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House Robbery Random Trigger

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Date and time (provide timezone): 01/05/2023

Character name: Roberto_Sanchez

Issue/bug you are reporting: House randomly triggers alarm when no noise is made and all is followed correctly. I’ve heard unconfirmed whispers about houses randomly triggering on entry but this was not my situation. I was in, house alarm off, maintained being quiet, house triggered.

Looking for clarification on if this is intended behaviour, as it seems off given that it’s a skill based mini game. I understand potential random triggers on initial entry to mitigate “mastering” the activity and being risk free, but random triggers through a successful robbery should not be a thing.

Expected behavior:  House should not trigger alarm randomly during a robbery unless noise is made. 

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate


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So from what I HAVE HEARD (this is not confirmed just whispers from people when asked)

This is completely expected behavior regarding house robberies. There's a "Skill" aspect and also a "Random" aspect to it. Meaning that if you fuck up skill wise and send the noise all the way up, the alarm goes off. But also there's a "Random" element to it where the alarm will just randomly go off. If it's really like this I don't know it's just what I heard.

If this is actually how it is then I don't have a clue why. It makes no sense for there to be a skill and random aspect to it. It should either be fully skilled with only the alarm going off if you make too much noise, or there should be no noise meter and completely random.

Hope maybe @Osvaldon could reply to this giving us an insight into his coding and if this is expected behavior or actually a bug

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Has anyone ever had PD raid them without tripping an alarm? The house being ON ALARM when I enter happened to me once.. must be a bug. But if I never raise an alarm as I can still interact with the items AND the NPC never wakes up AND the noise meter is never filled.. how can PD receive a call?

I lost everything to this potential issue or bug and I am being told 1 thing by 1 admin and another by another admin. 

Can anyone assist or share anything?

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