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Melody Frey

The 'Loose A' is Slang, Not a Slur...

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So, the topic says it all and I do know it's a fairly sensitive topic; but I do really believe it needs to be talked about. The 'N-word with a loose a' is a term that has very widely always been used in African American culture and even Spanish American culture to some degree. Obviously when you create a rule such as the newer ethnic slurs/LGBTQ+ slurs rule, it has to be held up to a high standard, but I do think that this should be allowed as its a word often used both in and outside of music to a major extent, it's used consistently in these cultures, and it's not a word I can see as offensive personally. I think if it makes someone uncomfortable, which are very few and far between amounts of people; they could ask in /b for people to stop and they could. Currently we allow use of the word "retard" on a very consistent basis and it falls into that very category.

I just think that it lets gangs open their vocabulary more and that people who do say that OOC frequently that slip up occasionally and say it over VOIP shouldn't be punished for it when in reality it's not a word I've ever seen complained about.


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I honestly don't think terms like retard should be allowed. Often times I got into /ooc and ask them to stop. Every time I do, the discourse goes from an xbox COD multiplayer lobby to like... actual RP? Cause they are forced to use more vocabulary then two words. I much prefer it this way, and I don't think I'm the only one based on the previous report Jazmin did against the Dragons for how they behaved after winning a shootout.

I feel like allowing the use of a "loose a" to be along the same lines. Don't get me wrong I see where you're coming from in the sense that this is a term used by many people of all races in their everyday life, but I don't come to RP to hear "STFU N****" "fuck you n****" just the same way I don't log in to hear "Retard, retard, you're a retard".

The same could be said with cops and their "engine off, remain in the car". The other day I got pulled over, had already turned off my engine and instead of reading the LEO script, he actually got out of the car instantly and talked to me. It was so not what I expected and that's why it stood out. It was just a nice exchange.

TL;DR: I think maybe we all need to work on expanding our vocabularies, so that we can have a better experience all around.

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5 hours ago, Freclan said:

So now we can't even tell people to turn their engine off? How have you made this about cops.

Can I not give an example without someone making this a crim vs. cop debate? It literally is a script that you all read. There is better RP, and in my post I literally COMPLIMENTED A COP. Dear god. Let. It. Go.

Continue the conversation started by the poster or don't say anything at all. Please just be productive in your conversation instead of criticizing me. Not just that, but maybe not focus on one sentence and instead the entire message behind my post? There was clearly a lot more there then one sentence.

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It's RP. While I'm skeptical if that notion should justify the creation a Klan faction, it should at least justify this word and others like it to be used. There's a clear divide between In-Character and Out-Of-Character. People should be able to freely express fictional characters and their actions, especially something as trivial as saying such a commonly used word like this, without being policed OOCly.

It's this stigma and almost hyper-meta approach to RP that's leading to such poor portrayal everywhere on Eclipse. If you can't discern IC and OOC, you probably shouldn't be allowed on this server, for your own mental health.

Like always, Mel is speaking words of wisdom. I agree with her 110%.



- The Vince has spoken.

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Big -1

This issue has been discussed before and there's a reason why the server staff decided to implement stricter rules surrounding use of slurs.

The reality is that only a handful of people properly RP characters that would justify the use of these slurs. 99% of other players use these terms loosely and with no RP attached to it, I assume because it's tied with gaming culture.


There are still situations where I'm at burger shot and some new player who barely sounds 14 is going around saying the n-word.


It's not needed and if you think it fits your character you can ask for OOC permission, if everyone agrees then have fun.

It shouldn't be hard to avoid saying nigga.

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