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The Maletti Crime Family

"As far back as I could remember, I 've always wanted to be a gangster."

"At the age of 12 my ambition was to become a gangster. To be a wiseguy. Being a wiseguy was better than being the President of the United States. To be a wiseguy was to own the world." -Henry Hill


Have you ever wanted to be a wiseguy, making money and living it up with your friends and family? Maybe you want to have some friends to have your back through thick and thin? Or you want power and feel like you have say in the world? For some, the life of a gangster is exciting and filled with luxuries and women. For all that are in "The Life" there are plenty of opportunities to make a living and a name for yourself. Just remember The Omerta, it is sacred and the one thing you don't want to break. 



The Maletti Crime Family is a fairly new Italian/Sicilian Organized Crime Family. Daniel Maletti was born in the States but both his parents are full blooded Sicilians. His parents always did their best to teach young Danny to obey the law and to let justice handle the problems. It worked for a short amount of time although little Danny kept seeing injustices in the world go without punishment. Even though excessive crime persisted all around his world, Danny had a successful school life. Being the top of his class, football and baseball star, and even performing the lead roles for his school's drama plays. The day of his graduation, Danny, along with his best friend Vittorio, went to the after graduation party the rich kid, Bradford Wellingham, hosted. The party was a cesspool of alcohol and drugs, fumes radiating off the walls and into the nostrils of the freshly graduated teens. It was getting pretty late (around 2am), so Danny and Vito decided to go back home to Little Italy. Outside, it was dark and foggy, the boys couldn't see more than 10 yards ahead of them. The street lamps dimmed by the foggy haze that settled just over the ground, making it hard to find their way home. Eventually, they made it back to what seemed to be the outskirts of Little Italy when out of nowhere a man dressed in all black pressed a handgun to Vito's back and chuckled as he said, "Your dad should've paid his debt back on time." 

Before they could call of for help, BAM. The man shot Vito through the back, the bullet ripping through his body and out of his chest. Blood splattered over Danny's face as his mouth was wide open in shock. The man pushed Vittorio's limp body forward with a grunt and bolted back through the dark alleyway he had appeared from. Vito fell straight down with a loud thunk and lay groaning with blood seeping onto the sidewalk. "NOOOO!" Danny yelled as he rushed to Vito's side, rolling him over and applying pressure onto the gunshot wound. The air smelled thick of mildew and iron, and it was enough to make Danny nauseous. "Vito, stay with me. Don't die on my buddy! You're gonna be alright. Help should be here any minute. Don't close your eyes. C'mon Vito, stay awake. Don't die on me, man! Remember that time Mrs. Gialoni made us those paninis and we fed them to the dogs because they were so bad?" Danny was saying anything to get Vito's mind off of what had just happened. 

Vito's coughed up a little blood and made a weak smile, "Yeah..... the dogs.... didn't like 'em..... neither." He managed a faint laugh as he clutched Danny's hand. "Tell Mom that I love her. I..... I'm sorry.... I wanna be..... strong. Danny, I don't wanna die. It's getting cold. I wanna go home.... It's bad. You don't have to lie to me. I know it is...." Vito started to loosened his grip around Danny's hand. He coughed up more blood and sighed. He was gone. Vittorio was gone. He lay lifeless in his own pool of blood on the cold, hard concrete. The paramedics never came. No one came, not one person helped that night. That was the night that Danny Maletti lost all faith in the law and justice. He decided that he wanted to make his own law and help protect people that couldn't go to the authorities or that the authorities wouldn't help them. 

His local Italian friends gave him a number to call to bring justice to Vito's killer. Which he did, for a price. He owed the Gambini Family a favor after they took care of the murderer. Soon Danny found himself a made man in the Family. But some unfortunate events transpired so Danny had to be sent to Los Santos and was given permission to start his own family. Hence, the Maletti Family is quite new and up and coming. They deal mostly in extortion, protection, gambling, and drugs. But also, the Maletti Family deals guns, owns local restaurants and carry out assassinations for a price. 


The Rules and Customs

  • Omerta: the sacred code of silence of criminal activity and a refusal to give evidence to the police
  • No ratting out your friends
  • No talking about crime
  • No disrespecting the bosses
  • No cheating with your friend's woman
  • No putting other gangs before the family
  • No talking about crimes you've committed in the past
  • No talking behind each other's backs, especially superiors
  • No touching or attacking "made" members of the family
  • No stealing tribute
  • No lying to a superior
  • No being unavailable when you're on call, don't be tardy when you are sent for
  • No disrespecting a superior
  • No killing any member of the family without the initial superior's permission


Ranks and Roles











Soldier ll Soldier ll Soldier

l l l 

l l l 

Associate ll Associate ll Associate



Wannabes: New member of the faction. Not even remotely considered a "gangster" or a "stand up guy". Wannabes do not get to commit serious crimes unless told to do so. As far as family privilege goes, wannabes are pretty much not even allowed to commit crimes. Socialize with other wannabes and associates and make friends with them. Learn how to make money with other wannabes and associates. You do not have to pay tribute yet.

Associates: An associated member of the family. However, not an "official" member of the family. An associate is "privileged". In other words, he is permitted to commit any crime he can handle. So long as he doesn't get caught and draw heat to the family constantly. The associate is one of the "new and up and coming" street guys. Make friends with every family member you can. As an associate, you have to introduce yourself as a "friend" of the soldier you serve. You can't say he is a soldier and you can't say you're an associate. You should be involved in as many profitable crimes as you can to earn for the family. Collects tribute and sends 50% up to the Soldier.

Soldier: Indoctrinated, inducted member of the family. Does jobs for the higher ups. Considered "Untouchable", meaning nobody from a wannabe to a boss can "just kill" this guy. Certain procedures are required to kill a made man. Permission is required from high ranking members such as the Consigliere, the Underboss, or the Boss. Introduce yourself as a "friend" of the Captain you serve. Your main jobs are to recruit, earn money, and maintain the standards. Collects tribute and sends 30% to Captain.

Captains: In charge of a crew that is made up of several soldiers and their associates and wannabes. Collects tribute from the soldiers and sends up 20% to the streetboss. They get a neighborhood to run all of their operations.

Street Boss: Acts as the boss when the Boss doesn't want to risk involving himself such as family issues. Ensures heat stays off the Boss. Ensure Captains are running sound crews. And serves as mediator in conflicts of interest between members.

Underboss: Maintains control of the family. Councils Boss, Consigliere, and Street Boss in times of hesitation and confusion. Ensures Captains are running sound financial crews.


Finding a Way In

Members hang around the golf course in Rockford Hills. Also, at Tequi-La-La you can find members to rise up the ranks. Just look for guys in Fancy Suits. Find me in the Discord if you have any questions @Danny Maletti. 






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Thank you guys so much. I don’t really know how to add pictures and stuff to the posts to make them look cooler but I tried supplementing more info and a entertaining backstory for it. Was gonna add more history but didn’t want to make it too long and I kinda want to have only the members know the good details. Hopefully I see you guys in game. 

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