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Freelance Job Resurgence

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With the addition of the Roadworking/Incident Management freelance its has completely over shadowed all freelance jobs x100, obviously there are certain requirements to be met to maximize most profit from the RoadWork freelance, but most of the time 1 incident is making you more money then like 1 hour of another freelance essentially "forcing" you to work 1 specific freelance for the most outcome for your time. I enjoy the "group" aspect of the freelance as it leads to more group interaction, but some people just enjoy some solo vibe freelance.

Mining Oil - Up the prices of oil from like MAX 71 per, Or just remove the quick action event to resurge it

Fishing - With fishing and the pier being dead for so long, ICly the demand for fish would be higher then ever before with the supply being so low - Up the price of fish

Garbage - Could probably stay the same, most people I talked too enjoy the state of it

Coroner - ADD A DROPOFF AND CLOCK IN AT THE CITY MORGUE BY CENTRAL HOSPITAL/ Passive advertisements for the coroner job "See a body on the road - Dial 6666 and get it picked up"

Farming - Up the price the wheat sells for or shorten times in between events

GoPostal - No Idea

Trucking - Good as is/ A job that never disappears to just do trucking in between waiting for orders

Burgershot - Good as is

WoodCutting - Up the prices of logs and branches

Atm/Money Transport - IMO good as is

Mining Ore - Up the prices of the ores

ToolBooth - 500$ Per toll usage to the worker/ Toll use would go from 300-500

BusDriver - Different routes with different payouts, randomize the route to like 4 different routes that it could give you



I personally enjoyed mining oil every night before I went to bed for like an hour just to have that passive income, I know we want to strive away from the "afk and watch netflix" but I feel as if that's a good thing because most people just "afk and netflix" to make money to not have to grind and actually RP for a bit. 



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3 minutes ago, alexalex303 said:

The tollbooth job can never pay more money to the operator than it takes from the user otherwise it can be abused by people working together. 

Everything else looks good.

My bad should have been more detailed, I mean 500$ per as in the price for the toll would go from 300 to 500 as I think the worker gets the toll fee instead of nothing if you pay. all in all I do not see a 200$ increase being THAT detrimental as you can get to paleto without using a toll at all from East highway 

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Maybe a Bus route between the city and Paleto not just routes in one half or the other of the map or possibly an incentive to pick up passengers because there have been times where there aren't DCC on duty. And, why not create a way to both increase possible RP opportunities with the freelance job there? Perhaps a bonus or something of that nature should they take on passengers from one stop to another instead of just driving in circles.

Mining Ore was something I did for a very long time. It seems we went from worried about getting robbed or our vehicles stolen at the mines, to a point that loading up our trucks so they would drive so slow it would take hours to get to the sell point along with the new mini game same as mining oil, so people just stopped doing it all together. Just not worth the time and effort anymore. Realistically, the value of ore would have drastically increased by now because of the mines being nearly shutdown for quite some time at this point creating a very significant demand.

Similar with fish, there is no where near the amount of fish being sold that once was. Therefore, the demand for fish should be abnormally high right now causing them to be far more valuable. Also, not just in financial value but in comparison to other animals we hunt and cook, the fish do very little for hunger and health. I think from an RP standpoint with all the new businesses even with Pearls and then the new restaurants serving different foods, It's my opinion the fish should have a bit more benefit than they currently do there as well.

Farming It really isn't worth it compared to other jobs. And well It's boring. I used to like it but for most it's pretty boring. We have car speakers and last I checked you can't even put one in a tractor(that may have changed not certain) while waiting for crops to grow. So, I completely agree either the time between event should be shortened or the price of wheat should be increased also again because realistically with the lack of farming that has been done this would have created a large demand for the product by now. And, can't really afk netflix this job because longer you take to complete the work the less money you get for the wheat.

GoPostal money isn't so bad. However, it isn't without a few flaws. Unless things have changed, you don't know how many packages are being delivered to an address until you arrive. If the truck is about empty might have 2 packages left and the address may require 4 so then you have to head back refill go back to the same address and to my knowledge and unless there have been changes I don't recall ever being paid anything additional for that. Perhaps some sort of notification that lets you know how many packages will be needed for the next delivery(it has been a while so if something of that nature has been implemented, I am unaware) It won't always be the case but if you have a delivery in Paleto for instance and it requires 4 packages and you deliver 2 then have to head all the way back to the city refill then return the round trip. People that have done this job quite a bit learn some handy strategies like refilling before the truck is empty etc. But, for someone that is new to the server may not think of things like that or know that is a possibility and not want to do that job again.

Also, we know it shouldn't happen however there are still random occasions people build like an airlock or something of that nature outside of their main door which prevents the delivery drivers from being able to deliver a package. And, in cases like that if it's a quiet time and no admins are around to answer a report in game there really is nothing the person can do aside from go back quit the job and restart hoping to not get the same address.

I've done most of the other freelance jobs as well aside from trucking and agree with the rest of your suggestions.

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I 100% agree with adding more bus routes.

Maybe give the tollbooth workers hourly salary on top of what they get right now? Similar to how burger shot works.

For the tollbooth workers, you would be area restricted so you can only earn salary while being the area of the tollbooth.

I definitely agree with adding another coroner site in the city

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Overall, there is so much RP opportunity to make the server great for legal citizens that just want to work freelance jobs or for crims that want to make some extra money and create so many more RP opportunities. The big answer here is a dynamic server economy. Make supply and demand concepts matter. As mentioned, as some of these items are not being sold for long periods of time, the price should by default go up. 

Long term, a use for some of these items could be implemented. Other great suggestions on the forums have been that would give a use to some of these items:

Mining Oil 

The oil mined by players could fuel (no pun intended) yet another freelance job - Oil refinery. The oil could be taken and refined down to gasoline or diesel fuel for use by gas stations. Truckers could receive orders to pick up the refined product and deliver to actual player owned gas stations. The amount of demand from gas stations and amount of oil that's been mined recently could drive prices up of the oil and create better competition between gas stations based on fluctuating prices. The oil refinery could be another freelance job that players could go work at to make some extra money!


FatherOsborn has a great suggestion up for changes to fishing. Add different species, qualities, and sizes of fish. Maybe you could get lucky while fishing and get a "record size rare fish" and it would sell for 10x the amount? Weazel news could end up writing up an article on people who break the records for the biggest fish caught. Allow for larger and more expensive fish to be cause by using boats and going to to deep sea fish rather than just finishing by the canals or off the pier. Allow multiple types of fishing such as net fishing, trawling, or normal bait fishing. Perhaps the fish caught could again be used as a food source and delivered to sea food restaurants or the pet store for food. 


Not much to say here. Seems like its reasonable in its current state. 


Agreed with OP. Add a location in the city for coroners and passive advertisement to make new players aware this job is a thing and how to contact them if a body is found. Additionally, have a random dead body spawn every once in a while in different places to give extra RP opps to law enforcement and give coroners something to do in their downtime. Maybe the body could have a chance to have random inexpensive items such as a radio or GPS and some clothing on their body to give crims something to steal off the body for some cash at the pawn shop and some further RP opps like getting caught by police when someone is stealing things off a dead body. 


Again, add some economy and some supply and demand here. Additionally, the products of farming such as wheat or soybeans could be used as ingredients to deliver to burgershot for their buns. Or lettuce could be farmed for the burgers. Some of the output could go to other player owned restaurants for RP opps. 


Give some QoL updates as mentioned above to ensure that the driver knows how many packages are going to the address they are going to. Maybe find a way to allow players to send things through the mail to each other? This could allow fun ways for people to give gifts or send things to each other. 


Tie in trucking to the above suggestions to transport critical inventory items such as things from the farm, fish market, or even butcher to restaurants/burgershot for example. 


Some QoL updates and extra content could be added here. Bala put up a great suggestion post for other things for workers to do.


Again, supply and demand. Keeping with the concept, the output from the lumber mill could be delivered to the furniture store for new stock and give the truckers more to do. 

Atm/Money Transport

Seems ok as it stands. No additional ideas here right now. 

Mining Ore

Same as above with economy. Again output could maybe go to the furniture store for trucker job opps. 


Agreed with OP that price could go up slightly to give more benefit to worker.


Agreed, add more routes and bonuses for certain longer routes.


Lastly, to tie all this together, adding more locations for these potential deliveries to go to would be even better! Bala also put up a great suggestion for a shopping mall that would give tons of stores to work at and for these deliveries to go to to fuel the economy even further. 


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On 9/6/2022 at 8:48 AM, Bill Breacher said:


Give some QoL updates as mentioned above to ensure that the driver knows how many packages are going to the address they are going to. Maybe find a way to allow players to send things through the mail to each other? This could allow fun ways for people to give gifts or send things to each other.

If I am not mistaken, I believe being able to send item to others is already possible. Or at least used to be. I know there used to be at lease one location I knew of in the city, as well as one postal location that i was aware of in Chumash Plaza, which you could send things to others. I remember testing it once. If that is still a thing perhaps advertising for the service or the locations could be done. I thought it would be kind of entertaining if people got notifications like your "package is out for delivery" when something is being delivered to their address. Not really sure how the script works but I can only assume it is random. I have delivered to houses randomly where people were home at the time. But, if a notification was made to them that a delivery was headed to their address might encourage some RP there as well?

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