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The Ballad of Mark Winterfield

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The Ballad of Mark Winterfield                                                                                                                                                          Ka9ubCS.png

Mark Winterfield at the San Andreas Department of Corrections.
Rank: Commander | Badge: #05

Warning: This thread contains explicit adult content. Viewer discretion is advised.


Follow the story of Marcus J. Winterfield and his journey through the streets of Los Santos. Engage in his battle with crime, drugs, sex & women as he struggles to stay on top. After all, he can't disappoint his family.



     Mark Winterfield was born on April 17th, 1991. Currently making him 25 years of age. He was born with thick brown hair, and bright blue eyes. His nose is fairly straight, but it may stick out a little too far. His mouth meets his nose almost unnaturally close and his cheekbones rest in the middle of the two. Mark has stood for a few years at 5'11''. His body shows it too, although his legs may be a bit stronger than his torso. Mark grew up in the busy business city of St. Louis, Missouri. During his childhood, Mark had (and still has) both parents and lived an upper-class lifestyle alongside his now deceased sister Megan. Being the older brother, he often looked down on her and their relationship was a bit shoddy because of it. One of Mark's biggest regrets in his life is not being there more for his sister before her death. Growing up, Mark was very spoiled and heavily favoured over Megan. Albeit to this day he does not want to admit it, deep down he knows it's true. As a handsome, young attactive teenager, Mark was definitely a "ladies man". His willingness for approval mainly came from the women he associated with in high school. Mark needed the approval of others in order to function. He sought for it daily. This led him to make poor decisions in order to stay relevant, call it "peer pressure" if it please. Mark ended up with a charge and spent a year on probation to get it wiped off. These qualties carried onto college, which he chose to move to Liberty City to attend. During this time, Mark spent his time studying business and criminal justice. College changed mark quite a bit. He is a self-admited, but fully functioning alcoholic because of the amount he drank while he was in college. Luckily, Mark avoided unplanned pregnancy and stayed out of jail. After college, he got a job as a data analysist. This is where Mark began to mature into the adult he is today. While still keeping his bad alcohol habit, he learned to manage his finances with his degrees. He was still distant from his parents but he started to appreciate everything that he had when he was growing up. He stayed at his job in Liberty City for about a year until his sisters death. After that, he moved back to Los Santos to be closer with his family. A few years later, he had landed a job with his best friend Damon Bando as a correctional officer. And this is where this story begins.   



Character Development



Character Development



I try to post roleplay screenshots once a day, but always once a week. They're not necessarily for character development. I try to post excerpts whenever something major in Mark's life happens with details on how it affects his character. This is a compilation of all of them.

#1 - Aftermath


#2 - In Deep Trouble



#3 - Ms. Nightwood


Character Stories





The Death of Megan Winterfield


The day was the 22nd of May, in the year of 2014. Mark was still sound asleep from the party he had went to the night before. The sun was just rising, but the clouds had blocked it from view.  The rain would prove to stay constant throughout the entire day, starting early in the morning. Almost symbolic of the circumstances. The basement room of the apartment was silent, and almost covered in black. There slept Mark, alone in his bed. His phone laid next to him on his stand, as a bottle of alcohol was sitting profoundly next to it.

The silence was broken by the ring of his phone. Mark instantly awoke to the ear-piercing sound of his ringtone. Annoying, and hungover, Mark reached for his phone and answered it without looking at his caller ID.

"Hello?" he said, in a groggy tone. Not pleased with the early-morning wake up call.

"Hey sport, " said a familiar voice over the phone. "It's dad." he finished. Immediately Mark could sense the panic and dread in his voice. He knew something was wrong. It was unlike his dad to call him at all, let alone this early in the morning. And something was off. His voice, his voice was not normal.

"Hey dad!" he replied, trying to hide his hangover. "Is everything OK?" The phone call went silent. The pure hesitation set off alarms in Mark's head. He knew something had to be wrong. "Dad?" he finally interjected.

"Yeah, yeah sorry- It's just-" his dad took a huge audible gulp, Mark heard it over the phone.

"Spit it out!" Mark said, annoyingly.

"Your sister. She's dead, Mark." his dad finally spit out. Mark's heart dropped, the pure feeling of dread overcame his whole body. Paralyzed, unable to move. His little sister had passed away. Extreme panic and worry came over him. Accompanied with excelled confusion. When did this happen? How could this have happened? He hesitated, not sure how to respond to the news. 'This had to be a joke, right?' he thought. There's no way this could be real.

"What do you mean, she's /dead/; dad?" he responded.

"She was on duty, and some maniac--" he paused, Mark could hear the sound of his dad crying in the background. This was extremely unusual. Mark had only ever seen his dad cry once before, when his grandpa died way back in 1996. This would only be the second time to date that Mark would hear his dad cry. It broke his heart to have to witness it. "Some person shot her. She's dead, Mark."

A few hours passed... Mark was still trying to comprehend the death of his sister. 'What next?' he thought. What would he do now? His mind filled with regrets. He had been away at college for so long, and started to regret not seeing his little sister. Her accomplishments had even surpassed his own. Being an FBI Special Agent at such a young age, next to her brother who played professional football. But now she was gone, and Mark had no idea how to continue from here. His thoughts were of home. He needed to be home, with his family. This was one of their few major losses, and one of the only losses in Mark's entire life. His emotion flooded him.

Mark later called and quit his job, he told them that his sister had died and he was going home. Meanwhile, he packed everything and bought a plane ticket for the next day to a trip home to Los Santos.

"I'm going home." he thought.

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