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Add /ppm or /gpm so players can open up a group/party PM with other players. This avoids the issue of people feeling like they have to mix over radio with stuff like "save bodycam" and the like. You would be able to invite players to this party PM and they can accept or decline to avoid issues of players mass PMing half the server in one go. It would work virtually identically to a faction chat but would be temporary and only last per session, much like temporary car keys. Players may only be a part of 1 party PM at any given point and can leave it whenever they want.

Example commands:

/ppm (i)nvite [ppm id] [player id]
/ppm (a)ccept [ppm id]
/ppm (d)ecline [ppm id]
/ppm (l)eave [ppm id]
/ppm [ppm id] [text]

Each PPM will have its own unique ID for the sake of being able to easily moderate them through logs for metagaming or other unintended usage.

Many thanks to @alexalex303 for the idea.

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Also adding so admins can enter a /ppm group to investigate and all if needed. like /ajoinppm (chat ID). There is logs most likely for this but this can help with there is bunch known metagamers and such checking if they are doing it after some type of report etc. And if a situation happen and admins are on scene and need proof of things they can ask for their group id to ask/talk to more if they have any proof, saved clips or anything of all this.

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