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Charging stations for electric cars

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I believe electric cars currently require fuel just as any other vehicle, i believe this should be changed as its super unrealistic. My suggestion is that we make the water/air pumps that every gas station has into electric charging stations for the cars. They would be slower than refueling combustion engine cars but the electricity would be free, at least making it somewhat attractive to own one of the few electric cars this game has to offer. This would affect the Surge, Voltic, Khamelion, Tezerect, Neon(if added), Raiden(if added), Cyclone, and possibly the Dilletante(even though its a hybrid) I think it could be quite easily implemented, and is in no way game breaking in any way. If added, the Neon and Raiden should be added aswell as they would probably be the most used electric cars (with the tezerect, voltic and cyclone being supers and the surge being slow)

image.png.a98d395af55d0063c4ef106ca443aa28.pngThe Charging Station

20190313022050_1.thumb.jpg.d2607ff458ca8b4d3cd803db497e4dec.jpgA Coil Raiden being charged at a station

20190313022701_1.thumb.jpg.de5c97b23adde90d8c2405279e900183.jpgA Pfister Neon being charged at Xero Gas

20190313022520_1.thumb.jpg.3f9d609fcc56d91de6b8a9988e3bcaf8.jpgA Surge being recharged

A selection of cars that would be effected by this implemention


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