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  1. again... what police department has a 50 cal mounted machine gun.... but thats besides the point, yes that guy is an idiot and he wasnt looking in chat, that idiot was me lmao, i was driving 80 behind you and never rammed the rear of your vehicle, at least not for me, i should have stayed at least 2 cars back but i ended up stopping and letting you guys do what you need to do. i didnt know the whole situation and i was going there to visit someone when you guys gave me demands out of no where. but yes i was being stupid and i completely understand that. im not saying crims are the perfect play
  2. yes i agree on that, but im not talking about a cop doing his job, im talking about a small percent of cops that have the sense of power ICLY and OOCLY, i dont think when you get pulled over youre asked how fast you were going 10 times in a row after you answered the first time. some cops feel like they are above some others and almost harass others when pulled over. im not saying the pulling over is not justified, im saying being a child about it once you are interacting with them is unacceptable in an environment where the main goal is to have fun as a whole. its almsot like they are
  3. Again... it doesn't make sense for a cop to stop you after you haven't done anything, and ask you "do you have a gun in the car" over and over. im sure anyone would be annoyed by being asked the same question after you answered, knowing you did nothing wrong.
  4. This completely makes sense, i understand that a cop can do this. But what i saw some cops do was not stopping some aztecas after a chase, it was a random stop at a clothing store, and the cop was completely abusing his power as a cop, he was being very childish and promoting very poor rp. he asks the same question over and over to the azteca not letting them leave because if they leave they get in trouble if they stay after they haven't done anything they get in trouble, this cop asked 15 times do you have a gun in the car not letting them leave till he got the answer he wanted, annoying and
  5. OK so I'm starting this Discussion because lately i have seen This server turn into a Criminal vs Cop Sim. which dont get me wrong cops have to do their job, but i wanted to open this to have both the criminals and cops talk to each other here to try and figure out things and compromises for both parties to enjoy the time in the server. Keep in mind i dont mean having cops back up from fights and so on but i mean instead of always harassing criminals , for example the (Cop) and (Azteca) situation, i watched this unfold and i could understand both sides of the story, the person who is a cop and
  6. All love to The OGS, Hope yall do good
  7. @DrPathetic yeah i completely understand where your coming from about resources and shit but what im saying is that its not hard to do more you know, like for example the amount of times ive been yelling for a guard to free me from a locked room and its never happened is insane, i once yelled to get out because i was stuck and another guard said what are you gonna do report me if i dont let you out, its stuff like that, i think the guards should act more like guards, no dis to DOC ive had some great RP in prison before dont get me wrong but i feel like im always the one starting the rp off and
  8. so i wanted to make a suggestion for Prison Rp, i think that it would Make Criminals and DOC have an amazing time in DOC. I feel like it should be enforced more in Prison that prisoners have things to do, the DOC guards can be more involved with the prisoners taking them out to the yard when its time or taking them out to mine, making prisoners who are just AFK in there watching movies or something while they wait for an hour this gives them things to do. This would provide more opportunities for RP, for example, prisoners will try and make more escapes, this will Provide DOC to rp with them w
  9. Marcus “Sodapop” Curtis “Waking up In the morning and going to work the tolls got hella boring, hella quick….” Born in the Gritty streets of Montreal, growing up for Marcus was hard, his situation growing up was rough, he was always trying to set shit straight between his parents but it never worked, he grew up poor in a city that wasn’t forgiving for those who didn’t have money. Growing up he hung around people who were his brothers at the time, they cared for him, fed him and gave him a place to live if he ever needed one, but he needed to pull his weight, he started cooking, mak
  10. Marcus curtis, i was following and then picked up the guy who gave demands, he told me he gave demands and he wanted to get in to shoot so i followed, then broke off the chase later on. i dont have a pov sorry
  11. Sodapopcurtis

    More Blood

    Good Luck boys always fam to me
  12. Player(s) being reported: ID 117 and ID 447 Date of interaction reported: 2020/07/26 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1595791990 Your characters name: Marcus Curtis Other player(s) involved: Unknown Specific rule(s) broken: (ID 117) 13.2.3 FearRp • When the attacker lowers their weapon to type or roleplay, your life remains in direct danger. (ID 447) 9.1 Nrp • Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule(s)? Player 117 was robbing my car so i pointed my gun at him gave him
  13. hey I'm Marcus Curtis, I didn't realize I was being reported cause I was never told, that's why I'm late on this response but anyways, I wasn't ramming I even told the other guys on radio not to ram him, I stopped In front of him and he hit me, after that my boys rammed him and I even told them stop Ramming him, I was also told at the meeting we were having that they had pulled guns on us earlier, I have no footage of this so its pointless. I simply always stopped my car In front of his, there's two times in that clip where I hit him from the side and one of them I slightly grazed him by acci
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