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The Reapers

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Starting from nothing is hard, so what are you gonna do let life pass you by or are you going to do something about 

LS Reapers were raised by darkness, molded by it, we started off as a small street gang, when we were smaller we went by the name the shadows, we have love for each other and the most important thing we follow is loyalty, then again what's a family without loyalty. We had respect for those who were bigger than us and dreamed that one day we can form an alliance with them, we show respect to the street code, we didn't see nothing, we didn’t hear nothing, and we didn't say nothing. The shadows were involved in a shooting and one of those bullets hit the son of a mob boss, this started a war. As a war raged on in the city we were losing numbers fast, many of us left because they were scared and the ones who stayed eventually died off or fled to another city to start a new life. As a family we don't abandon the ones closest to us so we took the ones we had left, and moved to a new city, the city of Los Santos, having nothing and knowing nobody is hard, so we set off on our own to eventually meet again and start something fresh. The reapers were born in the city, We got masks that would represent the fallen brothers and sisters from our past, they will be with us in good and in bad. We were small drug runners here and there, car choppers and even shooters if needed, but we all had a dream of becoming something in the city, making a name for ourselves. We respected those who were bigger than us and were always gonna be there if someone needs us. The reapers are hard workers who will fight on until the last one is standing, We work every day for new things to benefit our family, We always stand together, no matter gender, race, or religion, we represent those who are struggling, those who need someone to lift them up when they're down, we believe the most important qualities to us is loyalty, Discipline, Honor, and Respect. So tell me, What do you believe in? 


Heres a link to our ranks and our Roster, this will be updated almost daily by the higher ups, it has an explanation to all our ranks.







We plan on expanding, we want to ally ourselves with these bigger gangs and be cousin families, if they need help then we're there and vice versa, We work as one big unit answering to no one. We Want Good relationships with people in other gangs because we can all benefit from these alliances. We plan on Establishing a network between the gangs to work together and take over Los Santos.



You Must follow the Eclipse server rules. Breaking these rules will get you kicked out of the LS Reapers and or reported. Make sure you read the rules before coming to one of us for recruitment ICly.

You must have at least 10000 Exp. starting 2020/06/05 to assure us that you have an understanding of the rules and basic knowledge. 

The Discord we Own is for OOC Discussions only and nothing more.









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6 minutes ago, kenichis said:

Do you guys recruit new players? I've seen a couple new players dressed as Reapers and mixing. Good luck but you might want to tighten your recruitment.

Were gonna be talking to them ooc about it because personally i like teaching new players right from wrong so im trying to teach them but from no on were only recruiting 10000 exp or more

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25 minutes ago, kenichis said:

Do you guys recruit new players? I've seen a couple new players dressed as Reapers and mixing. Good luck but you might want to tighten your recruitment.

Also would you have a video by any chance? Just so i can see who it was and identify them to talk to them OOC, Also sorry about this issue 


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