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The C-Suite

After months of preparation and a long graft, Assured Services and its' subsidiaries were running like a well-oiled machine. In no small part, that was thanks to our very own James Hawkes. Due to the departure of Dennis P. Good from his active role in the company, the C-Suite was down to two. In recognition of his dedication as VP of Marketing & Administration, James Hawkes was promoted to Assured's Chief Liaison Officer.
With the newest addition to the C-Suite, we hit the ground running and strategised. The countdown to unveiling our latest project had begun!

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After a few negotiations Assured Services has acquired a Gun Store

This was a perfect addition to our assets since its in a great location, in the city next to Weazel news.

After the papers has been signed the store's name was changed to Fully Cocked.







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Assured Services is proud to announce our newest addition, Maze Bank West! 




We are pleased to announce that Maze Bank West is currently open for business. Maze Bank West is here to offer you quality service with the lowest and most competitive interest rates in the city, guaranteed!  Located at the Orange Globe on your GPS. Your next loan is only a buzz away with no limit on how much we currently offer with many payment options! Looking for your next vehicle or dream house, stop in today to speak with the loan manager today! 



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   The Board

Assured Services has met its' fair share of adversity in the world of business. Foundations have crumbled and more often than they can count, the board of shareholders have had to gut their projects and start from scratch. However, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. After months upon months of strategy and graft to position Assured Services to be a well-oiled machine, the company is now consistently making money.
Now comes the question - where do we go from here? The key shar
eholders of the board met at the CEO's home and began to lay the road for Assured's future. They would begin scouring the city of Los Santos and wider state for talent; hungry and driven individuals willing to put in work and start making sales. Assured Services' property, loans and gun market subsidiaries would start to advertise internships for people to learn the craft and take the organisation to the next level.


For those who had given their blood, sweat and tears to bringing Assured to where it was now, this move could not happen sooner.





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Further Expansion
With new company branches in the pipeline and continuous expansion of our staff team comes a new premise. Thanks to our construction team lead by Niki Smithe, Assured Services will soon by fully re-located into the Pacific Bluff Country Club. As the structural work comes to close, the managers can look forward to getting their offices decorated and for the onsite facilities including staff common room, Breakout Room and Executive Boardroom.


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Property Management Ventures

Dashy Valentino has recently been brought into Assured Services as our Executive VP of Property Management. Mr. Valentino has been working behind the scenes with us for a while now and has proven he has the knowledge and skill set to help progress Assured Services into the right direction with Real Estate and Property Management.




Dashy showing the clients the gorgeous view of their new home.



Negotiating the rental price.



Everyone enjoying the outdoors while going through the contract.



Mr. Valentino handing the 3 new tenants their keys.

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The Renter's Mind

Mr. Valentino never stops flashing his beautiful business card now does he? Luckily, for us he doesn't. He is always on the move finding the next best client for Assured Services.



Walking into the beautiful apartment with plenty of space and a perfect view.



Discussing what the two wonderful clients are looking for in their new home, such as security and parking access.



With a wonderful conversation and excellent sales knowledge, the contract is signed and the rental agreement has began.

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James Hawkes was on his way to a meeting to discuss future plans of Assured Services, or so he thought.

Turns out it was a surprise party for his birthday!




After many drinks and dancing, Paulo turned on the spa and we all got in.




While we were in the spa Paulo called Burnout Nation to join the party!





Eventually with the amount of people we headed to Pacific Bluff to continue the party.

The night ended with a beautiful thunder storm.





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mFavDFS.png mIjkbpV.png

Fully Cocked, Elergy Retro Giveaway!

Today Paulo went on a trip to meet up with local Business Man, James Eriksen. Paulo and James have a long lasting relationship dating back years from when they first purchase PDM together in 2016 and years later they are still working closely together! After a catch-up, James agreed to a sponsor several upcoming events. This is the first but certainly not the last collaboration between the companies, Assures Services and Premium Deluxe Motorsport!


YzGG3EJ.png bbE64Gn.png

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Maze Bank West is proud to be able to assist client Clint Houston with the grand opening of Club Corruption


Clint Houston has put in months of detailed work when it came to his club. Prior to his Grand Opening, Paulo and Blair was given a private tour of his amazing property.



To ensure that it would be a very successful opening, Clint reached out to Assured Services to acquire a short term loan to cover any expenses that would be foreseen. Clint wanted to make sure this was a night to remember for everyone! After meeting with Blair at Maze Bank West, Clint was able to secure a small loan so his opening would go as planned! 




With the help of Maze Bank West, the night turned out to be spectacular! Assured Services was pleased to have another happy client!

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Assured Services has been putting emphasis on Pacific Bluffs Country Club lately to make a Grand Opening!

James, Blair, Paulo and Nikki has meet at Maze Bank West a few times to discuss the list to do before the opening.





With all the task distributed James left to work on the advertising section of the to do list back at the office.

After many hours James ended with a final design for the poster and invitation.

With his spare time, James was able to create a spread sheet
with all information needed to make the management of the club easier.






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After a snowy evening drive, Paulo arrived at the country club to find a letter waiting for him. After receiving the post from the courier driver, he unveiled a new security contract sent over from Alpha Enterprises detailing a long term contract. After carefully reading over the terms and conditions, Paulo signed the contract and posted in back to Sebastian Papadakis, entering Assured Services and Cerberus Security in a long term business relationship.


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