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/givekey UPGRADE

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I want to suggest or give an idea about giving keys from your vehicles to another players.

I wanted to start some IC business, a rental company(to be a CityBee rival :16_relieved:), very organised with website for IC purpose and ....

But the only problem is, when you give a key to another player, you can't take it back, and he loses it after he disconnect.

So my suggestion is to add 2 more commands, related to this one:

  • /takekeys - takes the keys from a player
    Usage: (/takekeys ID)


  • /showkeys(or something like this) - shows the list of players that have keys from your vehicle
    Usage: (/showkeys - INFO: The following players have keys from your car:
    Name: Marcus Brighi    Vehicle: Buffalo S
    INFO: Use /takekeys to take back the keys from the player.
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I used to do this but I would have prices for the key, if they crash and lose key I would replace the key upto 2 times, they also had certain amount of time for the car.

Also had a spreadsheet to say who rented the car and at what time and time we got it back, Which a police officer had access to so we didn't get tickets for speeding and parking etc.

don't know if youl get a police officer to help you with it now. used to charge like $5000 for a super car but they only had it a certain amount of time, if they destroyed it then they lost the key.

this was before it cost 7000 to get a super back from mors. 

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I mean it would be good but almost every person is gonna want to rent cars out if it becomes available. Making people with super cars and stuff more likely to get the customers.

Its fine renting the car out for days-weeks or whatever, but what happens when it gets stolen and chopped. or they rent it for 5k and chop it for 7k. a lot more to take into consideration now with the mors costs and chopping, Unless you got some sort of refundable deposit if the car was returned in one piece.

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