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encrypted radio channels.

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So I fully believe that the way PD is right now they have a full edge over criminals, that's the way it should be, but for criminals to be able to have fun and good rp as well why don't we allow them to get access to encrypted radio channels as well, at least for the orgs that are going to be official, that way they don't have to worry about leaks or anything as well, because if criminals have to worry about leaks then so should PD, radios shouldn't be another edge above criminals, radio should be a level playing field. This is just meant to be something that can add a new level of RP to the server, say for instance why can't we hack into an encrypted radio frequency something just like being able to use a bobby pin on a radio or something like that, would make it eligible if successful to get into 911 or 918, although I don't know why someone would get into 918, as well as that with the upcoming criminal orgs getting added into official orgs, why should we not although them a tac channel as well, I just think it's kind of dumb that PD get it where they can organize so well, but criminals can't, with faction handlers as well as quite few staff being involved in orgs it could be a pretty easily managed thing, could even lead to better rp in general. Just my opinion on things

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I personally believe it's something totally normal for PD to have access or "hack" into criminals radio.
although the only problem that I see here is, I absolutely do not want them to chill in our radio frequency and just listen what we are doing and use that information to ruin the RP for us.

example of a situation where this could come handy and would actually be useful for PD is in kidnap situations where they want to spy on us, huge mass shootings where all the gangs are in one frequency, movements against government's etc.

another thing that could actually help is when a PD officer joins a channel to ask if he succeeds or not? but unfortunately /do only works in close range.

either way, as I mentioned earlier I do not want PD to be listening to criminals 24/7, only on special occasions.
Criminals should have a chance to be able to avoid radio spying.


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2 hours ago, Flucifial said:


Can you give some constructive feedback as to why? This isn't something criminals would have an issue getting a hold of in the real world. Encrypted module boards, as well as the radios themselves are readily available to the public; the criminal spectrum would just widen availability to police radios and such.

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