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ECLIPSE ROLEPLAY - Casino Update (February 4th, 2024)

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Dear Eclipse Community,

Proudly announcing an update that has been anticipated for a long time, the Diamond Casino finally opens its doors! This new update brings many things to the casino including table games, slot machines, and the lucky wheel; all housed inside our new custom casino MLO.


In the casino, instead of using cash you’ll be using Casino Chips! The conversion rate for Casino Chips is 1:1, so 1 Casino Chip = $1 Eclipse Buck. You can buy your chips with cash at the cage in the main room on the gambling floor. When you cash in, of course, the Diamond Casino needs to take a small bit to pay the bills. When cashing in your chips, a 3% tax will be taken from the total but don’t worry, you can buy them back and win more later on!


Slot Machines

We’re happy to finally show off and release the new slot machines, the script being completely different from what you may be used to if you partook in playing slot machines at Tequilala in the past. With seven (7) new machines available to use, the possibilities of spinning to win are endless!


To change your bet amount, you can press left-shift to raise it, and backslash (\) to lower it. To spin, you press left-click.


We're thrilled to announce a complete overhaul in our poker script from fixing gameplay issues to introducing innovative UI improvements, as well as catering to players of all stakes with a variety of table sizes. 



Black Jack

Blackjack is one of the games we’re the most excited to have included in this release; this game has been requested and talked about for ages, and it’s finally here for you to play! With 3 different table types for Black Jack, you can play for a small amount of money at the low or medium-stake tables or go for the big win at the high-stakes tables.


To bet, you press Enter upon joining the table and enter your bet. Each table has its own minimum bet, so make sure you pick the right table for your budget!
When it’s your turn, you press Enter to hit, and Backspace to stand.
If you get two of the same card, you can press Shift+S to split.
If you’re feeling lucky, press Shift+D to double your bet, but be wary, if you double you can’t hit anymore!


Roulette has also been introduced to the casino, if you have a lucky number, this is the game for you to put its luck to the test! Similar to Poker and Black Jack, the Roulette wheels also have a Low/Medium/High Stake option.


To bet, press G to change your camera view. It will allow you to look around the multiple betting options.
Press Shift to raise your bet size and Ctrl to lower it.
Clicking your Left Mouse Button will place a bet.
Clicking Right Mouse Button will remove a bet.

Lucky Wheel

With the lucky wheel, there are 19 different possible prizes (in chips) that you can win, all the way from 2000 chips to 5x the chips you spent to spin! Unfortunately, you can’t win the car, but if you get lucky enough you can land on the mystery prize for something very cool!




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