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Blood Brotherhood

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The very beginning of the Blood Brotherhood is unknown as it has been said to have been passed down for generations before finding its following. They knew that traditional life wasn’t the way things were meant to be, but they didn’t know how it should be until they found the scriptures of the Great Old Ones. Some say that the writings rose up from the ground, several large monoliths shooting upward around the Priest as he received them. A few say the Priest was visited by Cthulhu himself and maimed the Priest beyond recognition in penance for the scriptures. Others tell stories of the Priest being struck down by a mysterious illness and in the night when he slept had the scriptures carved into his back with no recollection of anything that happened prior. It doesn’t really matter HOW the scriptures were found, but only that they WERE found and passed down before the Priest of old.


Before Los Santos the Blood Brotherhood was a very spread out and small kindled flame. It seemed as though before the city appeared and prospered that the prophecies have all be wrong, and several doubted the cause or even left the cult for other religions. But those who were devout stayed, those who truly believed that the lives of those around them were to be bettered by the Great Old Ones, so they pushed on. Not sure of the future, but unwavered and unscathed.


The Blood Brotherhood appeared in Los Santos in 1862 in search of their new Prophet. There was a prophecy of a “devout man in the city of new, giving his life for change.” which drove the Brotherhood towards Los Santos in the first place. However they had no way of telling when the prophet would show himself or how, so they decided that they would stay, committed to the Great Old Ones and their teachings.  During that time the brotherhood consisted of The High Priest, The Great Dreamer, The Sleeper of R’lyeh, the Cultists, and it’s many followers. The legend reads that The Prophet would present himself as a protector of The Great Old Ones creations and ideals. This man would have an unexplainable ability to fuse his body and soul to the Mask of Cthulhu, although sacrificing his face forever to a horrific and gruesome acidic burn, that the cult forced upon its wearer to defuse any question of their devotion to being The Prophet of The Blood Brotherhood, but would feel no pain almost pleasure. After years and years of searching for this “so called Prophet” a man was recently discovered who was found alone protecting farmers and their land along with all the trade routes. This man although sane, showed no earthly desire unlike that of anyone else in the town, he had but one desire, to see the world grow in the eyes of the Great Old Ones. His eyes saw the potential for the world, he wanted the moon to shine against the gleam of Cthulhu’s wings when he came to claim this world. He could smell the warm grass burning from the complete chaos the Great Old Ones would cause when they came to save everyone from this torment. He could feel the pain of the working class, wanting nothing more but to free them from their worldly binds for good. This man, known by the name Victor, was who the brotherhood had been searching for of all those years. The high priest went and spoke with this man who revealed that the Great Old Ones had spoken to him, not in a dream as one may think but they completely over took him. His body shook and his heart thumped inconsistently as he felt a spirit take over him. He felt an extreme pressure inside of his head, words not being able to explain the amplitude of the pain he felt in the middle of his brain. Their words screaming over each other in a choir-esk fashion, over and over and over and over….. When he awoke the words were stained into his thoughts, branded if you will, so he may never unsee them again. Once he had explained himself to the High Priest, he told him his duties of becoming the true Prophet of the Blood Brotherhood. The ritual of the Mask had to be performed, signalling the start of a new era for the Brotherhood. Sacrifices had to be made, several lives were donated to the cause of the Brotherhood. The mask of Cthulhu was placed, burned, and sealed upon Victor’s face. The Clouds began covering the once bright blue sky. The Still waters became wild, waves larger than boats, crashing against the tides at full speed. The ground trembled and quaked, breaking apart around them as the rocks rose from the ground as if defying all rules of this world. THEN, the waters went still. The air went motionless. The sun was bright red, but barely visible behind the almost darkened sky. The Brothers lifted their heads to see their great and mysterious prophet towering over them. Thus the Blood Brotherhood took there beginning in los santos hidden in the dark, but also in the light. We are inside your favorite stores, and inside your government. We are watching, we are always watching.

We gave The Brothers The Book, completing our favor to those who would do right, and explain all things in detail and a guide and a mercy, that they might believe in the meeting with their lord Cthulhu.


Oh yet if only The Book had been passed down to us. We should have followed it’s guidance better then they. Truly our prayer and service of sacrifice, my life and my death will gain favor of The Old Ones. Had it not been for the grace of The Prophet and High Priests it would be certain that Cthulhu and The Old ones would punish them in this world and hereafter would be tortured in fire. Little He who protected the book thought they would get out and out of their homes at the first gathering of forces. Few thought their fortress would defend against this great evil.


There will be rivers and beds of soil. Great thrones will be raised on high and benches set in rows where the people will come and people will hear and the sky which is raised above man and the earth and how the mountains are hardened and isolated. For to us will be their return. By the night and by the day the power of The Old Ones lives on inside and will not stop until peace is once again brought upon the earth. Truly man is to their lords ungrateful. The highest heavens belong to The Old Ones the earth has been given to man. Those who go down to silence do not praise the lord It is we who exalt The Old Ones both now and forever more. For The Old Ones have saved my soul from death my mind from torment and my strength from weakness. Those who have not for they say “Where is our god” They are blind. For they have mouths that do not speak and ears that do not hear. Their god does not answer. They have forsaken all. For our god is with us now and always will be in our hands. Until the return of our great old ones.


The story told is that of The Brothers who traveled in search of peaceful lands after chaos broke loose and Cthulhu's reign had ended. Cities were filled with violence, townspeople go from home to home as if no care to find safe shelter or acceptable food. Men and women had no care for families or love. Only selfish desires.

It is said that four brothers with knowledge of The Great Old Ones and their teachings, planned an escape from the city. This city was heavily guarded, no one would enter and no one would leave. Any attempt to do so would result in torture and death. These four brothers are said to have tied themselves to the bottom of ships with rope, using bamboo to breath out of the water. Others who believed and followed the ways of these brothers showed no fear in this escape. For nothing could be worse than staying and dying I this prison of a city.

It took several days moving one or two Cultists at a time. Two brothers went ahead while two stayed behind to help their fellow men escape. Freedom was near when guards caught onto the escape. Trumpets sounded and the city was alerted. The two remaining brothers quickly gathered the remaining cultists who were now shot with fear.

They made their way to the docks where they would hope to find a way out of the city. They did not. They were captured by guards and taken to the kings prison. Some say that these brothers eventually, broke free, killed the king and set the city free. Others claim that to be a fairytale and that such fallacies will only make man weak, claiming the king took the two brothers to the shore where some had escaped and cut their throats out onto the sand. Such brothers were strong enough to spread the word of The Old Ones. As we must be strong in keeping it alive.


Listen of the Great Old Ones. They were alive before any man. It is said they come using the sky.


Cthulhu had control of earth and it's realm. Substance and beings alike would share in awe as Cthulhu rose from the waters which evaporated off of his stone like skin. Cthulhu is said to have walked among man as if he were their brother. Cthulhu gave and provided for the earth. Though Cthulhu did not expect nothing in return. Cthulhu does not eat for hunger but only for the pleasure of absorbing life. He feasted among cattle in the fields. Goats would often be heard crying from the hills. Man feared Cthulhu for this. Would the cattle reproduce? Would the goats ever again come down from the mountains to eat the food that man once provided for them. For if Cthulhu's desires were so, could he not one day absorb and destroy man? Humans fear grew. Many fled into caves where they ate upon mushrooms and bats. Others searched for lands covered in ice where Cthulhu rarely traveled.


Cthulhu was knelt at the thrones of The Great Old Ones. Fear Cthulhu had lost grasp of his realm. Cthulhu was banished to the land of Lathia deep beneath the oceans and rocks. “Lords for we are merciful Ten thousand years will pass and The Blood Brotherhood will announce his arrival with amplitude, power and knowledge will be bestowed upon man once again.”


A quarrelsome being deserves nothing in the eyes of the old ones. But to be slain among heathens.


The council of priests are the leaders of the cult, they guide the cult and it’s members towards ascensions, their words can be considered the will of the Forgotten Shadows. They share the same power, if not more, than the mighty prophet they came to seek. They are always hidden in the shadow’s of the world and seek the might of their god.


The dreamers are the spiritual guides of the cult and in the absence of high priests can organize meetings within the faith. They are held on high regards as they are the only people who are allowed to question the priests, but only if it is unanimous among the Dreamers.  They are also ones whom are trusted with representing the cult to other factions. A Dreamer’s goal is to do exactly that, dream. What could we possible do to help this fabric of life? Where is the Great Old Ones needed and how can we implement or assist them?



The sleepers are the 3rd leaders of the cult, taking care of many of the tasks within the cult and keeping the peace, normally sleepers are hard working citizens who keep balance between the cult keeping everything in order and peaceful. Sleepers will also come up with simple tasks and some long term tasks for the cult to proceed through to further enhance the brotherhood.


The select few that may call themselves a hand to Hastur are there for a reason. They have fully embraced the Great Old Ones and understand the message needed to be heard. They have proven themselves in militaristic ways and strategic alike. They are the chosen to lead on the field in combat. They are in charge of all of the militia’s population.


A Proponent is someone who is meant to find other to join. Yes, all members are suppose to praise the Great Old Ones, but saying to much can get anyone in a terrible situation. Instead these individuals have a superb understanding and fulling have embraced the teachings of the Great Old Ones and are our disciples to teach the new generations to come.


A Cultist is a member of the cult who has chosen to indulge in its teachings and learning of the ways of the Great Old Ones. They chose to see strategy and knowledge as more of a weapon than any material could be. They loudly praise their faith to all that will listen and are considered quite knowledgeable of our religion.


An Agent is a proven member of our militia, he/she has taken it upon themselves to defend the faith, the forsaken, and the prophet. This does not mean however that they are lacking in knowledge of the virtues as it is considered a basic necessity to know and understand them. But they have a special level of knowledge of how the cult operates and where it is headed for the future.


A Fanatic is a member of the cult who finds themselves defending the cult with their lives. Fanatics are essential for the cult to survive as they provide protection, care, safety, and control when everything else breaks loose. Although dangerous the group of Fanatics are held highly for their sacrifices.


An Acolyte is a newly inducted member within the cult who seeks to learn as much as possible of the virtues so that they may, amongst others, preach their faith. They have chosen to lean more on the side of reason, but will not stray from conflict if deemed necessary.


Is the rank one gains upon a cult invite, it is that of a citizen who follows the cult’s teachings but has yet to choose whether to indulge in the teachings or to take up arms for the faith. It is, of course, possible to remain a forsaken citizen affiliated with the Cult and not join the more zealous parts of the cult.





The Blood Brotherhood seeks any man or woman willing to forward his sorrows with the minds of those similar but they only recruit those who are willing to partake in the order of the cult and it’s values. The Blood Brotherhood will only invite people into its order and finding the blood brotherhood in itself is hard. That being said if you do in fact want to join we are around. Approach with caution and state you business clearly. We do not take kindly to those who waste our time.  Most members who are not zealous are extremely secretive but fear not future brothers and sisters, as the Brotherhood has its eyes where you can’t see. We see all that we need, and if that is you, we will come.

Listen closely and stay vigilant, you might find the answer you are longing for. Seek the ones in black and red, who preaches of the gods o’ high. Seek a mechanic who works hard as a drug high, seek a officer whose name makes darkness shake, seek a doctor who also eats what he takes. Seek the harvest that makes food go round. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.





All members must attend rituals regularly(once a month) failure to do so will result in banishment or at the very least de'ranking.


Respect the hierarchy of the ranks. If you feel something is counted as heresy message one of the officers, no claim will be ignored. We must keep trust and control inside the cult.


Ceremonial gowns must be worn during all rituals, mandatory. Outside of rituals all members will be expected to wear black/red outfits (or the correlating outfit for their rank) when in the presence of other members.


The Blood Brotherhood is very lucrative. You can be extremely devoted and a fanatical beast who owns the Blood Brotherhood with honor when people ask who you are with. Or you can choose to keep your cultist behavior secretive as you might be in a gang or part of the government. Thus not wanting the public to know but in role-play you must still be extremely faithful to the brotherhood. We do expect to be the motive you stand behind even if you are in another faction.


This is very deep, dark, and creepy heavy role-play, not for faint of heart. We are required, by the rules, to ask everyone OOC if they consent to anything and everything. YOU CANNOT GO AROUND THIS IF YOU WANT TO STAY IN THE CULT. This is not some simple, fun, role-play. Members are expected to get into as much detail as very dark, creepy, scenarios that are created. ((Ripping of flesh, Sex/Orgies, and whatever your twisted minds can conjure. Have a little fun with it. ))













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I have been seeing a lot more people coming around the farm! I'm happy to see that everyone feels safer now enough to get out there and help this city prosper! If you see me in the orange fox mask, and red tie, come say hello brothers and sisters. I may hold a ceremony and indite a few members if anyone wants to join they are more than welcome this afternoon.

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It has been an honor to be part of such an amazing group of people.  Victor is a wonderful man and has been a great friend OOC and IC as the Prophet. We're continuing to recruit daily and still maintaining the original goals set forth in this thread.

If you're looking for a great group of roleplayers and a place where you can be treated like family please seek us out IC 


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