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The price of vehicle ownership.

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The price of vehicle ownership.


As of rather now, the only cost of owning a vehicle is the purchase of said vehicle and the future refuel costs of it. This suggestion is an attempt to make vehicle ownership more than just that.


Vehicle Registration:

Vehicles would need to be registered after their purchase. Registration prices could be set on an individual level based on the price of the car, or possibly the category of vehicle (working vehicles could cost less?). Vehicles without registration would be considered illegal to drive in which case the driver would be fined and the vehicle impounded.


Vehicle Maintenance:

@F@therOsborn's comment from my original thread articulates this far better than I ever could.



All cars should come with more costs than just the vehicle and fuel cost. There should be more vehicle maintenance required, crashed vehicles should require vehicle parts to be repaired. The most expensive the vehicle, the more expensive the maintenance. This should discourage people from using sport/supercars on a daily basis for practically everything if they have to continuously pay money for more than $150 visual repair at Bayview/LSC.


One of the old SA-MP servers that I played on used to have a % life on battery and engine. When you crashed your car so hard that it went kaboom, about 25% of the engine went out and the battery would always gradually decrease its lifespan. You could replace your engine with a new engine, but that was expensive as hell. This encouraged people to drive responsibly, and we rarely had pursuits with sports cars because of said reason, most of the time it was stolen sports cars that we chased.




This one follows quite nicely into the above suggestion:

Vehicle maintenance could be party or fully be covered if the owner has insurance. Insurance would also be legally required to drive a vehicle. (Criminal offenses can be discussed here, so high-ranking PD members feel free to chime in!)


Aaaaaand that's all she wrote from me. If anyone has any further suggestions or improvements to the initial suggestion feel free to leave a comment!




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+1 For higher maintenance costs.

+1 For the insurance idea

-1 For the registration, I think the registration would come with the cost of said vehicle.

The following is all my personal opinion 😄

If anything like this is implemented the cost of said insurance should then negate the costs of recovering a car at Mors. Say the price goes up considerably it's then also fair to expect your fancy car not to cost you 3-8k everytime it gets stolen for whatever reason. 

However looking at newer players looking to join/are new on this server the costs should scale down properly, essentially meaning the lower the price of your car, the lower the insurance costs.

This balances out the costs to a degree.

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+1 Maintenance

More rp for the mechanics would be nice, poor guys stood around waiting for a guy to come up and /do Signs the PDA. no other RP interaction..

+1 Insurance

A nice addition and moneysink for cash.


I think it would be nice to see insurance reduced over time when renewed for amount of time you've been driving + any driving related convictions.


Each conviction could add X amount of dollars to your policy next renewal.


Registration, as other have stated would be better if costs were tied into vehicle purchasing, maybe more RP at dealerships for signing over vehicles would be nice! :)



Great thoughts overall!

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