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  1. i was also involved in this i have no POV but i was the bald guy in back of the first clip and he was doing the same thing to me they punched me for no reason as soon as thye got in prison and would continue to do so when i would respawn for me tho it was mostly id 11 that was doing it to me
  2. hey im shane walker i havent robbed anyone i was with the people that robbed them i didnt record anything im sorry im new to the server im trying to lean everything sorry i took so long to respond i literlally just seen this all i seen was the end of it they told me that they were gonna rob i said ight i stayed in the car and i walked up when the other guy in the car with me said to go help him but when i went over there he had already robbed him i litterally came up at the end of it
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