • Fixed hospital interior
  • Fixed house inventory accessable from outside
  • Fixed incorrect eye colors being displayed
  • Fixed infinite eating bug
  • Fixed inventory bug
  • Fixed invincible vehicles
  • Fixed latency problems which prevented farmers from maintaining good crop quality
  • Fixed loading in into interiors
  • Fixed loans final upgrade
  • Fixed mark zones for drug plantations
  • Fixed me being displayed instead of /ame on mdc open
  • Fixed megaphone
  • Fixed nametags (colors and etc) (VOIP indicators)
  • Fixed non rp jump checker
  • Fixed notification fitting
  • Fixed oceanic dealership
  • Fixed pd weapons disappearing after aduty
  • Fixed picture notifcations
  • Fixed poker
  • Fixed prison falling through, added mdcs to prisons
  • Fixed quiz cooldown message display
  • Fixed radio voip not working when logging in
  • Fixed some bugs that caused server crashes
  • Fixed some character attributes not being displayed correctly (incorrect beard color and etc)
  • Fixed taser message displaying names switched up
  • Fixed tazers cuffs for police
  • Fixed trevor trailer doors being opened
  • Fixed trucking bug
  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed vehicle (audio) alarms
  • Fixed vehicle being stuck with cruise
  • Fixed vehicle controls for some vehicles while in air (bmx for example)
  • Fixed vehicle lights at night not working
  • Fixed vehicle market bugs with /modview
  • Fixed vehicle weapons (tanks/helis, not like you guys have those
  • Fixed warehouse drops spawning in the same location
  • Fixed warehouses displaying items that do not exist
  • Fixed weapon ammo disappearing
  • Fixed weapon saving
  • Fixed withdraw finances in factions
  • Gangs that own turfs will earn more from various businesses inside the turf(more turfs owned - more money) and around the los santos
  • Imported vehicles wont take up a slot
  • Improved inventory saving
  • Improved RP quiz questions
  • Improvements to farming
  • Increased drunk effect
  • Increased fishing money
  • Increased fishing salary
  • Increased the strenght of alcohol drinks
  • Limited barber to one player at a time
  • Limited pick locking to one player at the same time
  • Lowered the chance of rain
  • MDC unit name can be entered from UI
  • Plastic surgery got new UI
  • Possible fix for VOIP
  • Relogging in houses/finance companies/ prisons should set the correct dimension
  • Removed earpiece from taxi uniforms
  • Scoreboard is now key (~)
  • Supercars were removed from the dealerships
  • Updated help menu (thanks to our content developer serthon)
  • Updated help menu (thanks to Serthon)
  • Updated inventory images (icons)
  • Updated rp quiz questions
  • Vehicle markets now cost money to put vehicles on sale (lowend 500 for 3 days/ highend 1500 for 3 days)
  • Vehicles will auto lock if driver disconnects and is an owner of the vehicle
  • When people has radio active, there will be visible earpiece
  • You can now change between whispering/normal/shouting voip with CTRL + Z


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