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Barrier for players

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So this suggestion is in regards to adding cones as a buyable and place able item for anyone.

They could be a stackable item as cones stack irl.

they could have a Vol of 2 and when placed they could have the ui option "pick up" on them.


Anyone would be able to pick them up but they would have a 15 second action timer.

Could be used for events such as car meets and street races and so on.

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I like the concept behind your suggestion, but the issue is in their current state, these could be abused. When you place a cone down, it is a hard stuck object that cannot be moved or broken, so someone could put them down in the road and use them to block people in or as barricades to stop a car chase. Development would have to be done to change this interaction for this to work. 

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I think the issue with adding HP to the item, is that they can still stall out a vehicle, and be used to do so. When LEO's use it, we have strict guidelines on which we can use, and under what scenario we can use them in. Given those same to the public can be easily abused, but also, I think they are set hard hard set objects in case individuals arriving to their location allows them to be rendered in just as they were set, as opposed to something like street lights or traffic lights, where they respawn when you leave the rendering distance.

This is just a speculation, but I don't think there's a viable way to integrate this without being abused. Even the LEO blue barricades are destroyed upon impact, but if you leave rendering distance and go back, they'll respawn again, just as they were. So while you're there, and see it moved, or destroyed, someone coming 200km/h down the street 1 mile out, will see it fully rendered.

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I still remember when the boxes of water were a fixed object and players would place them in fast corners just to fuck with everyone, this is how this would be abused ^^.

I don't think it would work for just any player to be able to buy/place them.


The cops already have access to these cones though and there are IC ways to have them help you place them.

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