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Jail time

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I don't think time should be lowered or capped much more than it already has been. However, letting time tick down while you're offline would be great. Either at 1 to 1 or where it ticks down slower while you're offline. This would at least alleviate some of the "sit afk and watch Netflix" issues that we have right now. The argument of "if you can't do the time, don't do the crime" is cliche and quite rude. We should be making improvements to RP, not punishing people for doing said RP. This coming from a LEO main, I want crims to have a better time on the server. The more fun and opportunities they have to RP, the more enjoyable my experience will be too.

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Every time I go to jail which is at least once every two days I can attest that some of the charges stack a ridiculous time, for a simple felony evasion which gives the cops and crims a lot of fun me being locked up for 2 hours every time seems like cops only reap the benefits of fun RP without consequences.

Now I know of course there are consequences to being a criminal and committing crime but I think the "if you cant do the time" quote isn't healthy for RP as if crims didn't do crime the cops and DOC are going to be bored out their brain as  criminals help give fun RP to cops and punishing someone for giving that doesn't seem right.

Ways to improve prison time would be to do jobs around the prison for reducing your sentence the only one right now is mining but it turns out it is not worth the seconds off than it is to walk out with the stamps and get more money as the time reduced is so bad. What I recommend is giving guards of a certain rank to reduce a persons sentence. lets say you spend 10 minutes helping fix one of the DOC vehicles you get 10 minutes off so instead of standing around for lets say an hour I could RP with guards for 30 minutes and get 30 minutes reduced therefore everyone benefits. this could open up more RP around the prison from making the medical bay tools sterile and disinfecting them and general cleaning to allowing inmates to cook inside the kitchen for time off to washing doc employees cars.

in conclusion just having guards have the power to reduce time for inmates can encourage RP and reduced the number of AFK inmates not interacting with the people at all because they have to wait around doing nothing for 2 hours. I ask if I can do these jobs anyway as I like providing RP however I understand not all people like that and multiple times I've just had a cell full of people that don't want to talk because I'm interrupting their Netflix.


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On 4/11/2022 at 5:46 AM, IAmTurtle said:

If you cant do the time dont do the crime. 


Jail time is already capped now. Also 2 hours in doc is not that bad.

DOC ain’t got any RP since there are hardly any crims left. Also why are u so sassy lol? It’s a video game people dont want to sit in an empty prison for 2 hours. (Lets be honest, DOC has nothing going for it, you cant play poker (1 hand and ur broke), mining pick costs 3/5 of tickets, leaving none for food/water. 

@IAmTurtle please try crim, before you say outlandish statements like you have peppered all over the forums. 

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