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Putting down phone causes car to jump

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Date and time (provide timezone): This occurs regardless of time but the time I captured on video was 12/18/19 around 10pm PST

Character name: Chi Fang

Issue/bug you are reporting: Whenever a character is a passenger in a car and pulls open their phone and then puts it away it causes the car to lurch off the ground as if it has hit something. This also happens on occassion when a passenger removes their mask. How far the car jumps is dependant on speed and momentum at the time that you so do the trigger.

Expected behavior:  The car shouldnt lurch like that when using phone or removing clothing.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate


To replicate simply be a passenger in a car and open phone and then put phone away while the driver drives.

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Hi, would like to add in; that this happens while patients or passengers are injured inside an EMS vehicle or Medevac in which if in a Medevac, the heli would suddenly shake, bounce or even glitch out. - Texting or even removal/wearing of mask.

Happens on a Contender as well, so would assume all vehicles.


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