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How about don't let admins reset safe codes because they wanted to punish someone?  Literally got told "you can't call the cops" because someone with a key to my apartment combat logged(but he came back within 2 minutes) then got everything in my safe robbed and all I could do is watch because we were told by an admin(that was also one of the players robbing me) that we couldn't call the cops.  His name was Jason and after I tried to report it he kicked me and told me to "cool off".   It's not enough to take everything in the apartment but to reset the safe code so that you can rob someone as admin is fucking disgusting to do as someone that's supposed to not be biased or admin in their own situations.  It's whatever tho just glad I didn't spend any real money on the game only $400.  Lost an investor and someone that could have got you more than a 500 player a day count.  But I'm sure that admin has done more than drive out the 25 people that played with me so he could open one safe on some bullshit

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1 hour ago, jason said:


You know exactly what and you were the one that kicked me for reporting it. I literally had to watch people rob me because you and someone else named Lewis told me you weren't taking the report. After I was told I wasn't allowed to call the cops. Don't play dumb dude 3 other people were online and 38 watched me stream it. You kicked me for reporting this when it happened and didn't ask for evidence or anything.

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