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  1. All love to The OGS, Hope yall do good
  2. @DrPathetic yeah i completely understand where your coming from about resources and shit but what im saying is that its not hard to do more you know, like for example the amount of times ive been yelling for a guard to free me from a locked room and its never happened is insane, i once yelled to get out because i was stuck and another guard said what are you gonna do report me if i dont let you out, its stuff like that, i think the guards should act more like guards, no dis to DOC ive had some great RP in prison before dont get me wrong but i feel like im always the one starting the rp off and
  3. so i wanted to make a suggestion for Prison Rp, i think that it would Make Criminals and DOC have an amazing time in DOC. I feel like it should be enforced more in Prison that prisoners have things to do, the DOC guards can be more involved with the prisoners taking them out to the yard when its time or taking them out to mine, making prisoners who are just AFK in there watching movies or something while they wait for an hour this gives them things to do. This would provide more opportunities for RP, for example, prisoners will try and make more escapes, this will Provide DOC to rp with them w
  4. Marcus “Sodapop” Curtis “Waking up In the morning and going to work the tolls got hella boring, hella quick….” Born in the Gritty streets of Montreal, growing up for Marcus was hard, his situation growing up was rough, he was always trying to set shit straight between his parents but it never worked, he grew up poor in a city that wasn’t forgiving for those who didn’t have money. Growing up he hung around people who were his brothers at the time, they cared for him, fed him and gave him a place to live if he ever needed one, but he needed to pull his weight, he started cooking, mak
  5. Marcus curtis, i was following and then picked up the guy who gave demands, he told me he gave demands and he wanted to get in to shoot so i followed, then broke off the chase later on. i dont have a pov sorry
  6. Good Luck boys always fam to me
  7. Player(s) being reported: ID 117 and ID 447 Date of interaction reported: 2020/07/26 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1595791990 Your characters name: Marcus Curtis Other player(s) involved: Unknown Specific rule(s) broken: (ID 117) 13.2.3 FearRp • When the attacker lowers their weapon to type or roleplay, your life remains in direct danger. (ID 447) 9.1 Nrp • Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule(s)? Player 117 was robbing my car so i pointed my gun at him gave him
  8. hey I'm Marcus Curtis, I didn't realize I was being reported cause I was never told, that's why I'm late on this response but anyways, I wasn't ramming I even told the other guys on radio not to ram him, I stopped In front of him and he hit me, after that my boys rammed him and I even told them stop Ramming him, I was also told at the meeting we were having that they had pulled guns on us earlier, I have no footage of this so its pointless. I simply always stopped my car In front of his, there's two times in that clip where I hit him from the side and one of them I slightly grazed him by acci
  9. haven't been here since you guys started but when I was new I remember breaking into your cars at your hq and some guys just talked to me about, honestly really chill and gaining more time into the city learning new people, really made my first rp experience a good one, I'm gonna miss seeing you guys, i had tons of laughs with a lot of you like mojo and oti. I hope the future holds great things.
  10. you robbed one of my boys 30 minutes earlier but there is no proof so that doesn't matter also, I gave you a demand in the car driving past you, since there is no evidence of the robbery I understand that it wouldn't be allowed so that's fine.
  11. Also Moeez Andrew wasnt shooting, he PM me to tell you guys because his account was working
  12. I was shooting at his tires because he had robbed us earlier, at least 30 minutes earlier, I don't have any proof for that so I understand, second I didn't know you are unable to stand up while cuffed or zip tied. because I've stood up before while I'm in cuffs. at least if I remember correctly I have. if this helps Kevin didnt have a weapon and you see him grab a gun off Charles.
  13. hey I was pissed off yesterday and honestly id rather them getting a small punishment because id rather they learn from this instead, if I can say that.
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