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Melody Frey

The Underground

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The Underground had been gone for too long... Long enough for corrupt police to once again roam the streets with as much malice as they wanted. Melody, who had finally come back, saw this... She sighed and began to call her family.

But some months before that, they had done one last act...

Before their disband, Melody had gone missing and passed The Underground to Naomi. During that time, the fights between Rising Suns and the Underground had come to a head. Melody finally arrived back at the airport... She stretched her legs and heard the news about Naomi and multiple others being pulled on with heavy weapons on the side of the highway.
"If they want to make this shit public, then we will make it public."


Melody gave the order for the group to change into blue for a surprise attack, even breaking her phone to go as far as to end this fight. They hunted down the two she knew were leading the organization at the time, and killed one of them.

The organization decided they had done their jobs in the city, and it was time to move on... But they were wrong.

The Underground's time was now, and it was time to return with fury. They all agreed that it was not just the police they would be going after, but even the upper-echelon capitalists that run the city.

"This time, we stay."


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The Underground was at a small impasse. They could continue down the same road as before… But how far could that get them this time? It was time for a change. While certain people needed to be targeted to be taken down by the Underground, sometimes they need to serve a purpose much deeper than permanent removal. Some people should serve as a reminder.

The band of the current command members got together and discussed a potential new HQ. They needed to move… But first, they needed advice.


The Underground was looking into getting into an untapped market once again. Previously they had explored the trade of human trafficking, but now they reached out to a pair of ex-medics in regards to medical expertise. The group asked about medicine types for wounds, stitching patterns, and even cauterizing wounds appropriately post procedures. The group agreed as a whole that the things learned in that small conversation would be useful.

They had no surgical expertise, however… So that will be trial and error. Kidneys sell for a lot on the black market…
But who would be the first victim to have one stolen by the group of pink sinners?


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Melody rang her brothers up to meet up as she had some things to talk about. She told them to meet at the parking garage just south of Mission Row where she had planned to meet with a couple of old friends interested in the re-spark of The Underground. The Frey family met up with Chad Rapkov and Treyton Moon to talk about them maybe joining the fight against the Government with Underground. Mel talked about how they came back for much different reasons this time and that they are here to stay and not only leave a mark but make history. They both seemed interested in getting back into some pink to help Underground conquer Los Santos. 


Once Melody laid everything out for the two new recruits, she had them go get into some pink and get radios so they could communicate. Then the Frey family headed out as Melody had a new location to show the boys for a possible new home/headquarters. She had showed them a few other locations in the past few days but she said she found the one this time! They all pulled up to an old run-down motel just south of the Taxi company. The boys hopped out excited yelling “YO This the One!”. The boys loved this new location considering they came from sleeping under a bridge for so long a little abandoned motel was a huge upgrade in their eyes. They sat there for a while talking about all the different ideas for making the newly discovered motel their own. 


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Corruption runs deep in Los Santos, Chad knew this all too well, he had spent the last year with Salvation trying to expose the corrupt government officials and punish those who stepped too far. Over time he began to realize these efforts were fruitless. No matter how many corrupt cops they dealt with, there was always another to take their place. There was a systemic issue and something needed to change.



Upon hearing rumors that The Underground had returned Chad got into contact with Melody and inquired about the goals for the group going forward. He had worked closely with The Underground for most of his time with Salvation since the groups often held similar viewpoints, but with different ideas on how to deal with those issues. In the past he often disagreed with the chaotic methods The Underground takes but his views had changed and he felt a more direct response to the problems in the city was needed rather than the subtle tactics of his past group.



He was invited to a parking garage downtown to meet with the group and discuss if he would be accepted as a member. When he arrived he saw the members of Underground and another potential recruit, Treyten. Melody knew the two had issues in the past and wanted to make sure that they would be able to work together before bringing them into the organization to avoid any future issues. After a short talk Treyten and Chad put aside their differences and were both accepted into The Underground. The group all hung out and chatted for a bit before going their separate ways for the next few hours.


Later that evening two more potential recruits, TJ and Barry, were given a task to retrieve a government vehicle. They quickly completed their task and returned with a Police Scout. The decision was made to bring the Scout down to the docks where the Underground would dispose of it as a group. Melody brought over a jerry can and set it next to the cruiser. She then drew a gun, firing a round at the canister and setting the cruiser ablaze. The members of the Underground began to laugh and cheer as the Scout burned and eventually exploded.


The Underground was here to stay this time and make their mark upon this city. They will burn down the corrupt institutions of this city and show the citizens they no longer need to live under this oppression.

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The Underground knew it was time for a bit of action. They had done a lot of casual crime... Robbing banks, kidnappings, murder, occasionally human trafficking... but they wanted some fun this time. The group went to the store, snagging some spray-paint cans in both black and pink colors. They bolted from the store, laughing a bit as they grouped up near Mission Row.


They snuck up the bridge, jumping down into the parking lot and bolted towards the garage as they saw a few officers leave. 


The group of hoodlums sprayed down multiple cars, walls, and even went upstairs to the lobby and tagged the wall in there. The group saw a detective eyeing them from the distance...
They took off as quickly as they could, unsure of what would happen next.


The escape was perfect. Everyone was ordered to change their clothes as quick as possible and then meet at their headquarters, and to be sure no clothes they were wearing were with them. 

In a matter of minutes, detectives swarmed and detained the crew... But were forced to let them go as they had no evidence that it was the current group in front of them. The detectives grabbed the license plates of each vehicles there, however, and took pictures of the group and all properties nearby.


The graffiti was only the beginning.

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The Underground knew it was time to move from their bridge. The spot was too used by enemy organizations attempting to bait police to get onto the Underground instead of them by driving through it, namely by members of the Shenzhen Dragons. Although they had long since disbanded, The Underground still did not want to deal with the unwanted noise of pedaling people attempting to do the same.

They packed a few vehicles with the couches and scrap metal barrels from the old under-bridge and sighed with a smile as the bitter-sweet memories hit them all. It was going to be a journey to get back to the point they had... But it would be worth it. 


Although Melody was leading now and had a very deep hatred for some of the people within the organization they decided to meet with first, she and the rest of The Underground put their feelings to the side for a little while. The meeting was about what they expected from Irish, being told that "Neutrality is earned" and that they would be hit if Irish ever saw a chance to make money. The Underground was heavily against the Corpo-Capitalist mentality that they had, but for now they decided to not care.


Not long after that meeting, the motel was finally theirs. They had hauled the couches onto the roof, along with a new one downstairs. They were happy with their new home. Their friends from OTF came for a visit and played the new Irish diss track for them before it was release on Weazel. They all cackled at the track, enjoying it. Their new home was decorated in pink lights and neons, and although it was run down;
they decided to call it
"The Moxie Motel"

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Underground was sitting at their HQ and was in the mood to have some fun with the government, The idea of tagging up city hall came up and everyone was on board. Melody asked what color spray paint we wanted, and after we all told her, she headed to the store and picked some spray paint cans. We drove from our HQ towards city hall and were told to stay behind until the coast is clear. Melody went ahead and started to scope out the area, once she gave the command, we all pulled up swiftly and started heading for the main entrance. To our surprise nobody was around It was a perfect opportunity for us. We all separated and started having fun all of us laughed as we spray-painted the city hall's walls, doors, and windows. After everyone was out of spray paint, we all got out of there as quickly as we could.


The fun begins...




That wasn’t enough for us though, we wanted more. We decided to hit mission row and after resupplying on spray paint that’s where we headed. We started to scope out the area just like we would and noticed that not many officers were around. We walked in to see if anyone was inside and it was empty, so the call was made, and everyone started tagging up mission row. We got out in a hurry because staying too long would draw attention but over in the distance, we saw a police chase in progress. This was perfect we had more time to keep tagging so Melody went around back and realized that the door was unlocked. She started snooping around and found herself deeper and deeper in mission row, she was almost to the helipad. Our goal was to spray paint our logo on the helipad but as she got to the last door it was locked. She quickly tagged up the door blocking her from the roof and started to run out of there as quickly as possible. She managed to get out along with the rest of us, we all called it quit and went back to our HQ to enjoy our successful day.



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It was a sunny afternoon and underground was chilling on top of their HQ roof planning what they’re going to do for the day. Melody, TJ, JT,Grace and Ronnin all agreed on having some fun and raiding paleto MD and getting some supplies and storing it back in our HQ. Having all agreed on the plan, underground all decided to go into one car and drive all the way up to paleto and start the raid.


As soon as we arrived we rushed inside looking from room to room grabbing pain killers to syringies and other medical stuff, stuffing it in their bags. Time goes by and they go back to HQ throwing everything into melodys apartment. Mission was accomplished for the day, the only thing left to do is put this stuff to use which will be for another day.



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"We want to make a statement. All people of Los Santos deserve a chance to defend their life."

That's the statement The Underground agreed to during the protest... It was a small one, but only to test the waters to see what would happen.


It was simple. See if they would be moved, or see if they would be told that the San Andreas Government could do nothing for them... And that's exactly what was said. The protest would lead nowhere, as the ones controlling the restrictive gun-laws are the ones at LSPD.
That answer wasn't good enough.

"Get out, go get jerseys. I'll grab the paint."



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To say the least, Syndicate didn’t work out well for Tadd and Kira. A short lived gang with lots of hope and drive, but little chemistry crumbled quickly after Tadd and Kira were threatened for trying to save one of their own. They didn’t let their new “lone ranger” status get them down though, in fact they began reigning hell all over the city. Within a matter of weeks the two of them had racked up more police arrests and pursuits than the average gang with 20+ members would. They found joy in avoiding gang politics and messing with law enforcement officers at every given opportunity. Their names became well known quickly by government officials and criminals alike. Between numerous evasions, an ungodly amount of store robberies, and a handful kidnapping of government official charges, Tadd and Kira were wanted criminals and in and out of jail constantly. The two ran through the city carefree, making friends (and a few enemies) everywhere they went, creating absolute chaos, constantly making the law enforcement officers day a living hell, and even securing their own cell at DOC.






High stress situations show cracks in our law enforcement system, and if there was anything Tadd and Kira were good at doing, it was creating the biggest headache of a situation possible. Stacked charges, unlawful arrests, and wrongful detainments were something PD seemed to specialize in. The two could admit when they were wrong, and would plead guilty to the charges they knew they were guilty of, but quickly saw additional charges getting added and subsequent years stacked to their sentences. These charges didn’t always make sense, and it seemed they were getting placed for no reason other than the two were getting under law enforcement's skin. The stacked charges and overall attitude of everyone involved got old quickly, corruption was everywhere, and something had to change for these two. That’s when they met JB, and The Underground opened a world of possibilities they never realized was possible.






Approached by numerous gangs after leaving the Syndicate, they avoided new groups and focused on pissing off the government, that is until The Underground approached them. A group of anarchists, focused on freedom and resisting government authority, it was a match made in heaven. They joined and adapted immediately, already knowing Chad Rapkov and a number of the other members. They felt they had found their new home. It wasn’t long before they reigning terror on the city with a new group, and recruiting their old friends to join the movement. Joined by Kira’s new fiancé, ex Lost MC president Max Dawson, the trio felt unstoppable, but with Max’s departure from the lost there was a lot more to worry about than just evading cops. The city was about to get a lot more complicated for the three, but they had a plan, a new found home in the underground, and enough wit and motivation to take on the whole city. For the people, by the people; The Underground was their family now.



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While Underground was hanging out at their HQ the police showed up, an individual called the cops on Underground and started to falsely accuse them of things. After sorting it out, the individual left but a few cops stayed. An officer decided to start asking for licenses after the situation was handled, but he wanted to stay and start problems. One of our members had a weapon in her bag and ended up getting caught because of this random search and frisk in front of our HQ. Some of us got annoyed and started beating their cars with bats but that resulted in some getting time in mission row. This did not sit well with Ronin; He knew he needed to be there for his friends when they needed him.







For the past few weeks, Ronin was working as a mechanic at Bayview to earn some cash and find new friends along the way. But the longer he stayed the more he started to miss his old ways, he was faced with two choices either stay or leave. He had made so many great friends along the way and built great bonds with his co-workers, but his family and organization needed him more. Leaving was a hard choice but it had to be done. He found himself in many situations where he could not help his friends because of the risk of losing his job. He could not stand it anymore just sitting idle while his friends get caught, It was time for things to change.


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Moving from group to group, gang to gang, Margarita started to feel uneasy, not knowing where to go, and where her place is, nonetheless feeling drafted away from the places she felt at peace, her struggles to fuel the group that she thought it would be the one, everything in vain nonetheless, left alone by the people she worked for and the people she thought that are her friends Margarita remained with one single emotion, sadness.




She remembered that she had one person, one more person who she could have went to, Melody, the Underground Rat Queen, with a quick message Margarita started becoming herself again, getting up and finally beginning her new journey with hope, a meeting was reasoned, Margarita spoke with Melody, and quickly put some pink on and started feeling yet again... like she has the reason to go through..




To make it even better, the very next day, Underground knew what they had to do, everyone came in position, discussed, and made it clear what we need to do, a big plan, nonetheless something the corrupted government would not know of, Melody divided Underground in 2 groups, one which would take the role of making a charade, a decoy, at the city hall there were numerous members protesting, a good way for the other group to do their mischievous plan, robbing banks was into Margarita's blood, she knew what to do and everyone around her was very professional, with that success plan, she knew that she finally at least found her place..


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"We have shown this city time and time again that we're not going anywhere. These people think that they can pressure us at every turn, and now they think that they can tell us what to do?! At our own home?! Well, fuck that. Let's show them what we're made of. They want us to snap? They want us to break?
Let's let them have it."

She said as she hit send on the video they all worked so hard to make... It would be a new endeavor for all of them, but The Underground were no strangers to police brutality.
They had to make a stand.



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