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James Sardinsky

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Character Development


James Sardinsky



Name: James Sardinsky

Nationality: Czech

DOB: 04/01/1993

Moved to Los Santos on: 17/07/2018

Occupation: Police Officer at Los Santos Police Department



4 January, 1993 - Born in Prague, Czech Republic

1 January, 2008 - Moved to South Carolina, U.S.

26 June, 2011 - Graduated High School

5 July, 2011 - Enlisted in the United States Marine Corps

23 July, 2011 - Started the Marine Basic Combat Training

11 October, 2011 - Graduated Boot Camp

24 August, 2013 - Married Julia

9 July, 2014 - Birth of James Jr. and Wanda

5 February, 2017 - Julia divorced James and received sole custody of the children

19 June, 2017 - Resigned from the USMC at the rank of Sergeant and received an honorable discharge

17 July, 2018 - Moved to Los Santos

25 August, 2018 - Enlisted in the Los Santos Police Department

15 September, 2018 - Graduated the Police Academy

23 August, 2019 - Resigned from the Los Santos Police Department 





ACT I - Early Life

James was born in Czech Republic, but raised in America. His father was a soldier in the Czech Armed Forces and his mother was a teacher. James moved to the United States shortly after his mother died in a tragic car accident. When he moved to America at the age of 15, he could barely speak English but after attending school he quickly learnt it. He made some friends, and graduated high school 3 years later. 

During his last year in high school, a Marine recruiter came over to recruit new soldiers. James was not very interested at first, but his father's service swayed him towards joining. Sardinsky enlisted to the Marines and in a couple of months, he passed his Basic Combat Training, and became a full fledged Marine. Due to his love of guns and adventure, probably derived from his father, he became specialized as an infantry rifleman. He was deployed overseas multiple times, but he does avoids talking about his experiences in the military. 


Sergeant James Sardinsky


Sardinsky's picture from on of the deployments overseas

On one vacation, away from base, James met a beautiful, smart, and kind woman at a bar. They instantly fell in love, and after a couple of months they got married. Julia was her name, and she gave birth to two children, James Jr. and Wanda. Unfortunately, James was a Marine and he was often on duty, far away from home. He rarely saw his family, and Julia was tired of him not being closer to home. Therefore, she filed divorce papers, and the court granted her full rights to the kids. James was alone again, and fell into extreme sadness.



Sardinsky has been honorably discharged from the Marine Corps after he filed a resignation. At just 24 years of age, his wife and kids left him, and he resigned from his main career. He had some drinking problems and once thought about killing himself, but never tried to. Afterward, he moved to Los Santos in pursuit of opportunities. As a former Marine Rifleman, he had trouble finding jobs that could suit his interests well. He worked small jobs such as bus driver, money transporter, and postal worker, but none of it satisfied him. He hopped from job to job, hoping to finally find one where he could feel right. 


James' picture when he was a bus driver



On August 25, 2018, James enlisted to the Los Santos Police Department. He found his place there, and after being a cadet for a couple of months, he became an officer of the law. He enjoyed his job, and found that he was serving a good purpose in life. His life got back on track. Something clicked, and he acquired a very positive attitude and outlook on life. He earned enough money to pay off a house mortgage and bought a cheap, cozy car. He has made many friends in the department and works hard to keep the citizens of Los Santos safe.


James Sardinsky's police portrait


James Sardinsky with his car, and house in the background



During a long and rewarding career in the LSPD, James experienced both ups and downs. He has seen his academy buddies leave and new cadets coming in to take their place. During his high points in the LSPD, James was allowed an honor to be a Sergeant and a Trial SWAT Instructor to lead the best of the best. However, after some considerations and shifts in his life, he decided to reprove his current honors and enlist within the Investigations Bureau. Through hard work, James received an offer to secure the position of Detective I and prove his worth to the Bureau. 

Being excited to gain experience in investigations, James found a few case files to work on. But due to mental problems related to his family, he had trouble staying on task and showing up to work. James took several LOAs which damaged the credibility of his cases. They have been laying around without any consistent upkeep which made it harder to get back into them. As James came back from his LOAs, he felt more and more discouraged as he wasn't making any progress, but simply closing his casefiles. 

On the contrary, one particular case file followed him. While the details of the case file are unknown, James became emotionally involved into the tragedy of a young woman name Aaliyah. He fell into alcoholism, drinking away while his problems kept stacking up. Due to his Czech background, he had an easy access to imported Vodka. Later, Aaliyah found out about James' alcohol addiction and pushed him to change his ways. James, as an emotional individual, greatly cared about the young girl. He stopped drinking without question, especially due to the tragedies that Aaliyah got involved in. On the contrary, it is unknown whether James was still drinking on the job while carrying out his Law Enforcement duties. 




James was a driven, yet fragile individual. Before his career in the LSPD, he was a promising man. He had the motivation to push forward and do something that he loved. He found his purpose in the department, but his work is an attribution to his descent into madness. He went on one final, lengthy LOA before his resignation to find some time off and grasp the last factors that defined the true James Sardinsky. Nonetheless, this was another failed effort as he would still be bugged by his lack of progress in the Investigations Bureau. James tried his best to show up to work and get his game up, but the isolation and alcoholism changed him. The constant remarks of his coworkers taunting that its a surprise to see him at work weren't of any help. He could no longer find the motivation to put his badge on. 

The last patrol that Sardinsky found himself on was with his old friend Miles Townsend. Townsend has recently reinstated after a long break from the Department, so James naturally wanted to reunite with his best brother in blue. This last patrol would go down as one of the best, if not the best, that he experienced. Words would not be able to capture the sheer amount of amusement that James and Miles had. Furthermore, at the end, James received approval to carry out Townsend's promotion. The motivation was found again, but it only lasted so long as it couldn't fill the wounds that build up throughout his time in the LSPD.

Therefore, after long considerations, James Sardinsky turned in his resignation on August 23, 2019 and received an Honorable Discharge on August 24. James received one e-mail from his good friend, Jonathan Norton. James saw Norton go from Cadet to Police Officer III and that he regarded him as a great officer would be an understatement. Maybe one day, Sardinsky will come back to carry on his legacy. 




After he left the LSPD, James found a new passion. He became a freelancer for Alcohol Import/Export between the U.S. and the Czech Republic. To start up his venture, he made his way to the furniture store and bought some equipment to get him started. He organized a home office and orders started to come in. James' home quickly filled up with pallets of hard liquor and imported beer. Without much place in the garage, James had to hold the stock inside his house. A pallet of Vodka stood in an unused bedroom, while boxes of beer flooded his living room. 

Of course, being James, he kept a bottle of each liquor for quality assurance taste test. The bottles started to pile up, and so, he found himself in heaven. A passion united with his previous addiction and satisfied his sorrow from leaving the department. Without order and routine in his life, James started to become less organized and more careless. His house turned to be trashed with used bottles. James even pulled out his Hawaii shirt, shorts, and socks and sandals that he could finally wear, due to the lack of dress code.

Was this the last step into his descent into madness or the first step to escape it? 




One day, James woke up in the middle of the night with a nightmare. Dripping with sweat, he made his way over to the table and poured half a shot of Vodka... He woke up again, this time in his archaic, ruined chair left by the previous owner. James took out his phone and noticed a missed call from Josef Sardinsky, brother that James has not spoke to in years. He was confused to say the least. Josef was a man of the north, a conspiracy theorist to say the least. The only phone he ever had was a string with 2 cans at its ends.

James sensed it was an omen. He swiftly packed essential belongings and made his way over to Sandy Shores. While on the road, James sensed a newfound feeling of adventure. The desert, although empty, filled his lonely heart with unfounded joy. He felt alive again... While on Route 68, he stopped by Yellow Jack Inn. The rusty, red Cheburek awaited his return. James walked inside the Yellow Jack to be greeted by the anthem of the North, antique country music. The Inn was empty, hence the music filled the abandoned corners of the room. James sat down and poored himself left over liquor. A tear rolled down his cheek as he left the bar behind. 




James barely started up his old Cheburek and resumed on his way toward Sandy Shores. Unexpectedly, he took a turn onto Sandy Shores Airport and begun to drift around. Some speculate that he did it to satisfy his memories of police chases and adrenaline that filled his earlier life. A while after, he finally made it Sandy Shores and reunited with his forgotten brother. To contrary beliefs of James, Josef seemed like a friendly guy, not one of those crackhead crazies who believe in UFOs. Although Josef did live in a small trailer, he made the most of it. 

James and Josef sat down and talked about their lives. Josef revealed that he had many friends around Sandy Shores and felt as if this was his home town. James noticed that his brother did not own any devices that had a computer inside. He claimed that the government folk would find and take him away if they had a way to trace him. After such remarks, James felt reluctant to tell Josef about his career as a police officer, so he just went along with his freelance alcohol business story. 

When they had enough hearing each others stories, Josef invited James to show him around the Sandy Shores area. James agreed and they went to explore the nearby desert. The socio-economic status of the area was not a shock to James. He himself lived in a low income neighborhood and empathized with the folk of the North. One stand-out place of Sandy Shores was its National Park. Composed of boulders, the park was small, but it was an attraction nonetheless. 

When the the sun started setting and the moon dawning, James made his goodbyes to Josef. James started up his old Cheburek and turned on the radio. His favorite song came up: Big Log by Robert Plant. 




James arrived at home past the highway trans. He sat down on his patio and poured himself a shot or two. He gazed upon the windows of neighboring houses, longing for company. He witnessed some men arguing and some screams come out of homes. He saw the lights go off one by one. Not even one soul passed by to talk with him. James drank away, waiting for someone to show up like a lost puppy whose owner passed away.

A car or two passed, maybe three. Here and there he heard the heartbeat of Los Santos. The tranquil night was sometimes interrupted by a cry. That's how James spent his night. It is unsure whether he slept that night at all or his drive kept him awake, waiting for someone to join him. 


*More detail will be added SoonTM




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