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Unlimited food item / Health

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Date and time (provide timezone): 21:44 UTC+1, 29-12-18

Character name: Indy_Hrolfr

Issue/bug you are reporting: I started to eat a submarine when going on duty in bollingbroke, I pressed E to eat the food item and at the same time
I pressed E to open one of the doors in the prison, This glitched out the food item and I could eat it unlimited. It would not finish, using /stopeating would also not work, and I was able to keep eating and gaining health. I asked some fellow members of DoC to shoot me after this bug happens. @Pvle shot me multiple times. I could eat some more and gain health. (after eating it 100 times in a row), I then downed myself using an admin command. and revived myself, and I could still eat and gain health. After I restarted my game, I logged in. and still had the submarine in my hand. I then got fully killed. injured and send to MD. I still had the submarine in my hand and I can still eat to gain health.

@Grape can also confirm I was stuck and @Chrisy (both staff members) came to help me and fully killed me. and still, I could eat and gain health. 

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate
Video contains staff chat. Shall be sent to developers upon request. 


  1. eat a lovely submarine or any other food item.
  2. Press E at a prison door, (only works for LSPD/SADOC members) to open the door and eat at the same time
  3. TADA, Free unlimited submarine. (or any other food item, {Unconfirmed})

Picture by @Grape

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Added steps to recreate, Should also be in the video.
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