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  1. Sending someone OOC info with the intention of them using it would still be a breach of the rules. That's common sense. Us enforcing this rule this strictly simply doesn't make sense, then we should start punishing streamers too, because I doubt their delays are a whole RP situation behind.
  2. By this rules definition, I meta-game on the daily, and I don't plan on stopping, nor do the people I "meta-game" to/with plan on stopping. I tend to bitch about things, even active RP situations. /shrug +1
  3. Personally had almost all of my best RP experiences with this fine group of people, and I never see them being toxic as I see with most of the gangs.
  4. Dont need to make it so they can put them in a garage or anything. +1 to permanent keys, or atleast keys that don't disappear as soon as you inevitably crash.
  5. You want a reply? Okay, i'll give you one. 1 Gun, there was 1 gun even out when I started firing, and it wasn't pointed at me, Try again Xavier. Also, we didn't "Split up" she moved off behind you to get into a good position, because she has a brain, and is ICly a cop. I didn't shoot right away, watch your own video big boy, you said "Dont fucking move" while you had a gun in your hand, i'd blast someone for that in real life had I been armed also. How you gonna tell me that you only recorded 1 minute and 44 seconds? What kind of program records in such specific parameters. Admit it Xavier, you're just grasping at straws right now. (ᴗ ͜ʖ ᴗ)
  6. I'm done responding, i'll let the admins do their job. 🙂
  7. Okay, lets get the fun started. 1. Lets see the full video of this situation, preferably from where you tried to hit me off the citybee (which is Vehicle deathmatching by the way) when you first saw us, thank you. 2. I drew my gun as soon as I stepped off the vehicle but I did not fire a single round until you said "Dont fucking move" and you and your friend drew your weapons. 3. None of my actions were seemingly unrealistic to me atleast, It's not like I tried to ram you off your city bee before saying anything to you, oh but you tried that. Okay, lets pause the video at about 13 seconds where you instantly drew your gun and started saying "dont fucking move", your gun was not directly on me and your friend hadn't drew his weapon yet, and my partner who I knew was armed was directly behind you ready to fire, and I was well aware she was armed because we just got into a shootout about an hour earlier. I had my weapon drawn as soon as I stepped off the vehicle because I knew exactly what you were up to, people attempt to rob me every day my friend, and I also like that you didn't keep the video rolling until you had 2 Mercia guys mercy kill you so that you didn't have to go to jail when the ambulance came back for you. I have 182,000 XP, If you think I don't know when someones about to rob me, and I don't know to prepare myself after someone just tried to VDM me and then proceeded to chase me down, you're absolutely wrong. Before you ask me or my partner for footage, we don't have any, what we do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills we acquired from a very long career of vigilanteism, Skills that make us a nightmare for people like you.
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