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Allow people to have animal alt characters

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Players should have the ability to have an animal alt character.

An animal alt really wouldn't be able to earn money or do much other than be a fun pass time for roleplay. Having the ability to roleplay an animal would open many opportunities, for example:

1) Roleplaying as another players pet

2) Police dogs

3) Wild animals that occasionally run in front of traffic and cause the odd car accident and need the PD to come out and put them out of their misery.

4) Hunting - Players roleplaying animals could roam through the wilderness foraging for food while players roleplaying humans could hunt the animals. (I can't think of any perks for this yet but honestly it'd just be fun for the roleplay)

Animal roleplay rules:

Talking while roleplaying an animal would considered powergaming & Non-RP. You may only use your mic to make sounds that animal would actually make.

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I think that @Flucifial is right.


I think it would be nice to see a bit of NPC animal diversity in the city, racoons around the streets, the odd fox, dogs cats etc.


In addition, a variety of animals up in the hills etc.


scriptable pets for homes would possibly be nice, taking your dog for a walk down the road or sending out bleets for your lost cat would be quite fun for developing more RP -  Or even in the new weasel news paper!


I can see it now


"Mr fluffykins missing"


$10,000 reward


Last seen eating my neighbours pigeon.


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