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Los Santos County Sheriff's Department

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The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department was created in July 2019 in response to the growing demand for a second Law Enforcement faction. Founded by John Norman/Samuel Osborn and his hand-picked team that consisted of John Wallace (Flow), Harry Payne (Redhot), Robert Reynolds (Serthon), James Jurrick (Lewis), and more, the foundation of today's Sheriff's Department was laid.

While the faction initially only offered basic police services roleplay, throughout the years, the faction has continuously evolved and changed its structure to allow for new and interesting roleplay to develop. In April 2020, we opened up the Detention and Parole Bureau to allow for a different type of roleplay for deputies, civilians, and criminals alike. And most recently, in January 2022, we opened up the Sheriff's Investigations Bureau, which now offers detective-type roleplay to members of the faction.

While the LSSD has primarily taken inspiration from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, we've over the years, explored and taken inspiration from a wide variety of different law enforcement agencies in the US to shape our faction. Our continuous changes now primarily revolve around the server's IC environment.

As a faction, the LSSD aims to strive for realism, whilst also pushing for fun. Because of this, we've built strong camaraderie among members of the faction, and this has resulted in our members all being extremely welcoming to new members. While it happens that SD members are yelled at from time to time In Character by supervisors, it's something that we'll laugh about together whilst communicating on discord and/or TeamSpeak. We all understand that we're playing a role, and that's what we aim to teach new members who join our faction. 

This faction thread aims to introduce you to our faction, its command, and the type of services we provide. We also recommend that you visit the Government Website and browse our News Release section and/or visit the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department group on LifeInvader as we showcase much of our roleplay through press releases, newsletters, and more.






Head of Administration


Head of Operations

yaQamGa.png YaAbs3z.png b2OwRED.png


Patrol Operations


Countywide Operations


Sheriff's Investigations Bureau

Administrative Operations




iir1dqN.png iir1dqN.png iir1dqN.png
12/JUL/2019 -> 20/AUG/2019
20/AUG/2019 -> 24/NOV/2019
24/NOV/2019 -> 09/APR/2022




Full Name: William Bobby Kirk
Date of Birth: 1960-10-15
Place of Birth: Las Venturas, San Andreas
Employment Date: 2020-03-31

Sheriff Bobby Kirk was born and raised in Las Venturas, San Andreas, to John and Mary Kirk. Already at an early age, Bobby was indoctrinated into Law Enforcement and its ideology of it, as both his parents worked in Law Enforcement.

As a law enforcement veteran of over 30 years, Sheriff Kirk has encouraged those he led to aspire to a culture of integrity and community trust to affect positive change from within the department. Prior to transferring to the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department, Sheriff Kirk worked for 20 years with the Las Venturas Metropolitan Police Department where he shifted through various responsibilities, such as being a training officer, an academy instructor, supervisor, and eventually, a leader of the department, as he reached the rank of Assistant Sheriff.

Sheriff Kirk is a strong proponent for education, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the Greenglass College in Las Venturas, his Master’s Degree from San Fierro University, and ultimately his Doctorate, also from San Fierro University, both in Public Administration. He uses his experiences, and his strong proponent, to inspire past, new, and current members of the department, to continue building their careers and their academic knowledge.

As the fourth Sheriff of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department, Sheriff Kirk has overseen major structural changes to the department, especially surrounding the Detention and Parole Bureau, and most recently, overseen the implementation of the Sheriff's Investigations Bureau. Under Sheriff Kirk's leadership, the department reached an all-time high employee count in 2022.







Deputy Sheriff Trainee h9JHh1P.png
Deputy Sheriff I d9sJ7oM.png
Deputy Sheriff II yTkXMSl.png
Deputy Sheriff III wsb4c7e.png
Master Deputy /  Investigator I 5gzWSSC.png
Corporal RalPKqw.png
Sergeant / Investigator II cgkVciw.png
Staff Sergeant /  Investigator III QuEaQlP.png
Lieutenant A756PqT.png
Captain uAAGALo.png
Commander OsTEK5A.png
Assistant Sheriff S7coZc5.png
Undersheriff c9sLuOR.png
Sheriff t3gHlAZ.png





North & South Patrol Area

North and South Patrol is the two patrol areas that the Sheriff's Department has in the county. Our patrol areas consist of general field staff, supervisors, and Command Staff who are at the front of our department and provide the front services to the public. 

Although the patrol areas are not restricted, they serve a greater internal function in the organization and hierarchy of the department. Each field staff is assigned to a patrol area, in which there are specific supervisors and command staff assigned to oversee, guide, and help them further develop their skills as Deputy Sheriffs.

Highway Enforcement Division The Highway Enforcement Division (HED) is responsible for the investigation of traffic collisions and traffic-related crimes in all of the county. Deputies that join the division get access to a wide variety of equipment, vehicles, and tactics, that they utilize on day to day basis. 
K9 Division

The Sheriff's Department’s Canine Division is a valuable resource utilized by LSSD personnel. A canine team consists of an on-duty canine deputy sheriff and their assigned Department canine dog. 

Canine team duties include conducting building searches for hidden offenders, locating missing persons, tracking suspects who have fled the scene of a crime, performing article searches, detecting narcotics or explosives, and conducting public service canine demonstrations.

Due to the canine’s superior sense of smell, hearing, and physical capabilities, a trained law enforcement canine is a valuable asset for a police department to use in order to assist in providing a safe environment for the citizens of the community.

Due to the rigorous selection process, the rigorous training, and the peculiar process of bonding with a canine, not many of our deputies are qualified for this division. 


Special Enforcement Detail Special Enforcement Detail is the Department's tactical response unit. Their primary responsibility is responding to and solving situations that normal officers and deputies can't handle due to inexperience or lack of equipment. They are equal to the Los Santos Police Department's Special Weapons and Tactics team, as well as the Critical Emergency Response Team from the Department of Corrections. This division is currently closed. Special Enforcement Detail is the Department's tactical response unit. Their primary responsibility is responding to and solving situations that normal officers and deputies can't handle due to inexperience or lack of equipment. They are equal to the Los Santos Police Department's Special Weapons and Tactics team, as well as the Critical Emergency Response Team from the Department of Corrections. This division is currently closed.
Air Support Division The Air Support Division is responsible for the Sheriff's Aerial Operations, primarily their job responsibility of providing Sheriff's Deputies with aerial overwatch during situations but they could also be tasked with Search & Rescue, Medevacs, and other miscellaneous tasks. 


Recruitment and Employment Division Recruitment & Employment Division oversees the department's recruitment process and is responsible for hiring and training new staff.
Advanced Training Division Advanced Training Division is tasked with further training for Deputy Sheriffs who wish to qualify for specialized equipment/procedures in the department, e.g. firearms certification, and motorcycle certification. They are also tasked with continuing standard training with employees, e.g. pursuit training to maintain employee standards.
Field Training Division Field Training Division is tasked with training and assessing new employees who have graduated from the Sheriff's Academy Program. New employees will be subjected to a Field Training Program where they will be taught and assessed on all of our procedures and protocols.
Supervisor Training Division The Supervisor Training Program is a program that all Corporals, Investigators and Agents, can partake in. Command and Executive Staff are responsible for overtraining and assessing potential Supervisors. The program is a 4-week program where the Corporal/Agent/Investigator will partake in several guided and evaluative patrol sessions to train and eventually test them on their supervisory abilities. 


Major Crimes Division The Major Crimes Division is the starting division for standard entry level members of the Sheriff's Investigations Bureau. It provides further inquiry and investigation than standard patrol Deputies may be equipped to handle. The MCD is comprised of three units that work semi-independently: Robbery & Homicide, Vice, and Crime Scene Investigations. Robbery & Homicide as the name entails focuses on scenes relating to murder, theft, criminal threats, etc. The Vice unit focuses on weapons trafficking, sex crimes, illegal gambling, and cases of fraud. Lasty, the CSI unit is responsible for handling post-incident forensic investigations and criminal complaints from civilians to be potentially created into case-files for Investigators. This is typically the entry level unit for all new members of bureau before they specialize further in their career(s) down the line.
Gangs and Narcotics Division The Gangs and Narcotics Division otherwise known as GND oversees all organized criminal organizations in the state of San Andreas in an act to suppress and defer future crime from taking place through proactive safe-streets measures. Referring to activities such as: drug manufacturing, weapons trade/smuggling, organized robberies, etc. GND is composed of two units, the Investigator unit; staffed with Sheriffs Investigators whom have been assigned to specialized supervision/surveillance of said groups. As well as the Gang Field Unit (GFU), composed of Gang Deputies who are tasked with assisting said Investigators in the field through documentation and operational flexibility. These two units work hand in hand to assist the division in full operational success. 


Internal Affairs Division Internal Affairs Division acts as the investigative arm of the Sheriff with respect to employee misconduct. They are primarily responsible for reviewing misconduct complaints filed by other officers or civilians and investigating whether any departmental policies, procedures, or protocols were violated.
Sheriff's Information Division  Sheriff's Information Division is an integral component of the Office of the Sheriff. Committed to the Department's core value of Service to Our Communities, the Sheriff's Information Division is dedicated to the strategic progress of educating the public on important safety initiatives to help them improve their quality of life. They are also responsible for releasing any information or important events from the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department to the public.


I was denied, can I apply again? Yes, next Recruitment Drive unless otherwise specified in your denial message.
I failed one of the stages, can I apply again? Yes, next Recruitment Drive unless otherwise specified in your denial message.
I have recently been removed from a faction because of poor OOC conduct or other OOC reasons, can I still apply?

You will most likely not be allowed to partake in the Sheriff's Recruitment Process unless you have shown that you are in good standing with the community and other factions for a consistent time period.

I am from a different region than the one that you are looking for members in, can I still apply? In most cases, no. 
Can I appeal my denial or any of the stages that I failed? In most cases, no. RED Command works extensively to review applications and the work of application handlers. Most denials are discussed among several members. You could try to contact the Bureau Commander for Administrative Operations (or work your way up through the chain) but in most if not all scenarios, the answer will be the same. 
Is it easy to progress or gain higher ranks in this faction? No. Like the LSPD, the LSSD believes in good and proper character development as well as a somewhat realistic portrayal of a Law Enforcement agency. Higher-up positions like supervisor and above are also limited and have added responsibilities for both IC and OOC, and we need to make sure that no one gains the power too fast and that they earn their position in the faction by experience and knowledge. In turn, this results in better obedience in terms of upholding our regulations & standards, which results in better relations with the Eclipse Community. Members that perform good and don't get disciplined either IC or OOC can expect a promotion every 1-3 months, however, certain members may hit a wall when they reach the final rank of whichever group they're apart of (e.g. Field Staff, Supervisory Staff and Command Staff). The higher you climb in the faction, the more responsibilities you will have whether that's out of the game or in the game. We do not "force" paperwork (forum work) on anyone, people choose if they want to progress or not themselves when we offer it to them.
Will I be able to get a heavy weapon quickly in the faction? No. Deputy Sheriff I is the lowest rank that can apply for a certification that will allow you to use a shotgun on duty under strict regulations. Progression takes time in the Sheriff's Department and that includes access to new equipment and vehicles.



1. Government Website
2. LSSD News Room
3. LSSD Ride-Along Program
4. Recruitment and Employment
5. Roleplay Feedback
6. San Andreas Penal Code
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2 minutes ago, MrFluffy02 said:

Los Santos Sheriff Department - Detention & Parole Bureau
Created by: Field Agent Trent Williams


The Detention and Parole Bureau, introduced on April 11th, 2020, aims to rehabilitate and reintegrate persons into community-based corrections for peace and social justice. The Bureau aims to increase public safety by promoting positive change in offender behavior, successfully reintegrating offenders into society, assisting victims of crime while upholding our core values and ethics, and reducing crime, recidivism, and victimizations by motivating offenders to become productive and law-abiding members of society.

The overall Mission of the Detention and Parole Bureau is to contribute to public safety by maintaining a balanced system of institutional and community programs that provide a range of custodial options, supervision, and rehabilitative services in order to facilitate successful offenders' re-entry into the community upon release.


Efforts to rehabilitate and reintegrate criminal offenders as law-abiding and productive members of society are essential to the reduction of crime. These principles form the foundation for policy, allocation of resources, the establishment of priorities, case management decisions, organizational structure, and future development of the Detention and Parole Bureau.




On a day-to-day basis, the Detention and Parole Bureau is in charge of the release of parolees who have been interviewed by Parole Deputies and Agents. After they have been paroled they will be monitored and checked in with for mandatory parole meetings. If for whatever reason a parolee fails their parole agreement, the Detention and Parole Bureau will do everything in its power to apprehend the suspect!

The Detention and Parole Bureau Roster:

Field Agent Steven Lee - Commanding Officer

Senior Agent Wiley Reno - Assisting Commanding Officer

Field Agent Trent Williams - Agent-in-Charge of Surveillance

Field Agent  Fillmoore Grayson - Parole Agent

Agent Colin Quinn - Parole Agent

Agent Bunkie Johnson - Parole Agent

Deputy Zachary Pines - Parole Deputy


Deputy Peter Stanford - Parole Deputy




The Detention and Parole Bureau is a flourishing group of individuals and we’re working hard every day to come up with new and exciting ways to improve the efficiency of our jobs.


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After what felt like hours of negotiation and high tensions, lives were saved and sentences were served. 


The Los Santos Sheriff's Department & Los Santos Police Department will always aim to Protect and Serve the public of this City.

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice."

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Dear SDz Department, 

I am here to exclaim my extreme disappointment with your lead Sheriff cadet, Pierce Hardy. Since your Sheriff impregnated our sweet little Rose Bathsheba, Pierce has yet to send me a child support check. I thought the SDz department stood for integrity. I demand immediately that your Sheriff bring me my money and apologize to Rose for planting your seed and not watering it properly. Rose has undergone severe anxiety and depression knowing her child will not be tended to by the baby-daddy (Pierce Hardy) and we demand that to change. If a payment fails to appear mr. @Beet, we will take our best law man and take you to court. We will win and you know that. This is no longer a hardship for little Sheriff Bathsheba, it is now war.

Yours truly,


Wizard Prophet Scoobie Bathsheba




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The shift started as it normally would for Deputy Sutherland, the sun lays low in the sky as he punches his employee number into the clocking in machine; he opens his locker and removes his uniform, sliding into it as he has done hundreds of times, he turns his attention to the lower section of his locker and removes his SED deployment bag, slinging it over his shoulder before turning to the armoury and removing the firearms he is certified to use, placing them into the bag along with a few magazines of extra ammunition. As he walks through the hallway of Paleto Station, slowly making his way to the coffee machine, not caring whether the jug is fresh nor cold a loud voice booms over the radio "THEY'RE TAKING SOMEBODY HOSTAGE!! THEY'RE SHOOTING!! CODE 1 TAC 1!!" Axel instantly pushes himself on the balls of his feet towards the parking lot "GET ME A KAMACHO!!" he shrieks at Betty "the miserable old bitch is pushing 90, she'll be dead soon" he thinks to himself as he ponders his tone, the care miniscule compared to the fear he has for his colleague. Betty brings a set of keys over to him, her hands shaking and weary with time, seconds feel like minutes as the adrenaline begins to course through his veins, he holds back an outburst to tell her to hurry up.


He throws his bag into the back of the Kamacho and removes his Marksman Rifle, placing a magazine inside and cocking back the lever, allowing a bullet to enter the chamber, Axel flips it onto it's side ensuring the safety is on and placing it onto his lap as he jumps into the drivers seat. The gate to the parking lot swings open as he punches it to the location of the call "11 ROMEO 11 is code 3" he exclaims over the radio as he toggles his radio to the TAC-1 channel. The shots fired had now turned into a pursuit of a white Brawler, registered owner came back to a "Sumana Saman" a well known Russian affiliate, he knew instantly things could turn ugly at a moment notice as he cruises across Sandy Shores Airfield, gently caressing his marksman rifle. There was a lot of back and forth over the radio, it was imperative that we did not lose this vehicle, everybody was giving their all and the decision was made to transfer the pursuit over to Joint TAC and request assistance from the Los Santos Police Department, we knew the Russians were crafty but we had grown wise to their tricks. The pursuit headed towards the old Azteca HQ, we knew exactly what they were planning "DO NOT LET THEM INTO THE STORM DRAIN!" Axel hears Detective Roth shout "THEY WILL HAVE A BF-400 SET UP!", suddenly the pursuit that had been relatively easy to keep up with turned high stakes, a unit immediately forced his cruiser into the entrance of the storm drain before the Brawler had a chance to make his way down "BOX HIM IN" is heard booming over the radio from a voice unfamiliar to Axel. It was done, the pursuit was over, the 10-15 was caught, Axel immediately jumps from his Kamacho and climbs a nearby building to gain a vantage point, these Russians will not give up so easily.


Not much attention is paid to what is being said over the radio, Deputy Sutherland had his eyes trained on the area around the scene, calling any and every vehicle he see's, Sumana would not evade justice, not on his watch. Suddenly a voice is heard, an older gentleman, voice huskier than his age would suggest "WHO THE FUCK HAS THE GUN!?" Sheriff Kirk shouts, Axel instantly raises his firearm and looks down onto the scene through his scope, wondering what the fuck is going on. "He had a gun on his hip and now it's gone, who the fuck has it?!" he exclaims once more. The Cadet who searched him states he did not see a firearm on his, just .50 ammo, "Weird" Axel thinks to himself, "Ammo without a gun" he mutters to himself. Nobody owned up to taking the gun, a corrupt officer on the scene?


Sheriff Kirk orders all deputies and officers to line up against the wall to be searched, if nobody wanted to own up to taking the gun then we would find it the hard way. 1 by 1 deputies and officers were lined up against the wall, cuffed and searched. Axel had been a Deputy for 7 years, first with the Oklahoma Sheriff's Department and now with the Los Santos Sheriff's Department and not once has he been cuffed "This is degrading" he mutters to himself.


"I have made a terrible MISTAKE" You hear from the nearby Cadet who originally searched Sumana "I thought the firearm was just the ammo" he states, clearly embarrassed by his blunder. "How did he mistake a gun for just ammo" Axel thinks to himself, this Cadet was on his final evaluation, perhaps the pressure got to him and he had a minor mental breakdown "Who are we to judge", the tense atmosphere had now toned down into a myriad of jokes and laughter. "Isn't it bizarre how a scene can flip so quickly and so dramatically" Axel says to himself, as he drives back towards his jurisdiction.





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                   Our lovely county. So beautiful at dawn and yet so precious at dusk. 

The Sheriff's Department hosted a state-wide job fair that hosted the citizens of Los Santos to come out for a day of fun and exploration. Our goal was to offer exposure to the department and the lovely people who make up the LSSD. In the days event, we allowed our lovely citizens to: rappel from a helicopter, parachute from a helicopter, test drive the equipment, and ask questions to our department heads. 





With such great attendance, we received many compliments on the integrity of our employees and the structure of the event. This compliment only goes to SID, the Sheriff's Information Division, who spent immense time on ensuring the event would be both enjoyable by the employees and the citizens of our county. 




Our event today led to some great memories. While for some it was the first time signing up for a ride along with the Sheriff's Department, for others it was the first time falling 80 feet out of a helicopter, ouch!






A goal of the Sheriff's Department is to remain respectful and professional without exception, it was further reinforcement that this stays true with our valiant field staff that showed up and helped set the event up and remained informational and respectful to all occupants in todays event.






We would like to give a thank you to everyone that came out! The event had a lot of work that went into it and it surely paid off very well. This event would not have happened without the work and efforts of Under Sheriff Bobby Kirk. We never fail to see through your success and endeavors. Your work to us is inspiring and motivating. Thank you.



(Join SED)



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